emo facial distortion pantheon grand opening

As promised, with Mikuru-run Moe Mode poll gaining 1,000 votes, the new Emo Facial Contortion Pantheon is now open to the public to gaze at the collective insanity. Too bad Shinn isn’t dead or else I’d call it the Shinn Asuka Memorial Emo Facial Contortion Pantheon. Anyway, time to ask… who is eveyone’s favorite practitioner of emo facial distortions?

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  1. hmm is it too much to ask for to see some of these facial distortions? I’ve never seen shinn or the van facial distortion. It could possible influence the votes and im sure u can rig it in someones favor as well

  2. o whoops my bad i did not see the link inside the text sorry bout that

  3. A representative screenshot of each candidate would probably be best, as not all the respondants have necessarily seen every one of these titles.

  4. Indeed – although I’m sure it will just save a few googles, but you know, we’re lazy :P

  5. This is actually one of the tougher polls I’ve taken recently. There are some serious contenders on this list.

  6. Guys… click the link… at least Chewy figured it out. ;)

  7. only newer anime huh? cuz i just started watching escaflowne and dilandau does a really good job at this.

  8. This gallery makes my face muscles feel inadequate =(.

  9. I think their normal faces should be next to their crazy faces. It will show the great change for some of them. Like Suigintou she looks kinda crazy most of the time so not much of a difference. Rena goes from her love of cute things face to homicidal bitch.
    Go Rena

  10. Kaede still gets my vote. Out of all the contenders, her ‘berserker’ mode was the most unexpected( we are a happy, happy harem anime, NOT!). Not expecting Rena, Mion, Shinn, Suigintou, and Van to go emo, is like… is like… not expecting twincest jokes in each Ouran High School Host Club episode.

    You know it is just going to happen.

    Magikano was too comedic a series for me to take Maika seriously, emotortions or not. I give her props for being one of the creepiest anime sisters around though.

    Never watched Mai-Hime/Otome before, so no comment there from me.


  11. You needed a shot of her going Trollish for the emo bit. :D Personally, I’d have to put Shinji Ikari for a honorary nominee slot, given the way he goes kinda crazy in NGE…

  12. They say that in anime the Shinn are mighty fine,
    He looks like Homer Simpson and cannot count to nine.

    They say that in anime the Mai are mighty fine,
    Her ramen looks like muddy water and tastes like turpentine.

    They that in anime the Mion are mighty fine,
    She is armed and dangerous but doesn’t use her nine.

    They say that in anime the Maika are mighty fine,
    Her chicken jumped off the table and started marking time.

    They say that in anime the Rena are mighty fine,
    She she talks like CSI, and looks like Frankenstien.

    They say that in anime the Kaede are mighty fine,
    She has Ku Klux Klan that numbers ninety nine.

    They say that in anime the Tomoe are mighty fine,
    She chases older women and gets toyed with everytime.

    They say that in anime the Suigintou are mighty fine,
    She a has a girly servant that is weaker than a mime.

    They say that in anime the Van are mighty fine,
    He has stripper girl friend and tips her off with dimes.

    They all look the same though… :P

  13. Kaede, Rena, and Mion are amongs the best….Rena being my favorite. Her neck its streching and she is laughing. Nothing scarier than a psycho killer laughing

  14. Dilandau from Escaflowne should be on this list.

    You n00b!

  15. Oh dear god. So many good facial emotes to pick from, so little tickboxes. Personally I’d tick off a LOT of the choices =/

  16. I don’t buy figurines but if someone bought out an Emotortion Rena Doll.. little machette, squeeze = evil laugh, tickle-me-elmo’s decapitated head in one hand..

    Rena 4T.herapy!.. and the win.

  17. Should have waited a bit longer to allow Suzumiya Haruhi to enter the poll with her pissed off face (best viewed animated) as Mikuru offers Kyon her scarf :D

  18. My vote is for Dilandau from Escaflowne. Check this out:


  19. >> Dilandau

    Guys, do you really think I remember something I wrote almost 300 posts ago?


    “BONUS. Dilandau. I loved how almost every shot of Dilandau was an extreme close up of him contorting his face.”

    Yep, I wrote that. Now excuse me while I impale my right temple with a cutting knife.

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