it’s all about the melonpan… err…

“If it isn’t fun to write, it won’t be fun to read.” Most anime bloggers out there don’t blog for money, and there’s probably other topics that can garner more attention (i.e. the most popular blogs are about gadgets). I can’t say for other people, but I blog because I have fun writing a post, either continuing my Sunrise-bashing or wallowing in meido fanboyism (“Wilhelmina ‘s ‘melonpan’ are xbox huge!!!”). That’s probably also why I sound like a lunatic sometimes. I think most of the anime bloggers out there are the same way; it’s not too hard to tell who really has fun and loves blogging and who are kinda just going through the motions. As long as one has fun writing for their blog, that’s all that matters, even if it scores -5 on the Quality Rating. For people who are just starting or want to start a blog, please keep that in mind… a blog that’s fun to write will probably be fun to read as well. (Thanks Kozu, Kuro, TL-chan, and Matt for being good sports. They also seem to have fun writing for their blogs, as well.)

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  1. That’s the idea my friend

    Hace fun when you write, have fun when I read.

  2. No, I hate blogging, wilhelmia whips me into doing it. ;_;

    her ‘melonpans’ are delicious….*cough*

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