girls gone wild visits windbloom

You’d think they would promote this DVD better. (Rapidshare)


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  1. Uh… where the heck did that come from, and where do I get a copy? :D You’d almost think Nina was enjoying the… ah.. fanservice, even if she’s mortified by Arika’s exhibitionistic tendencies.

  2. That just made my day. :P

  3. Haesslich, tis the omake for Mai-Otome DVD v2. “This Week’s Armitage” which was pretty hilarious, especially how easily Arika won Haruka over ;)

  4. I just picked that Omake up myself… and I thought it was the two cute kids who got Haruka out of ‘I’m invincible!’ mode at the end, myself, when they offered her the flowers. :D

  5. Armitage is indeed a nut…

  6. evilly laughing!!

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