top ten anime milf

Alright, alright, I’ll join this latest gimmick post sensation. To recap, Stripey started this. Then Ender perpetuated. I’ll take my own spin on the gimmick… Top Ten Ways To Increase Your Anime Blog Traffic and… oh wait, I used that one already.

Since more people are discussing this topic more than the current Shana poll, how about Top Ten Anime MILF? I don’t normally pay attention to this, so it’s not like I have a running list beyond Aki and Chigusa in my mind. So hopefully I won’t make a grievious error like leaving Belldandy and K1 or Natsuki/Tomoe and Shizuru or Shinji and his right hand off of a top anime couples list. Before I get started, how about some criteria?

  • Hawtness.
  • Awesomeness.
  • Win and goldness.

Uh, that pretty much sums it up.

Top Ten Anime MILF

Omissions and Acknowledgements: Maruko Fujimura, Petopeto-san. I haven’t watched this series. Kiriko Aoi, Godannar. I couldn’t stand this series. Rena Sayers, Mai Otome. No screentime. Kagami Konoe, Lamune. Just didn’t make the cut. Eureka, Eureka 7. Fails hawtness test pre-haircut. Post-haircut is up for debate. Mahoro, Mahoromatic. Can someone please explain to me volume 8 of the manga? So like Mahoro reproduces more Mahoros? Ayane and Machi’s mom, Nagarasete. Just because I don’t remember the name. So without further adu…

Honorable Mention. Weda

Honorable Mention. Weda, The Pink-Haired Eater of Men. The most clueless person in a completely psycho family. Hare is going to need some serious therapy when he grows up, if Guu doesn’t eat him first.

Honorable Mention. Lindy

Honorable Mention. Lindy, Mahou Shoujo Assault-Type Fate A’s. I question the parenting abilities of anyone who leaves their pre-pubescent son in the care of oversexed nekomimi twins as well as two, uh, very magical girls.

10. Achika

10. Achika Masaki, Back to the Future Muyo!. Tenchi is to Michael J. Fox as Achika is to Lea Thompson. (Is this the only anime blog that will refer to old 80’s movies during a post about MILF?) The movie would have been a lot better if they had Achika join Tenchi’s harem. Though my strongest memory from Tenchi Muyo In Love is how (1) he’s not in love and (2) nakkid Kiyone. Everything else is just gravy. (Also, Pioneer’s old DVD of this movie is the only R1 anime DVD that I know of that has Japanese subtitles.)

9. Nancy

9. Nancy Makuhari, Dancing with Librarians. Absolutely hawt and win in the OVA. Then they messed with her character in the TV series so much, you’d think Sunrise was behind the wheel. Just loses that edge after OVA 3. (And what they did to Wendy… unforgivable.)

8. Talia

8. Talia Gladys, The Meer and Lacus USO Tour. Hawtness isn’t in question but her hairstyle and parental instinicts are. Actually, fails for dying with the two psychos instead of living on with her real son. I mean… “Sorry son, but I rather die with this genocidal madman and this clone than raise you!”

7. Sergey

7. Sergey Wong, Desperate Otome. Ten out of ten ant-heads can’t be wrong! Actually, just kidding– checking to see if you’re paying attention. The real 7 would be…

7. Fumio

7. Fumio Usui, World’s Most Embarrassing Home Videos. Hawtness-wise matches up with Chigusa, but she has fail and lose for a son. I still think that series is crippled by a weak male lead and should replace Kenta with Athrun… or maybe Matsumaru. In fact, let’s make this happen. (Also, why doesn’t she just start working for a hostess bar or soapland?)

6. Sayoko

6. Sayoko, Bob Villa’s This Old Cardboard Box. Is lounging around the floor hawt? Is craving weird statues her only contribution to society? Is being the world’s most cheerless mom (second place would be pre-bite Fumio) a good thing? Yet, Sayoko is Sayoko, and that’s why she’s 6. (Could Sayoko work at soapland? Would you ask for her?)

5. Ama

5. Ama Shigure, As Long As Rin-kun Is Here. The Ama/Asa/Rin-kun/boxcutter foursome needs to happen as badly as the Chigusa/Shana-tan/Yuji/melonpan foursome.

4. Mizuho

4. Mizuho Sawatari, The Meido Alligator Hunter. Hawtness. Especially in the Yoshitaka-styled French meido outfit. Win and awesome for her constant egging on of Yoshitaka and Izumi. Just doesn’t get much screentime but definitely warrents it.

3. Aki

3. Aki Hinata, Frogs Gone Wild. Besides being such a good manga editor that she’s scouted by off-planet manga magazines, she outraces Takumi, stops an alien frog invasion and enslaves them, and is an asset to mankind. She also is so incredibly hawt that her son is desensitized to hawt girls, and her daughter is looked on with the same interest that Palpatine had for Anakin. In other words, “We’ll be watching your career with great interest, Natsumi Hinata.”

2. Hild

2. Hild, Belldandy and K1’s Reasons Why Not. Has there been more mother/daughter fantasies than Hild/Urd? No. Absolute hawtness. Absolute awesomeness on how she spars with Bell. Absolute win and gold in how she can go into her loli mode and applease many fetishes at once. She also does this “Woe is me, I have a terrible daughter routine” pretty well, but she’s at two because, uh, she’s technically not in an anime yet. Come on episodes 27-52…

1. Chigusa

1. Chigusa, Shana and Wilhelmina ‘s Oxy Clean Infomercial. First, she’s hawt. Second, she was awesome in dealing with both Alastor and Wilhelmina . Not only did she completely neuter Alastor, she flustered Wilhelmina … not easy to do. Of course, she’s just win and gold for how she dolls up Shana and tries to offer her to Yuji. (Yuji, your mom is giving you a “go” signal! Take it!) Anyway, I just called her omega MILF of the year and gave her a Best of 2005 award. I’m a hypocrite if Chigusa is anywhere but 1.

There ya go. What do they all seem to have in common? Besides hawtness, they all have this mysterious missing husband thing going. Not one to be seen. (Except for Mizuho, I think.) The husband’s life expectancy is not long married to onem of the,, but the quality vs. quantity factor? Now it’s someone else’s turn… may I suggest “Cutest Mahou Shoujo Outfits” for Matt or “Best Little Sisters” to acq?

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  1. Wow. On a scale of 1-10, this list is super hott. [/gheyness]. What can I say? Keep the genius-train going.

  2. Damn it! You’re making me have the urge to buy the Hinata PVC now.

  3. Fumio should’ve been higher, if it wasn’t for J.C. Staff screwing up Karin.

    She was *waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy* cooler in the manga.

    And this post makes me realise why I shouldn’t do things like this…. I tend to leave stuff out. I totally forgot about Hild, Sayoko and Nancy _|-|0”’

  4. You should had added Mizuho-sensei’s mom..if not Mizuho-sensei herself.

  5. Hild has the raw sex appeal to battle Chigusa… but her parenting skills leave something to be desired, as do her methods for possibly trying to shag the (maybe) future son-in-law.

    Chigusa, on the other hand, is bloody attractive, gets along well with her son’s friends and Flame Haze partner, manages to be cute without being overwhelmingly saccharine… and has a heck of a figure. Just LOOK at her.

    Of course, if she turns out to be the reincarnation of the previous Flame Haze which Wilhemina knew, then she’ll own the Internet. Or send a bunch of fans with pitchforks and torches after the writers of the anime. Maybe both.

  6. What about Akiko for…Free Image Hosting at <a href='' rel='nofollow'/></a> ? =]

  7. Akiko has the body… but Chigusa has the skillz and ability to manage others which are required. :D

  8. Mmm… I did forget about Akiko… I never did finish watching Onegai Teacher either. I also forgot Aoba’s mom from Jinki:Extend as well as Mitsuki’s from Dual!.

  9. Jason: Mizuho-sensei’s mother was… very… ah… earthy. I’m not sure if she’s in the MILF category, but think Hild with a little more self control and brains.

  10. It’s a shame Maruko couldn’t compete. She’s just as good as Chigusa.

    Forget about Aoba’s mother. She’s boring. Minami Kisaka (Rui’s mother) is far more interesting and her antics are a joy to watch.

    I completely forgrot about Sayoko. She definitely deserves to be on the list. It seems being poor makes a mother more interesting (Maruko is also poor. In fact she is a lot poorer than Sayoko but her personality is the absolute opposite of Sayoko’s).

    Any one considered Goei from Ikkitousen?

  11. How could you use a Tenchi mom and leave out Misaki? Shameful. And how could you nominate a Mizuho and not think of Hatsuho, from Onegai Teacher?

    Not that it really matters; I’m voting for Aki anyway.

  12. And hey, if you’re counting loli-Hild, where’s Washu?

  13. Hild is much hawter than Washu. This is not up for debate. :)

  14. It’s not open for debate because you are wrong. RO-N-GU WRONG!

  15. I’m slightly peeved that the anime did away with Ama’s eternally youthful aspect from the game but I’m chuffed she’s got a well respectable ranking here. :)

    Also the fact that Aki and Chigusa don’t ostensibly have special supernatural or technological powers make them even hotter as MILFs.

  16. Agreed. Aki’s a MILF we can all get behind.

    Maybe not all at once.

  17. How could you not include Misako from Taboo Charming Mother….


  18. Lets see:
    some MILFs i know are:

    Mama Teachers from “Happy Lesson”
    -Kisaragi Ninomai (did try to become the best mother)
    -Mutsuki Ichimonji (went from mother to something more)
    -Yayoi Sanzein (one episode she tried to get rid of chitose’s bad luck, showed motherly/something more side)
    -(well the other two arent so motherly or didnt show a motherly side *or it didnt stick in my head too well if they did*)

    Kamio Haruko from “AIR”

    Ikuhara Harumi from “DearS” (dunno why but she came up as i was looking through my list of animes and saw DearS)

    Reply to >>6
    not the best picture for Akiko since that one is quite… =_=; odd looking

  19. and Hild is now in Season 2’s OP sequence for AMG.

    “Request.. granted.”

  20. No Akiko, no Haruko, no Aoko, no Murrue.

    I find your lack of faith… … … … … …disturbing.

    Also, I see someone reads the NANOHA A’S SS NANO STRIPS.

  21. Ok, I have to bring it up, even though it’s not entirely relevant… but you put Hild in (and rightfully so!) but the mother from Gacha Gacha, whose name I can’t remember outright, is prime real estate. I argue that she is top five easily. Now they need to make a Gacha Gacha anime so as we can watch her move around and such.

  22. Aki hinata will always be #1 in my book.

  23. Well, nice and all, but, I don’t know, at least you could have mentioned Atsuko Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho.

  24. Well, Hild has an anime version now – and oh so hot. Kekekekeke

  25. She SURE does. Even gets a bit of time as the mini-Hild version shown above.

    Time for her to enter the Pantheon for real. :D

  26. No love for Kiriko? Awww…

    Oh, well, good list anyway.

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