march madness: chidori vs suigintou

And it’s over. The Mai vs Belldandy battle was closest poll in AoMM history as well as a record 380+ votes in just 3 days. It had numerous lead changes and came down to the final hour — just like a good NCAA game. It results in the second upset of March Madness. Grats to #7 Belldandy for upsetting #2 Mai by a very slim, Florida-like margin, and since polls are done electronically, there’s no hanging chads. As I said before, they are two very different characters with their own strengths… one is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, the other is Estee Lauder model/Chairwoman of the United Nations/Cylon template/Iron Chef Japan.

All hail The Goddess, and can the upset streak go three for three? Here’s the updated bracket:


The next match pairs the evil lead from Full Metal Panic with the non-evil lead from Rozen Maiden. The curious thing is that neither of these two have an associated moe fetish angle as the previous four participants: Nanoha (loli), Lacus (idol), Belldandy (purity), and Mai (bouncy). They are known, sadly, for other things…

Match 3.


#3 seed Chidori, also easily mistaken for a Hong Kong prostitute.


#6 seed Suigintou, also easily mistaken for junk.

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  1. go suigintou go. show your rage towards those chidori fan…..

  2. I’ll just say this now…..

    The winged junk must win

  3. How about a chidori vs suigintou dr. jack style? The last one was pretty good you should do it for all the matches for the undecided folks.

    Huzzah democracy works yet again. Electronic voting 2008! Because ignorant folk think that the net is the work of the devil, since e-mail seems like magic…

    -As with the Christian religion, the worst advertisement for Socialism is its adherents.

  4. Oh hawt damn. Tie. I may have to Crusader. ^^

  5. Another big fight is coming

    It looks to me that everybody is doing well, but this time Chidori has to win with no doubt, at least because her roll in Full Metal Panic! Is more important

    No more Florida rats please.

  6. Going with Chidori on this one. Since she’s actually shown fear and had to fight in a non-comedic situation…

    As for the results of the previous poll, alls I can say is “FIX! IT’S A RIG!! FIX!!” :p

    I know it wasn’t, but it was nice to finally get that out.

  7. Much as I love raven girls, I’ll have to go with Chidori on this one. Because I just liked TSR that much.

    And I’m real glad both of my previous favorites won :) Maybe I have hidden psychic powers…

  8. can you show the numerical results of the polls? that would be nice to see. =)

    (i think it was rigged….mai was winning, then bell jumped up. >_>) LOL whatever…its fun to watch =)

  9. Yes, your Dr. Jack helped Bell win in an upset, we need one of those for Suigin Tou. ;_;

  10. Byakko, click on the polls tab up top. That’s the archive.

    Ember, dammit… you guys are really tempting me.

  11. Chidori is hot. Suigintou is even more passionate and canny than Chidori can be. This is going to be a VERY tough fight.

    But, I fear, that I have to give my vote to the not-as-lovely, but far more intense Suigintou. SHe’s just a doll… but I think I prefer her brand of ass-kicking to Chidori’s, as appealing and as painful as she makes it for Sousuke… or for that matter, Wraith.

  12. I voted Nanoha and Bell the last two times… but whats this? My favourite junk is losing?? No! Must go 3 for 3!! >_

  13. Go for it Chidori, at least you and Belldandy have to make it… but if Suigintou was human, I think me vot goes to her.

  14. I don’t like either characters, but i suspect Chidori win this and is potential threat in future. So little tactical move and i vote Suigintou. =)

  15. If Suigintou loses this then -____________-
    pitting Chidori against Nanoha will result in a landslide victory for Chidori.

    My predictions =X

  16. While I suspect Chidori will win this, I have to go with pure Junk Suigintou! One of my favourite characters! Psycho dolls are always the best ones.

  17. One of these characters is voiced by Rie Tanaka being evil

    The other is not.

    The superiority of the former is axiomatic.

  18. I’ll go with junk! Junk’s never wrong.

  19. why are most of the comments pro-Suigintou but the actual votes are pro-Chidori? -_____-

  20. Silent majority? Generally voters only post to defend the minority position. So it’s somewhat common in polls to have majority opinions left unvoiced. Which was what made the last poll so interesting as the voting shifted back and forth. :)

  21. Does anybody know what the final tally was for the last competition (Bell v Mai)? I’m just curious as to how close of a race it was.

  22. Tim, see comment #10…

  23. The reason that Chidori’s winning is probably because she’s got a harisen, abuses Sousuke horribly, and we’ve seen her bustline and figure before. That’s the same reason Mai was leading almost all the way to the end of the last poll, whether or not Mai had any redeeming qualities.

    I suspect the lolis will push Shana in the next poll, for similar reasons…

  24. #19 : Most people watch FMP! but miss out on Rozen Maiden…damned kids…

  25. Haess, wait, Saber has a better bust line than Shana… well, it’s like Lacus vs Nanoha again. Going to be interesting… I’m going to ask for people to contribute bits for the next match ahead of time (next post).

    Obs, yep, except that Lacus lost to Nanoha. Gundam Seed has a lot more popularity than Nanoha.

  26. As I said, Jason – the lolis are going to come out of the woodwork when Shana comes along. I can’t say for certain which one of them’s better with a sword, since they’re both inhuman, although I SUSPECT Saber’s most powerful Noble Phantasm could probably cut through Shana’s Nietono no Shana pretty quickly, if she but used it… except that Shana has a far better partner at the moment, and one who has a better energy reserve.

    Saber and Shana have both had equal time onscreen without clothing, which should even things a bit, since we never got to see a ‘near-naked Lacus’ at any point.. but neither did we see a near-naked Nanoha, IIRC. Still, that’ll be an… interesting race. Will fanboys of h-games or will lolipedo-freaks win that contest?

  27. #24: I guess that’s true, but I voted for Nanoha even though I never actually watched either of her series. Having seen the series is only good if you like the character. If you didn’t like the character, you’re more likely to vote for the opposite, even if you never saw it.

  28. I voted for the Junk =) For obvious reasons…Chidori got kind of annoying in FMP.

  29. I guess voting based on informed opinion doesn’t work here….move on…

  30. Lets keep watching…

  31. FULL METAL PANIC IS my favorite series!

    I think the choice is obvious. Chidori FTW :)

    Hmm, the final four will be interesting b/c I like all the characters. But if Chidori is in it, I’ll probably pick her. She puts up a strong front, but she’s really vulnerable in reality. She has her cute side, her sexy side, and many many times she is hilarious. What is NOT to like :P Plus, in the novels it just gets better…

    But don’t get me wrong, I like Nanoha, Shana, Saber, Belldandy as well. Just gotta support my fav series!

    Dunno who I’ll vote for in the Shana/Saber matchup…

  32. WOW! Almost 400 votes, great!
    Yes! Chidori won this one… next Shana vrs. Saber.

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