indignation of natsumi hinata 18

There’s ruined for marriage, and then there’s ruined for marriage.

(So how big was your Pekopon-conqueringasm this week? Mmmm… doesn’t work as well, especially since this aired like two years ago.)


They toned down one of my favorite stories from the manga, where the gang wants to go to the beach (as evidenced by Keroro surfing on a Gundam shield, which I want to add to my list of wallpaper requests). However, since MILF Aki can’t take them, Kururu suggests using the adult growth ray (the opposite setting of which turned Aki into Fuyuki with breasts earlier) on Natsumi thus changing her to Dynamite Natsumi. I like how Natsumi commented that Aki’s clothese were too restrictive for her… because she’s larger bust wise or because she’s just fatter? We need to know these things. If Sunrise can make a bust comparison chart for Mai Otome, they can make one for Keroro Gunso.

They then go to the beach, but the growth ray also changes Natsumi’s sense of humor. She’s spouting dumb phonetic jokes and scares away everyone. Except the slimy men, of course. Neverthless, Keroro has been plotting all along to enter her into a swimsuit comedy duet contest with Angol Mois where the prize is some rare Gundam-ripoff model… and, well, Natsumi gets embarrassed due to her lame jokes so she refuses. With a vengeance.

Aren’t you dyin’ for a HD link by now? :)

Natsumi eventually bumps into 623, who is also pining for one of the rare models, and Natsumi decides to enter to try to win it for him. Awww… *sniff*… it’s like O Hentry’s The Gift of the Magi, only with bikinis, Gundams, and five mentally damaged alien frogs. The only problem is that she doesn’t have a partner, only due to a plot contrivance, Koyuki shows up (she isn’t even in the manga until two more volumes have passed), and she joins the contest with Koyuki. Keroro, desperate for the model, goes into Trap-Keroro mode and enters the contest with Lady Moa.


While Natsumi and Koyuki stink up the joint (Natsumi, I’ll be your joke-writer anyday!), Trap-Keroro and Lady Moa clean up. Though, to me, none of the jokes were funny, and I was more focused on watching Natsumi and Koyuki’s uncomfortable fidgeting on stage not to mention the jaw dropping Trap-Keroro routine. Of course, it can’t be Keroro Gunso if there isn’t some unseen twist that screws over Keroro in the end.

Differences from the Manga Index

(In honor of the DJIA last week, more downs than ups. So much for my dreams of retiring at 40… sigh… maybe I shouldn’t have bought so many starfruit futures.)


DOWN Reasonably dressed Dynamite Natsumi… in the manga version, she looks like a hooker. Though I’m surprised that Aki would own such… such… outfits. I wonder what she does after the kids and frogs go to sleep. This could spawn a 1,000 doujinshis. Let’s make this happen.

(Also note that Natsumi’s swimsuit is the same design as Aki’s except it’s white…)

DOWN Giroro’s running away from Natsumi… in the anime version, Giroro runs away from Natsumi because she’s spouting dumb jokes (though I enjoyed his emo facial contortion)… in the manga, he calls her a hussy, loozy, and filthy woman. (Would he prefer hostage fondler, killer loli, or crazy gun bitch instead?) That’s it, I’m adding Giroro to the list of loser males who run away from hawt chix0rs, joining F/SN‘s Emiya and Zegapain‘s Kyo.


UP Keroro’s big pimpin’… I’m glad that they kept Keroro’s cigars and his calling himself “Big Daddy” (or “Big Uncle”), and in the anime, he has a pink heart on the back of his getup. I think that’s a fantastic nickname… can we get Mr Wong to start calling himself “Big Daddy” as well… can you imagine him saying to Nina, “Whose your daddy!!!”


UP Dynamite Natsumi… uh, can I have more moe fetish modes with that?

DOWN Brainwashing of Natsumi Hinata… in the manga, Keroro manages to convince Natsumi into joining the swimsuit contest (which in the manga was just a hottie/wet T-shirt contest) by telling her how it’s a crime and such to keep that beauty secret. In the anime, Natsumi joins for 623… no thanks, I prefer Natsumi slowly argeeing with Keroro about how hawt she is.

DOWN Wet T-shirt contests… lack of.

DOWN Melody Honey’s cameo… in the anime, she was the judge, and her Engrish pained me to no ends. I felt like jabbing a machete through my right temple. Anyway, in the manga, she’s Natsumi’s main competitor in the swimsuit contest. Would you rather see Natsumi and Melody sexing it up, or would you rather see Trap-Keroro… ?


DOWN Ruined for marriage… in the anime, Natsumi runs off because she told some lame jokes to 623. In the manga, it’s because she reverts back to pre-teen Natsumi, only her swimsuit doesn’t scale. Uh-oh. With an audience full of Gundam PVC collecting otaku and 623. That’s why she says, “I’m ruined!!!” and joins Mikuru-run’s Ruined for Marriage support group.

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  1. I can see why Sunrise didn’t want the ecchi reverse transformation scene. XD
    lol at Mikuru-run’s Ruined for Marriage support group.

  2. Keroro Gunso is just so awesome.

    There seems to be far more down than ups, is the manga much better than the anime?

  3. >> 2

    I purposely did that… “In honor of the DJIA last week, more downs than ups.”

    The manga has better service elements than the anime, but the anime does action much better.

  4. It seems like the manga won this episode overall, but I think there would be too much fan service (if there is such a thing xD) with all the ‘wet t-shirts’ etc. I hope that there are other girls (like me) who enjoy the show and don’t want to see all the outer aspects of the same sex. Blah..

  5. in what volume of the manga does this episode happen?

  6. lookin’ good! keroro gunso is the coolest! the manga is definently better. though i haven’t got around to watching it, melody vs dynamite natsumi beats trap-keroro any day! but i’m pretty sure koyuki would stink it up if she was in the manga episode.

  7. Can we get some manga scans too?

  8. Heh, Tokyopop went and edited that scene where Natsumi de-ages. I have an older version of the book where her nipple cna be seen, TP probably felt this a little too kiddy pr)n and cropped the image in further releases.

  9. Sure. ;) SEriously though, given that this particular manga volume has been licensed for several years (this was in Vol 3 of the manga, and they’re releasing Vol 12 anyday now)… you may as well bite the bullet and go buy the damned thing.

  10. … especially since I doubt anyone’s distributing this early volume of the manga, given that the Japanese release came out in like 2000, and the TokyoPop one came out about 2-3 years later… so you’d be looking for a 3+ year old file by now. Which, in Internet years, is like the Victorian era…

  11. Eh, Lurk’s got v1, but you might be SOL for the other volumes.


  13. me pone me la puedo follar y er giroro esta usado o toabia me lo puedo follar. anda mandamelo pa follarme a uno de los dos ¿acen orgias publicas?.
    o me puedo follar a uno de una tia pero me mola.mandarme a argien pa qe me lo folle qe llo no qiero ni keroro ni na lo qe qiero es follar sim parar.aber si aceis un capitulo en el qe giroro folle a natsumi o qe mua folle a keroro o qe dororo folle a colluki qe simverguensa sois.

  14. vosotros productores no teneis imaginacion.!poned porno en keroro hombre que eso es lo mejor y ayuda a mis hijos a aprender a follar¡asi se pegan un gustazo.

  15. me ponen todos los de la serie pero lla e pedido er giroro i no me lan traio paqe llo me lo folle.llo qe tenia las iluciones de la penetracion penal ranal.

  16. This is from Sgt. Frog Book 3 of the manga series.

    Personally, I believe the anime did not do the manga justice in this episode. The manga had Natsumi entering a swimsuit competition, which had nothing to do with “old men jokes”. The whole reason Keroro turned Natsumi into an adult was so she would look sexy and win the competition; unfortunately in the anime this reason never came up, and Keroro had to enter himself, which didn’t happen in the manga. It seems that the producers of the anime were too afraid of nudity and stuff, which is a shame because many episodes were turned around because of that. The manga is rated 13+….

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