march madness finale

And it’s over… ! After a month and almost 4,000 total votes later, Belldandy emerges as AoMM’s first March Madness champion. A toast!


Out of the 1,200+ votes, 90% of the votes from Japan went to Belldandy. 75% of the votes from France went to Chidori. ~67% of the votes from Singapore went to Chidori. ~67% of the votes from Austrailia went to Belldandy.

If there’s one thing that I learned from this experience is that the lolicon contigent is quite significant. Both Shana and Nanoha put up stiff resistance, but I suspect both got boosts from the timing of their shows. All of the matches were interesting, and I was most gripped by the epic Shana vs Belldandy battle. Thanks to everyone who voted. I’m glad to see such interesting discussions and input from such a wide range of people. Hopefully, yet another March, the madness will return.

Bell’s prize? She graces the new blog好き header.

Bell’s supporter’s prize? Fanservice, yo.


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  1. What is THE Singapore? Erm if its 67 percent, doesnt that mean there were 2 out of 3?

    Anyway, congrats to Belldandy I guess. Boo! Yakumo and Eri should’ve won.

  2. Kampai! Kampai!
    Well, I have to recognize her.
    Great gifhts over this month… memorabl fights

    “Everything that has a beginning, has an end”

    Bravo! Belldandy


    *runs away screaming, never to return*

  4. Nooo :(
    Chidori is sooo much better!
    I wish my IRC worked… so I could get people to vote for Chidori.

  5. Belldandy has won, All’s right with the world

  6. An auspicous start to a new tradition.

  7. Right!

    Maybe Jason could do another month madness… like series or movies

    ^_^ Bravo! Belldandy

  8. wow i thought belldandy was gona lose when i saw she was behind after i voted for her

    i also agree that school rumble girls should have been up for picks lol

    that belldandy from the new series looks more european or western than the old one

  9. wow just amazing the last time I saw the poll it was 70% 70% this was indeed not a dissapointment. If I make a suggestion we should have Summer Madness next because you all know Summer is the ‘hottest’ of them all ;). Congrats to Belldandy! Cheers

    -Jason (Another Jason lol)

  10. Thank the gods for the Japanese. :D

  11. Notice how the US isn’t even ranked, I guess the impetus to vote is also weak when it comes to American Otakus as well. It really sad in a way…

  12. Hahaha jason pwnd my blogsuki link

  13. I suppose why the only reason people from singapore voted for Chidori is because Full Metal Panic vcd/dvd are avaliable there.

    Nobody knows Shana, Nanoha here. Unless they`re are a religious anime bittorrent follower like me. lol.

  14. good show both sides.

    lotsa emotion (!_!) for both characters

    good show, good show

  15. Yeah!!! Belldandy won!! Party!!!!^^

  16. Singaporean aso. Its sad but true that most S’poreans dunno about the newer anime series floating around the internet. At most they only watch Naruto or Bleach through Bt. I blame the current Broadband Companies for this.

  17. *raises a flag*


  18. Yeah, way to go!!!!Yay!!!

  19. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Three cheers for Belldandy!!!

  20. Well, congrats to Belldandy!
    My favourites are Shana and Nanoha though, I liked their characters.

  21. hehe…another anime freak…sometimes they label me as a weirdo coz im still into anime…
    please check out my site: (it’s about my life)

  22. belldandy deserves to win…she’s soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

  23. I completely agree to that. But I think she is more to beauty than cuteness. Well, thats my opinion.

  24. Congratulations to Belldandy and all of her supporters–

    After all, it *was* the Ultimate Force that helped us to victory…

  25. Hahaha… good one.

  26. If any of the School Rumble girls were in the poll, I would have voted for them against any other girls here.

  27. Is it THAT good?

  28. If that was a real question, Hikaryu, Scream Yakumo around people who might see some Anime and count how many yells Eri back at you. Even better, yell Nemu and time how quickly you will be surrounded by angry Kotori Fan. Anyone want to try this in real life?

  29. Sadly, I know nothing about school rumble. Try that in real life and maybe I’ll get zero or immeadiate attention. Depends on the place you’re in. Anyway, Bell forever! What does FTW mean? Pwned?

  30. >> 28

    Like I said before, my biggest mistake was not expanding the contest to include more competitors, and Nemu would have been one of them. As would Rei Ayanami.

    >> 29

    FTW = “for the win.” I played too much World of Warcraft.

    Pwned = owned. I played too much Starcraft.

  31. Thanks. How did owned turned imto pwned?

  32. Bell winning is the only way for the world to keep turning. Anything else just doesn’t make sense. ^_^ So hurray for all the people who voted for Bell!

  33. Yeah! Hurray!!! Bell 4 eva!!! Eternal!!!

  34. It’s a case of chibi-Bell pwning all.

    I demand more chibi-Bell.

    And while we’re at it, more love for Mini-Goddess.

  35. Yeah! She’s Really-Super-Kawaii To the MAX!!!

  36. spelled Australia wrong :p its alia not ailia :p

    Anyway 67% of aussies love Bell, wooot :D

    second pic colours are way bright and not right either

  37. yup agreed. season 2 raw is out!

  38. w00t ;)

  39. haha lets enjoy AMG to the max!

  40. Belldandy is the greatest.
    The most beautiful, sweet woman ever.
    Its up to us real men, that woman like her and women in general do not come to face any undue harm and injustice.

  41. Yah! Belldandy Won.

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