melancholy of haruhi suzumiya 6 discussion


I’m not sure what I’m happier about today… I found a Japanese restaurant that served “flower-topped hamburg” which I ordered saying, “desu desu,” or the fact that a group is translating Haruhi manga (chapter 1). Toss-up, really.

(There’s also a Higurashi manga translation project starting up.)

I see some divergence in the manga…

Okay, let’s get this started…

How does not believe in the almighty Haruhigasm these days? – Alex

I’m a believer! I still have my afterglow… okay… too much info, hun?

Speaking of polls, I thought of a good one.

Who would you rather go out on a date with? Higurashi’s Rena or Haruhi on PMS?

On the one hand, Rena could cleave you up, on the other Haruhi could will you out of existence. – zero

Wouldn’t your life be very short either way? I’d much rather have a double date with Shion/Mion… (they seem more likely to put out anyway). Wait, am I thinking inappropriate thoughts out loud again?

Maybe a Mikuru vs. Mori meido-off if/when we get the solution episode? – Vinland

Mikuru wins hands down. Her moe-versatility is unmatched in the history of anime. It’ll be a massacre, like Chidori eviscerating poor Nanoha.

BTW, is it time for a Haruhi-related poll? – Alex

Sorry zero and Vinland, I’m going with a slightly different question. :) Favorite Mikuru-run fetish mode:

Bunny Girl
Combat Waitress

There’s all so moe-tastic. I don’t know which to vote for…

Uhh… not if she becomes ruined for marriage – lolikitsune

Is “ruined for marriage” a moe fetish? I probably should have added it.

All the blogs with the imouto-in-a-bag picture should be added with that ultra super cute giggle she did. WHY KYOANI? TEASING US. – Kozumura

Jailbait, in its most literal meaning. Though even though Mikuru has a baby face, she just can’t out-loli imouto or pull off a Shana-class washboard chest fetish.

Up: The beginning of Mikuru’s Moe Academy. Mikuru giving moe lessons to Imouto-san was so uplifiting. Carrying on the legacy of super moe. – Crusader

Yep, these are… wait… too soon…

We now have two cases of Keichii-named males dying. We can make it three if the Belldandy one kicks it too( which he nearly has, on multiple occasions). – Skane

I would love to see Morisato getting chopped to death by an angry Bell after she catches him frolicking with a (hopefully not French) Peorth. They’ve fucked up the canon already, so why not go all the way? (As you can probably tell, I’m not exactly excited about blogging about it anymore… wtf? Chopping up the Hand in Hand arc?)

I do think that Kyon was enjoying time spent with Mikuru especially his when his ego told him that he was in high demand, and when going for the beach ball. – Crusader

Haruhi and Mikuru in swimsuits, Kyon lazing on the beach, saying, “This is perfect” isn’t enjoying it enough? – dm

Not enough! He’s trapped on a island with three hawt girls and one potentially yaoi guy. He needs to break out the alcohol and try to get Mikuru drunk at all costs. Mikuru and/or Haruhi should be carrying his love child by now.

(At least on Shuffle, Rin almost got to Sia.)

Still needs more ItsukiXKyon. – dmrchrs0

I think Haruhi is really, really cleverly disguised harem comedy, just like Evangelion. Eva had the tsundere Asuka, the quiet Rei, and the very women Misato. Haruhi has the tsundere Haruhi, the quiet Yuki, and the very women Mikuru. Both shows also feature that uncomfortably friendly male friend whom you hoped the main character didn’t end up choosing (Kaoru/Itsuki).

(Though if Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ends with Kyon pleasuring himself over Yuki’s dead body, Haruhi’s PMS causing the world to end in a flood of blood, and Mikuru and Kyon are left alone on an island, I may just check myself into a mental institution. THE NEKOMIMI MEIDO MADE ME DO IT! THEY HAVE NEKOMIMI!!! AAAAH!!!!!)

Episode order… I think this time around even the novel readers were caught off-guard. Its probably no exaggeration to say that noone expected them to jump in the middle of a sidestory. – melange

And there’s a lot of opinions on the episode order… I still believe that it’s time to settle down and tell the story. It’s like basketball… good coaches (*cough* Avery Johnson *cough*) experiment early on with their rotations, see what works, what doesn’t, but ultimately settle for 8-9 players with defined roles and playing times. Bad coaches (*cough* Larry Brown *cough*) generally yank their players around all season.

Perhaps the first half of the show is the “Cliffhanger Arc”, while the second half ends up being the ” We are finally going to find out WTF is going on!” – Daniel E.

I loved this episode, even the cliffhanger! A friend of mine is extremely irrate with the episode order, but personally I find it just curious. Of all instances, though, this time seemed the most severe considering the ultra-cliffhanger ending. I just hope they do finish this beach island arc. – Hopeless

I hate how 8 is next. Honestly hate it. If they schedule episode 10 to air as episode 13, I may go borrow Rena’s machete and go on a killing spree.

I agree, the episode skipping is getting kind of old. It’s ironic that the order Haruhi numbers the episodes in is the one that makes sense, I’d think Kyon would be the more rational one. After this is over, I’ll definitely sit down and watch it in logical order. I love Kyoani, but if they do this with Kanon, I’m going to have to fly to Kyoto and smack someone. – suguru

I’d love to see an out-of-order Kanon just to see Jeff’s opinion of it. Would he try to defend it, “Since they assume people have already seen the original series, they’re not spoilers per say,” or would he turn against the show, “Kyoto Animation needs to stop reusing gimmicks. I felt like I was reading AoMM.” Though I’d rather see Nayuki and Ayu prancing around in bunny girl outfits.

You’ll have to note that the usual reason for an episode skip in MoSH, IMHO, is that something in the episode will give a clue or idea about the following episode. – elsab

I understand Mikuru-run 00, as that was a great hook to get people watching. Jumping to the baseball episode instead of finishing off the initial explaination arc was odd, but I accepted it since it setup some framework for Haruhi is God. Now they jumped into a new story, only they’re jumping to yet another story before resolving this one. I guess we’ll have to see and find out.


So far, Kyoani seems to be doing the episode shuffle just to make a point about Haruhi’s percetion vs Kyon’s perception in the next episode preview portion, so I doubt it’ll spillover to Kanon. ^_^;

I hope this whole shuffle somehow makes a worthwhile contribution to the series instead of being a general annoyance/conspiracy to get people to buy the DVDs… – Saku

When are we going to see Yuki’s perception? She’s always left out. At this rate, Pani Poni‘s Kurumi is going to overtake her.

Hey, Kyon’s sister can defeat an almost omnipotent being in ping-pong. That’s gotta amount to something. – Seyluun

I doubt Yuki even moved during the entire match. And who says Yuki’s omnipotent? The only being we know is omnipotent on the show is Haruhi and she won the table tennis tournament. – zero

Remember the baseball episode? As long as you don’t hit the ball directly at her, she’s not going to bother returning it.

She didn’t know which room it was. Hence her scanning of the doors. – Skane

The problem is that the scene blurred, and Haruhi stumbled around. Kyoto has done some very purposeful cinematography thus far, and it’s really the first time we see Haruhi’s viewpoint. The whole series has been told from Kyon’s viewpoint thus far, and this is the first time that I remember where we’re seeing through Haruhi. There’s more to be. Has to be.

I am _shocked_ you didn’t mention Haruhi’s lack of underwear. – waista

Yep, these are my readers. (Always wanted to try that line out. ;) )

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  1. >>Not enough! He’s trapped on a island with three hawt girls and one potentially yaoi guy. He needs to break out the alcohol and try to get Mikuru drunk at all costs.

    Actually for your information… in the novel during the Lone Island Syndrome they DO break out the alcohol. Mikuru couldn’t hold her liquor (zzzz), Yuki was an alcoholic bottomless pit downing bottle after bottle of wine with no change in face color, Haruhi was in a drunk frenzy babbling about leaving Mikuru behind while whacking the owner on the back and Kyon’s memory got so fuzzy he couldn’t narrate any more than that. The next morning, with a tremendous hangover Haruhi banned the SOS-dan from taking alcohol for the rest of their lives ^^0 What really happened that night? Well I’m sure the doujin artists have lots of ideas…

    Again I’ve said this a million times… DON’T worry about Yuki being left out. She has probably the MOST character development of them all.

  2. ok . i dunno what that show did to all of us . but it’s starting to scare me when i see all those parody’s opening. but..what scares me the most is that some guy when too look for the place seen in the anime :

    anyway , thx Jason for the 1st chapter of the manga . however , the kyon seen in chapter one doesnt look at all like this kyon : .
    could there be multiple haruhi’s manga ?

    as for the pool , i just hate mikuru too much to vote .

    people , remember : haruhi is bad for the mental health >_

  3. >>Yep, these are my readers. (Always wanted to try that line out. ;) )

    Don’t you just love us dearly?

  4. Wot? No NAKED mode?

    Eh, she looks cuter cowering in fear.

    I wonder if it’s time to bust out Cthulu on a PMS’d Haruhi just to see what happens next.

  5. Damn… i got an moe overload from the sequence of Mikuru pics…..

    >>could there be multiple haruhi’s manga ?

    Yes, there’s another Haruhi manga, but the art for that one was so bad it was scrapped after 1 volume.

    >>I am _shocked_ you didn’t mention Haruhi’s lack of underwear. – waista

    More importantly, I want to ask, where in the episode was this?!!

  6. >>More importantly, I want to ask, where in the episode was this?!!

    They are referring to that weird worms-eye-view of Haruhi’s legs just before she declares Mikuru the victim.

  7. …..LOL

    Well, it’s not exactly clear, IMO. No wonder I didn’t notice it…

  8. >They are referring to that weird worms-eye-view of Haruhi’s legs just before she declares Mikuru the victim.

    I did a double take when I saw that and had to stop the video to go back. For *cough*research purposes*cough* of course.

  9. Took me a well-spent 30 minutes to pick my choice for this new poll! :D

  10. I had to go for bunny girl over terrified, cowering and meido. Its just so damn hard to choose only one. :'(

    If Haruhi and Mikuru were involved in March Madness, I think they’d clean up pretty easily.

  11. >> What really happened that night?

    I’d pay more for this video on ebay than the “What happened between Shizuru, Tomoe, and the pacifier” video.

    >> could there be multiple haruhi’s manga

    The second picture isn’t from the manga, it’s from a web comic… can’t seem to find the URL again.

    >> If Haruhi and Mikuru were involved in March Madness, I think they’d clean up pretty easily.

    I’d like to see Haruhi up against Ayu.

  12. > Its just so damn hard to choose only one. :’(

    No point stating the obvious here :P

    But don’t you enjoy the process of rolling your eye balls up and down through the choices (w/ pictorial representations)?

  13. Hey Yuki had a more memeorable “dai suki” than most waifs I can recall.

    Oh, by the way do Mikuru’s pony tail a,d Imouto-san’s double pony tail count towards an up in the Haruhigasm index? In all honesty I think the swim suit pic would have been better sereved with a Mikuru pony tail.

    Also in 20:12 on afk’s sub yuki has something more than a blank stare me thinks.

  14. Heres the obligatory “I’m high while writing this” post. I wondered if the FBI uses a similar poll to identify pedo/ rapists (At least it wasn’t what kind of bag do you prefer Kyon’s sister in. btw Samsonite would be my choice). Anyway terrified Mikuru ftw.

  15. Hmm, I wonder how many people would have fallen for such an obvious trap if the FBI did use some kind of poll :P
    Why are is the nurse not getting enough love?

  16. > Though I’d rather see Nayuki and Ayu prancing around in bunny girl outfits.

    That is pure genius…Kanon purists might object to such a scene not occurring anywhere in the game, but you’d get no such complaint from me.

  17. The episode skipping thing makes perfect sense to me. By switching around arbitrarily, they keep you on your toes – you just have to go with the flow and roll with the punches that the anime throws at you. The key to this, is that this is exactly what Kyon is going through every time Haruhi gets an idea. You just go with it and enjoy the ride, and you develop sympathy for Kyon’s experience with Haruhi because your experience with the anime is analagous.

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