march madness: shana vs saber

Chidori crushes Suigintou with the largest margin of victory thus far in March Madness, 60 to 40 as well as the greatest amount of overall votes, and is the first non-underdog to win. To recap, Belldandy edged past Mai at 53 to 47 after Nanoha starlight broke Lacus at 56 to 44. Yes, a part of me is sad that I didn’t get my all Rie Tanaka battle… maybe next time. Chidori, anyway, not only looks better than Suigintou in a swimsuit, she has a torso.

All hail Chidori, and she moves into the semifinals where #8 seed Nanoha is awaiting her. The updated bracket:


The last match pits the two best swordswomen in the bracket against each other. And, for once, I have a Dr Jack style analysis ready before the poll goes live. Undecided? Read the analysis and weigh the options.

Match 4.


#4 seed Shana, wielder of Nietono on Shana, Bloodsucker, and melonpan.


#5 seed Saber, wielder of Noble Phantasm.

(No Shana 23 tonight since I spent waaaaaaay too much time writing Shana vs Saber. Am I secretly hoping for a Mini-Bell vs Shana-tan match now? You bet. BTW, is there anything more exciting than seeing a not work safe warning pop up on blog好き? Maybe if there was less lame [nws] content in the post.)

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  1. Great!

    I already make my choice… without hesitate
    If only Saber can grown up in the next five episodes of the series, but its to late for her

  2. Great!

    I already made my choice… without hesitation
    If only Shana can grow “out” in the next five episodes of the series, but its too late for her

    lol jk :)


  3. Zealots to pawn lolicons….hopefully

  4. LET IT BE SO!

  5. Still early, but it looks like this might be a close one. Currently:

    Shana: 75 votes
    Saber: 71 votes

    If Rin were in the mix, I might have gone the other way. :P

  6. Ara Ara!
    After nine hours we have more than 160 votes, WOW!
    Let’s keep that pace

    #2 good one.

  7. Lol, sorry if I offended you in any way, all in good humour I hope? :) On another more depressing note, Shana is pulling ahead…I pray for a comeback!

  8. Oi, why is Shana’s picture replaced by a house/fortress? Judging from the construction, I’d say Fantasy miniatures perhaps WHFB? At any rate this is going to be tough, since anime Saber loses so much appeal because her show is slowly being sunk by Shinji Ikari, err… Emiya Shirou.

  9. Don’t worry Chairman, its OK with me ^_^

    See Jason, making the “Shana vrs. Saber dr. jack style” at the beginning brigs us a good match, 14 hours so farn an more than 225 votes…

    My hopes are with Shana, but Saber is still somebody that I care about… maybe next time

  10. is it just me or did the votes just seem to flip between Saber-Shana : 60-40 (which was my impression of the vote balance when I voted) and Shana-Saber : 60:40 (which is the balance now)? O_O

  11. 62:38 Shana-Saber…:(

  12. Deshoo deshoo

    Shana is taking a big lead, and I think definitive…
    Thank you to everyone who has voted for Shana…
    And if Shakugan no Shana gave us a magnificent final, I think Shana can win this madness March contest over all.

    14 hours so far: Shana 62 % – Saber 38 %, 260 votes

  13. I’ve developed a theory as to why Saber is losing. The reason is actually quite simple. If one were to meander up some and look at the bracket, you will quickly notice one thing. Every single loser is on a corner and lo and behold, guess where Saber is??? Right on the last corner… lol haha sigh….

    Saber FTW…?

  14. LOL you’re right ^_^

    But I think Saber is losing because her lack of development in FSN, a few words, a few fights, a few interactions with Shirou… I don’t know, Saber & Shirou are the main couple in the series, but so far I enjoy more to see Shana/Yuuji relationship at the same point. Remember episode 10 of Shakugan no Shana? Shana feels so lonely when Yuuji doesn’t come with her to fight a Rinne, and then how Shana tells him to became stronger and fight at her side. Maybe this is going to happen to Saber and Shirou until episode 16 so far (maybe not), but Fate/Stay Night is not the same deal as people hoped since last year. I love Saber, but I love more Shana

  15. Excellent, excellent point.

    In defense of F/SN: The fact of the matter is that F/SN is put at a disadvantage because it centers around different themes than Shakugan no Shana. Yes, both deal with fighting but that’s irrelevant since we are discussing two particular characters and their development. The major difference lies in that the main theme of SnS is basically Shana’s growth/relationship with Yuuji. As for F/SN the main theme is…uhh…nothing to do with relationships or at least not the central theme. At least at this point, it doesn’t, maybe later there will be more Saber & Shirou development?(I haven’t played the game) Also, I think there has been more Rin & Shirou development than Saber/Shirou.
    I’m going to speculate that most of the people who voted haven’t played F/SN which means that if there is major Saber character development, it hasn’t been able to be a factor in this whole poll.
    After thinking about it, my liking of Saber is based purely on blind adoration. Truthfully, I thought Saber’s fanbase would be the only thing needed to atleast have a CLOSE race…I did not imagine a gap this huge…and in the order of Shana to Saber. Oh well, I love Shana, but I love more Saber. :)

  16. Ok, I’m going to try, for Saber sake, without spoilers of course, to talk in her defense

    Lets see, as a servant, Saber has a wish, to complete a duty in her past life (she said this on episode 10). Despite her heroic spirit (some of you know her), as a knight, she can’t fail with her mission as a servant. That’s the main reason of her behavior, not only with Shirou, with everyone (remember when she was fighting Assassin). She can’t let mere feelings get in her way, no matter if is her master, her allays or her enemies. Really, if someday Saber let her have feelings for anyone that would be a big chance for her, no only as a servant, indeed, as a human. No matter if she never loved Shirou, but if she can learn one or two things about life, her character can improve a lot, especially if you know her background story.

    In a personal matter, one of the main reasons that make me love Saber is her seryuu. Ayako Kawasumi is doing a wonderful work with Saber’s personality, manners, sighs, and more. Hontoni, Ayako can be as sweet as Miharu (Girls Bravo) or Kasumi (Shakugan no Shana) and then as serious as Saber and Lafiel (Seikai no Senki).

    Anyway, Shana is going to win this one, but Saber has a brilliant future.

  17. Go go Saber comeback. Just a bit more of a push needed now.

    shana 52%
    saber 48%
    Total Votes: 354

  18. Syaoran > Ayako Kawasumi will always be my mahoro-san :)
    She’s one of my top 5 favorite seiyuu. Though I must say I was surprised about her role as a stern and elegant Saber, since I only remember her cheerful cute voice from characters like Aoi Sakuraba, Fuu, and Miharu. Her role as Saber will only add to her fame on her already distinguished voice acting career.

    Kana Ueda is also quickly becoming my favorite seiyuu. She’s doing great job as Rin in Fate/stay Night. But she’s also known for her kansai dialect characters; which only makes her unique and more versatile as a voice actress.

  19. Hum… that’s a hard one.
    Saber may still have a chance depending on the next episodes, she has some decent qualities I can hope on.
    I find it pretty interesting seeing a ‘reserved’ and tough character such as she sorta developing ’emotions’.
    If she behaves more girlishy in the next episodes, she’ll probably be taking the lead.

    (Not to mention that if, by any chance, she has some of… fanservice later on, she’ll definitively win XD)

    As for Shana, she’s cute, has red hair, katana, big eyes, but she just complain too much XD
    I had my share of ‘Urusai urusai urusai!’ already.

    Sorry mispellings/typos, it’s been a while since I practiced my english -_-‘

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