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Double whammy– not only was I caught off-guard by the plot-like substance, I have this huge craving for “Ha” snack chips now.


Matsumaru and the flame haired, red hot eyed seiyuu’s relationship becomes a bit more turbulent after Aka’s career start taking off. How did Aka jump start her career? Matsumaru and her crashed a live TV taping, literally, and the end result was the camera focused on her, uh, crotch with only a glowing skull bag of Ha covering her up. Not only did she sell tons of Ha, make me crave some Ha myself, and become an internet startlet, she got more acting gigs as well. Matsumaru and her spend less time together, and, eventually, this leads to an argument when their sexual tension finally boils over… and Aka moves out.

Wile REC has not been a bastion of plot or character development, I’m glad to finally see some conflict. It was only a matter of time before either Matsumaru snaps at his lack of action, or Aka gives him his gohobi. After watching this episode, I can’t help but wonder what REC could have been if it weren’t hampered by the short episode length. It has all the right ingredients to become a good, heavier drama– likable characters, decent hook/premise, platable tension, and the promise of Aka fanservice, but it seems content to be lightweight. REC‘s path reminds me more than ever of Maico 2010, where the manga was about more than just Maico going to work everyday, but the anime really dumbed it down, removed most of the conflict, and sliced it down to fit a 15 minute episode length. Just like REC almost a decade later.

Maico wa odoru

(Coincidentally, Maico 2010‘s companion show was Adventures of Mini-Goddess… while REC‘s is Binchou-tan… both companion shows were about midgets…)

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  1. I’ve seen all of REC, it’s nice in it’s total smallness, chibi-chibi airtime, chibi-story, all-chibi. Some good ideas, very underdeveloped. The tension between the two leads was good: at least we see a young male (a not-so-colorful one…) that’s not a harem buff, and wants to bed the girl for real ^_^ (I mean, not like someone who gets Saber right out of the shower and makes nothing out of it).Just joking.

  2. Emiya running away from nakkid Saber ruined FSN for me.

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