march madness: belldandy vs mai

Grats to #8 seed Devil Nanoha (56%) for knocking off #1 seed Evil Lacus (44%) in match 1. Huge upset, and it was damn close for the first 24 hours. Now I can’t get my All-Rie Tanaka battle for the semifinals. I thought Nanoha would put up a good battle, but to take the victory from Newtype’s #1 female character? Does it mean that this blog’s audience prefers underaged magical girls who has a friend with lesbian tendancies over a pop songstress turned intergalatic despot? Don’t answer that.

Oh well… all hail Nanoha and Raging Heart. Can the upset trend continue? Here’s the updated bracket:


Next up, the princess and the goddess and the men they love. (Had to run this poll now as there’s no frickin’ way Bell would get a fair match once wet towel Mai shows up in Otome.)

Match 2.


#2 seed Mai loves Tate.



#7 seed Belldandy loves Keiichi.

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  1. I’ll drop in the obligatory “That’s not Keiichi…” comment here.

    Belldandy looks better in a swimsuit than Mai does, even if it IS a close race there.

  2. (That’s not Tate either.) Irony 4tw.

  3. So I voted for who? Oh right, secret ballot secret ballot…Huzzah Democracy works! Remeber citizens when in doubt use your vote to spite the candidate you’s rather not have.

    Ah yes, resorting to Parliamentary electoral tactics eh? Why not alter the poll to make it 3 vs. 3 that way you can throw Shiho and Mikoto vs. Urd and adult Skuld? It’s your blog, rule it. Then you can declare that “You are altering the deal. Pray I alter it no further.”

    Besides pop singers suck arse, especially in the US. Like I need another fragging Britney Spears, that thrice cursed hillbilly. If Mai has to resort to a wardrobe malfucntion to win then she needs to be replaced by Arika.

    -A sincere politician is like dry water or wooden iron.

  4. Sniff Sniff The Evil Queen has loss…
    Well, congratulations Nanoha

    And now, lets go Belldandy, kick Mai’s ass

  5. insert obligatory


    vote’s pretty close so far…

  6. nuuuuuu….Bell has my vote! =D

  7. Damm! Upss.. sorry about that

    It looks like every of my favorite ladies are going to loss, but this fight is no over yet…

    You have to win this Belldandy.

  8. When i voted it was 50% 50%
    and now the favor`s shifting towards mai.

  9. HA! Sorry, imminent Mai fanservice FTW!

  10. OMFG how is Mai winning?!?!?! How did Nanoha win? This is MARCH MADNESS.

    If Nanoha beats the winner of the Gin-chan/Chidori bracket, then there needs to be a serious investigation, and I think we should probably looking at Matthew’s place.

  11. I swear, the way the vote changes, it’s like someone swapped the names in the leading category… :D Seriously – Mai in a swimsuit doesn’t look as good as Belldandy, and I think I’d prefer Belldandy’s cooking to Mai’s. That, and the voice…

  12. I thing some “rats” are behind this… just kidding.

    First, Lacus, and it seem like Belldandy is going under as well…
    Yeah! I love Mai, but since ever my heart belong to Belldandy, poor Goddess, but I guess heavens power is no enough to make her win this poll.

    I guess my head is still thinking about Koi Kaze (Just f-cking great), I need more of Belldandy, so please, come on crazy April.

  13. For some strange reason… I think one of the characters in those bottom two brackets is gonna win.

    Bell FTW

  14. Belldandy make a comeback!

    A was hoping for more people who support my lovely Belldandy, and now she take the lead. I hope until the end.

    Upas, you’re right, maybe #4 or #5

  15. This is beginning to get as nasty as the Florida electoral vote count, which only proves my point: Nanoha should run for President.

  16. If some people in the West want THE TERMINATOR to be President of EEUU, let give it a chance to Nanoha then. ^_^ Sorry, I can’t resist the temptation.

    It seems like the old school of fanboys are gathering to cheer up Belldandy, that’s great
    Sorry Mai, I don’t hate you, but my little child inside of me, keep saying “Kick her ass”

    Tonikaku, if Belldandy is defeated here, my last hope will be Shana…

  17. Last Check: Belldandy is winning 114 to 111

  18. Bah! does this mean the Supreme Court will have to step in to end the eventual recount? Da Governator can’t be Imperator of the Imperial States of America because the girlie men know that he’d never give up his dual citizenship, too many steriods and youthful indiscretion at Carnival…

    If Mai wins she’d better not think that she has a mandate. Alas given Nanoha’s underdog victory I’d love to see her lay low Mai’s imperial ambitions.

    -Crusader loyal soldier of the everlasting Empire serving doggedly in the Western Martime Legion of the Imperial Forces. (Were you aware? The previous statement was sarcastic)

    “Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.”

  19. I’m thinking that the Internet is full of pedophiles now, to judge by how many people are voting for the underage contestants in this March Madness thing. :P

    Of course, that’s probably why Fate/Stay 10’s so full of loli…

  20. Yes! The Evil Lacus has been smitted by a character I’ve not real interest in!

    Let’s see… WHA?! Belldandy Vs Mai? Oh come on! That’s not even fair… but I’ll cast my vote…

    Bell, sorry honey, but you’re too frickin perfect. Fujishima ruined the perfect oppertunity for you to be evil and that’s forever soiled my opinion of you. Take evil lessons and do it right! Until then, I’m sticking with mortal fare.

  21. If that is true, the final match of this maddness will be Nanoha vrs. Shana, don’t you agree with me?

    I smell something rotten with Mai & Belldandy, 50-50, 127-126, how could it be?

    Well, Lolipedofins are happy because of that Haesslich, loli rules for them

  22. heh well at this point there both 50/50 i voted for belldandy just casue i loved her longer then i loved mai

  23. goes for Bell

  24. WOW!

    It looks like a lot of people want a good fight between Belldandy and Mai… natsukashi,I’d had to see once more Ah! My Goddess TV to remember how much I love Belldandy, and I was right…

    Holly power and a cute smille, that is all I need.

  25. I bet if it was Shizuru or Natsuki vs Belldandy, the former would be winning xD.

    Too bad neither of them are even on the poll ;_;

  26. Belldandy has my vote

  27. I will cast my vote to belldandy!! 4ever!! she’s the most perfect Girl!

  28. I’m going for Belldandy, i mean come on.. its belldandy.
    and holy bell :)

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