shakugan no shana 22

“Protection powered.” (But first, Saber)

Yuji is plugged back into the Matrix, loses his memories, and has cyber sex with Ms. Enma Ai. Yep, that sums up Shakugan no Shana 22.

Everyone has a better rack than Shana

Seriously, not much happens as they recap the current arc. Wilhelmina is looking after Shana, who is recovering, and the flame haze meido still thinks that destruction of Reiji Maigo is their only course of action to stop Belle Masque.

Meanwhile, Belle Masque plugs Yuji into their power grid. It just reminds me of the Matrix… and Yuji, plugged in, has no memory of his Yuji existance. Belle Masque’s ultimate plan is then to use Ms. Enma Ai to coax even more power of existance out of Reiji Maigo and flood the city with the power. To do this, she enters Yuji’s Matrix-ish world… where… uh… I’m sorry. It’s hard to take this seriously when Hell Girl is moaning, and Yuji is going, “Sugoku kimochi.”


The humans are realizing just exactly how helpless they are in this fight. Ike and Eita seem to take things in stride, having been involved in the battles before. Yoshida is still completely in shock. But all three of them realize that their only hope to save the city as well as Yuji is Shana. All three of them, in their own way, provide their encouragement to a miraculously recovered Shana. Ike and Eita drop off Souseiseki’s sword, and I have visions of Shana duel-wielding in my head… gladly replacing Hecate’s and Yuji’s awkward pseudo-sex-like elements. Alastor makes the insightful comment that Shana is getting plump from eating so much melonp is accepted as a human for the first time. Yoshida, meanwhile, cheers on Shana by saying that she believes that Shana will come back in Yuji… because “people’s feelings in love don’t change. Because Yukari-chan loves Yuji, I believe in you.”

Yuji suddenly remembers Shana, who, with Wilhelmina , is headed there.

And Margery is back in town (that was quick).

Cue Aka no Seijaku.

Another stage-setter episode. I kinda miss Shana and Yoshida having catfights over Yuji… this cooperation and cheering each other on better lead to a threesome or else. (Also, I noticed that all of the other female characters have better, uh, melonpan than Shana. Bel Peol, Wilhelmina , Chigusa, Yoshida, Margery… poor Shana.)

With all the dialogue and nothingness on the plot side, I could focus my fanboying on all the awkward Hecate/Yuji scenes. Mamiko Noto is just mailing in Hecate. I get the, “They only paid me for one episode of Jigoku Shoujo and copied it 25 times, so screw this, I’m not going to bring my A-game to Shana.” Must be very similiar to Rie Tanaka after she saw the script for Destiny… “Wait, this is the plot? Um? Seriously? Okay, I’m not going to bother trying cuz my voice ain’t going to save the show.”

The only way to salvage Hecate now is to go the full 9 yards and have her say, “Shinde miru?” strip off that white priestess garment to reveal a black kimono underneath. That would rock. Almost as much as a Shana duel-wield or a Shana vs Nanoha final battle.

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  1. Is that true, only 24 episodes, instead of 26?

    Anyway, this episode has its good points, but a very slow development on the last few steps. With only two (I hope four episodes more to go), make me think, is Shana going to take the same path as her predecessor? Leave her live as a Flame Haze because Yuuji, or maybe, if Yuuji recovers Reiji Maigo, both can travel together as partners and lovers. An entire world of possibilities people, my heart still believe in a happy ending at the old school.

    Ok Jason, I’m going to keep with my bad jokes

  2. I was just waaaiting for Yuuji to say to Hecate: “I put on my robe and wizard hat.”

    The scene with Wilhelmina and Alastor beside Shana’s futon was very cute. Despite all their big talk about missions and the balance of the world, it looked like they were playing family.

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