otaku = social misfits? virginia = canada? gundam seed returns?

Article about the otaku culture from OnlineAthens (free registration required or just use Bug Me Not): “The otaku – overwhelmingly male – have long been considered social misfits who soothe their loneliness with fantasy.” ANN reports that a man in Virginia is convicted with possessing anime kiddie pr0n. And, finally, Gundam Seed Stargazer‘s website is online.

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  1. oh dear god, Stargazer!

  2. Well I am not a die hard otaku and I was already a misfit long before I joined all of otakudom, and even then not to the point of buying games and dolls. Believe it or not otakus have infiltrated nearly all levels of society and yes even the military, we just don’t make a point to bring all of out stuff since Sea Bag space is limited. Thus we tend to stay under the radar.

    Not every otaku is obsessed only with anime and manga, a lot of fans that I have met also fall into the Historical and Non-historical minature gamer camp, Magic: TG, and AD&D. Though part of the grand tradition of Geekdom all these activities require some level of social interaction, especially the war re-enactment guys, which has severely blunted the “hikikomori” phenomenon.

    It looks like otakudom will now be besieged by allegations of pedophilia. Thanks Dwight Whorley for making a fine contribution to all of otakudom. Its crap like this gives me more of a reason to loathe the more sordid factions of otakudom. If your going to do it be discrete and don’t be an idiot with anime in hand. Times like these make me wish anime was less about money and more about good content. If your must get lolicon and Hentai at least make one positive contribution to society, like donate blood or join a volunteer group.

    By Jove, Sunrise is at it again. This time they better not bring back the thrice damned scriptwriters, and I demand their names and addresses be made public. That way we can target their gas tanks with sugar with certainty I mean err…for the Fires of Retribution that will cleanse them of all their transgressions.

  3. According to FBI website:

    [quote] The Japanese anime was just part of the case against Whorley. Our cyber experts found digital photographs of child porn on the same VEC computer. Whorley had also used it to send explicit e-mails to a young girl and for other e-mails describing the sexual abuse of children—further violations of federal obscenity laws. In the end, we were able to link Whorley to the pornography, e-mails and other evidence on the computer. He was convicted of a total of 74 counts of obscenity and child pornography.

    “We worked on this day and night to verify that he was the person using that specific computer at certain times,” Kim said. [/quote]

    So it’s not just loli hentai that got him arrested…

  4. Oh sorry, don’t know you can’t use quote block here. ^^;

  5. Actually he’d have still gotten in trouble even if they’d only found the loli hentai because he was on probation and wasn’t allowed to be looking at any type of porn at all as part of the terms of that.

    Granted he probably wouldn’t have gotten as long a sentence then, but it seems pretty obvious that this guy’s a hopeless case and even if he gets out again he’ll end up back in jail once again. :(

  6. Canada seriously needs to get its priorities straight. They release a person convicted of murder within 10 years, but sentences a pedophile to 20 years…
    I’m not trying to defend pedophiles, but murder and being a pedophile is pretty big difference…
    You can go on a murder spree in Canada, and still be better off than a mere person with pedophilic tendencies. Oh what a country I live in…

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