keroro one oh oh

How does an anime series celebrate 100 episodes of excellence? A frog-centric story with Gundams and special guest star Jack Bauer de arimasu. Kimi no JUICE katte ageru, indeed.


The gang is in crisis mode due to a bomb that is about to go off. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, while trying to stop it, they suddenly lose their memories. This leads to a plethora of memory loss jokes including the gang stumbling onto this “Hey, maybe we’re alien invaders” bit then going, “Nah.” Yet they never break character like how Keroro and Giroro are battling for leadership position and everyone ignoring Yamada-kun (Dororo). Eventually, they stumble across the timer and panic sets in.

Natsumi and Fuyuki get drawn in as well since they have also lost their memories. The collected gang now stumbles across a living room scene with wigs, so, naturally, they decide that if they pretend that they’re a family, maybe their memories would come back. Um. Jack Bauer! Where are you? The gang continues to function in character, even if they still lack their memories. For example, even though Angol Moa and Keroro are paired up as the grandparents, Tamana is still hella jealous. Dororo is still the forgotten one.


Eventually, they discover the bomb, and Behoimi-chan shows up and defuses it. It turns out they are being spied on and toyed with by the Keron platoon. Looks like episode 101 finally starts the long awaited Keron platoon arc! The Keron arc is by far the most entertaining and complex of all the manga stories thus far concerning the battle between the Keroro platoon and their replacement, the Keron Platoon. I can’t wait. Will Powered Natsumi return? Will the arc actually span more than one episode? Will Keroro Gunso keep up its brilliance for another 100 episodes?

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