mai otome ova announced

Hey, I’m early for April Fool’s! Or… maybe not. Otome‘s website has a tiny blurb proclaiming a new OVA forthcoming for Anty, Mai, and the father/daughter couple.

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  1. Lets grab it while its hawt!

  2. hey Jace , when you’ll watch how hawt arika is in ep 25-26 you’ll stop calling her antsy :P

  3. Speaking of ‘hawt’… Miss Maria somehow went from old and kick-ass to young and kick-ass in one episode. And then she went on to kicking even more ass, and shocking the hell out of everyone around her.

    Damn, but apparently activating Robes really DOES do a body good….

  4. Let’s only hope that the OAVs are a joke, because that’s what Otome has been on a whole.

  5. I hope the OVAs will have none of the stupid Sergei that nearly killed the series. I want to see more background one the other pillars and Miss Maria who went from scary old lady to upper level krav maga and how she discovered the fountain of youth…

    Who’d have though that the Miss Maria was able to grow old cause she is tough, then again why wait to show off your skill so late. 25-26 sort of made it all worth wile, any more Sergei and they’d been done for.

    I know this is the wrong place to say this but tokyo tosho has been declared illegal and the honorable Department of Justice has my IP, I think. I predict that the reigning party will be forever hated by all of otakudom. If you can vote you know what to do…

  6. cough cough source cough cough code cough cough cough

  7. um. wad r OVAz? n wher can i see dem?

  8. @Crusader
    *Ahem* it’s 1/4/ know…

  9. @Wyk72

    Nope it has tracked me back to the city. If it is a joke I still can’t access the site.

  10. @Wyk72

    Okay I just saw a site that had a cap of the new tags for all the torrents. I am an april fool, so lets get the new year started…

  11. Big hint: index.php.

  12. @ Jason

    Thanks I can now get back to get what I missed during the three days that made up my pathetic excuse of spring break. Man my new retainer is really making my daily routine hard.

  13. I’m kind of disappointed, looking back at all the things everyone else did I’d have liked to see a joke from AoMM.

  14. I kinda wanna know if Mikoto and Mai’s relationship will progress in Mai Otome Zwei.’Cause i so wanna know if the will remain close friends or will become true lovers.I know that my theory is a little farfeched but if any of you fans out there approve of my idea,please let me know.The reason why i’m saying this is ’cause in My Otome,before Mai knew Mikoto,she had a lover(who looked a whole lot like Tate in Mai Hime or his counterpart in Mai Otome Sergy Wang)but after she met Mikoto you could see the wonderful,cute,and beautiful interactions that they share together.It was so cute.I love the Mai and Mikoto pair.

  15. I wonder if Mikoto(human Mikoto) will unleash her true powers in Mai Otome Zwei.Because even though in the anime we got to see some of her killer moves,it made me wonder if Mikoto will play for real this time in the OVA.

  16. Will Mikoto and her cat siblings have some kind of a special role to play in the ova?Because it is said that Mikoto is the Goddess of Cats/Crystal Princess,said to be the one to wield the highest of powers in the universe.But in the anime of Mai Otome ,we didn’t get to her use her true powers in order to save the twelve kingdoms.And what about those fat cats with strange markings on their foreheads,how is it that they always appear at the right moment at the right time?hmm.Maybe in the OVA they shall explain to us the information surrounding Mikoto’s past and true powers.

  17. when does it come out

  18. when does actually come out

  19. Maybe after the OVA there might be a season 3 that’ll take place after the OVA. And maybe they’ll make Mikoto the main character.Because they haven’t truly,fully explained Mikoto’s past origens in Hime,and it will probably have a connection of it in Otome.Maybe Otome Mikoto is actually Hime Mikoto ? Or maybe Otome Mikoto comes from another suggestion ? Just a guess ?

  20. Arika will possibly perform a marvelous performance in
    Mai Otome Zwei as the main character.
    But I sure hope that Sunrise will add a fighting seen
    with the Mai-Star Otome Arika vs her Sensei,Nekogami-sama Mikoto,
    that will be an awesome battle,I sure hope Sunrise would put it in.

  21. And Sunrise could also do wonders by putting some
    Arika Mashiro moments in the OVA,maybe they could call it;
    the *Arisho* moments or *Marika* moments.
    I hope they confess they’re feelings for eachother in the OVa
    because,truthuly, they really do seem to have feelings for eachother.
    It was so Obvious that they love eachother,
    now all they have to do is confess it.

  22. I love Mai Otome+Mai Hime , I will suport the making of Mai Otome OVA forever and ever….. please continue the story because i love them

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