ikea gunso one oh four

This episode of Keroro Gunso is a case study in the do’s and do not’s of conquering Pokopen and is sponsored by Ikea.


First things first, the OP and ED are brand new with Hareru Machi kicking off the episode and Shouri no Hanabira ending it. The new OP isn’t bad, even if the song sounds like something Glay would sing, but Kimi ni JUICE wo Katte Ageru is a hard act to follow. It’s like watching ああっ女神さまっ in crappy 4:3 after watching the pristine DVD releases.


The a-side has Fuyuki dreaming that Keroro has succeeded in conquering and subsequently terraforming Pokopen with some slime. Flawless victory: Keroro. Never thought I’d type that, but it’s a dream sequence. Fuyuki wakes up only to find… that his house is coated with green slime! Prescient! Natsumi and Fuyuki then believe that it’s the work of the green one, and it’s confirmed when Keroro shows up and taunts the hell out of the two. The two chase Keroro back to his lair only to be taken-in by a few traps (Fuyuki by his occult-otakuness and Natsumi with a baked potato) and easily captured.


They’re detained in some sort of jail, and all five (suspicious!) aliens show up and prepare to execute them using yet another mecha. They all have Asian eyes (suspicious!). Fuyuki tries to reason… no avail. Natsumi tries to bribe with Gundam models… no avail (suspicious!). In typical Sunrise fashion, just when they’re about to be crushed by the giant mecha, the five frogs show up and save them. Wait, isn’t that ten frogs now? Well, the five that almost succeeded in conquering Pokopen were actually robot stand-ins designed such that Keroro could lounge around. Needless to say, the Keroro gang foiled their own attempt at taking over Pokopen. Well done… I offer some advice when conquering Pokopen…

DO create robotic copies of yourself, especially when outnumbered something like six billion to five.

DO NOT stop the robotic copies of yourself when they’re oh-so-close to actually succeeding. If they succeed, it does make you look bad, but come on! They almost handed Pokopen to you on a plate, and you stopped them!

DO verify that the robots have the correct settings and OS installed (hint: do NOT, repeat, do NOT use the same OS as Chii-chan).

DO NOT offer angry Pokopens fried squid as reconciliation after said robotic copies slimed their house and almost rammed an oversized novelty drill through them. Run, run, run instead.

DO analyze their plans and think, “Hey, this may work than our normal hairbrained schemes!” There is no Not Invented Here paradigms moving forward.


For the b-side, Keroro and Giroro have their boardroom meeting about what went wrong with the robots, with Giroro predictably accusing Keroro of sabotaging them by saving Fuyuki while Keroro points out that Giroro freed Natsumi. Meanwhile, Natsumi stubs her toe on her dresser and gives Keroro his greatest idea ever. From this point on, I honestly couldn’t stop laughing.


Keroro has Kururu invent some sort of brain that infects drawers. The drawers would then magically reposition themselves such that people who stub their toes on them. Genius. Brilliance. Win and awesome. The next five minutes are a montage of various characters stubbing their toes. Eventually, Natsumi, Fuyuki, and Momoka smell frog and confront Keroro about the drawers, which leads to yet another hiliarious montage of huge dresser-carriers spewing dressers invading Pokopen. It reminded me of Star Destroyers releasing TIE fighters for some odd reason. Of course, it’s Keroro… he’s like Nagi… there’s not way he could win, even if Ikea is backing him up. Fuyuki calmly points out that his planned is flawed since Americans wear shoes at home and thus are immune to the stub toe offense. God bless America! With Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and shoes, we’re an unstoppable nation. No aliens can take us! (True when typed.) Thus leading to yet another Melody Honey appearance and her painful “attempt” at being America. (I can just imagine little Japanese kids growing up thinking that Americans are just dumb, big-breasted blondes who speak in a heavy kansai accent… we need more of those here! Almost as scary as the legions of American fanboys going de arimasu.)

Based on the b-side, I offer some advice when conquering Pokopen…

DO run a conquering Pokopen feasability study by Fuyuki before committing such resources to construct an armada of flying dressers.

DO include your fifth member in your plans. Poor Dororo.

DO NOT waste resources on building an underground base that has a briefing room that can fit 200 when there’s only four of you.

DO use Ikea dressers for any invasion plans involving bedroom furniture. Dororo slashed one, and it survived (do not attempt in real life), and they gang raped poor Paul.

DO plan on having to deal with Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Mr T, and, of course, the great Chuck Norris. Defeating Natsumi is just step one.

4 Responses to “ikea gunso one oh four”

  1. So… do Americans really wear shoes at home???

    And that Kero-ball-like counter that arrived at the end of the episode reminded me of Mahoromatic (175 days to go…) but I wonder if it’s going to be a motif to add momentum to the invasion plans.

  2. Zyl: not in college, they don’t.

  3. I don’t wear shoes at home. *hides from my dresser*

  4. I wear shoes at home and I also have seen some college kidds run about bare foot too. I would also like to point out that the Imperial Forces have been using steel tipped boots for a long time I suspect that the desert boots have some sort of composite rather than steel. I guess the Chiefs of Staff have already been briefed about the impending Kero invasion, and here I thought the steel was for kicking people in the crotch.

    Have faith my fellow Americans the USN and USMC will do their best to debunk their myths that Americans are blonde haired and have kansai accents. Nay, we are all stuanch adherents to the right to bear arms and all have trophy AK-47s. Praise be to the squids and jarheads who have almost no hair and speak a spattering of Japanese at best!

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