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I said it before, but Ouran Host Club is the best shoujo series this year. Which, but AoMM standards, still doesn’t mean much… it’s like asking, “What’s the best RPG for the X-Box 360?”

I enjoy Ouran because it does away with a lot of typical shoujo relationship angst and focuses more on comedy. (Planet of the Beast King would be #2, if only for the shoujo-swerve it went into after Thor grew up.) It also reminds me of the early seasons of 90210, when the show was campy and a bit sappy and was still about the middle class Walsh family trying to blend in with the high class 90210 crowd… before the Kelly-Dylan-Brandon love triangle kicked into high gear and turned it into a straight chick series. I like lightweight comedic series… especially when both my brain cells are in overtime trying to analyze Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and as such, I feel the need the compile my Top 5 Hosts…

Top Five Host Club Hosts


5. Haruhi. Wait, you have Maaya Sakamoto in the cast, and she does not sing the OP? Instead, they have the Elfen Lied girl sing? Wha? How is this even remotely acceptable? If Rie Tanaka, Maaya Sakamoto, Horie Yui, or Megumi Hayashibara is the main star, they must sing the OP. Let’s make that a rule. I’d be fuming over this except I’m all-fumed out seeing Belldandy… with BAGPIPES. Anyway, when was the last time I watched a comedy series with a genuinely unfunny lead? Waaaaaay too serious, can’t tell a joke, can’t tell a joke, and I hate how people keep comparing her to Suzumiya. Love Hina‘s Keitaro is a more apt comparison.

(Honestly, if not for Bunny Girl Haruhi, Honey would be #5 on this list.)


4. Twincest. Good source of comedy and satifies more uncomfortable y4l moments than Itsuki x Kyon can shake a stick at. Honestly, they’re not the hawtest guy-on-guy twins currently on… the Utawarerumono archer twins are. Sorry, unless Hikaru and Kaoru come up with their own version of the “Sperm Song” [mirror].


3. Mori. Doesn’t say much. Doesn’t appear much. Doesn’t do much. But when he moves, he often cracks me up for no apparently reason. He’s like Ian Ziering, only he’s not balding. I’m compare him favorably to Yuki. I can’t wait for him to be left out of the last episode now.


2. Orenge-sama. Every single time she appears, I’m reminded of Utena. Happy thoughts. Funny thing is that she doesn’t even share the same seiyuu as Rahxephon‘s Quon. Instead, she’s the seiyuu for La Verite‘s triplets! Even more reason to love Orenge-sama.

(Yes, I know she’s not a host. Get over it.)


1. The King. He’s the best. Megalomaniac. Vain. Cocky. Fragile. Yet, he’s more dependable than not. If he starts costume raping Honey, maybe people will stop comparing Haruhi against Haruhi. Tamaki is the real Suzumiya clone.

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  1. aren’t dori and guara female in the anime? Since only females have the dog ears and tail they were only male in the game right?

  2. While I agree that Tamaki is the watered down male version of Suzumiya-sama, Fujioka Haruhi would be like Kyon in the straight man role of a comedy duo, less sarcastic more bored. (Besides if you had that kind of dad what would supriese you then pray tell?)Was it you or some one else who pointed out that Maaya Sakamoto wasn’t stellar like when she worked with Yoko Kanno? Besides we don’t want to work them to death do we? :P

    Tamaki does plenty of costume raping just more subtle, dolling up the host club in frilly dresses was no small task. I am also suprised Kyoya’s meido get up didn’t get inserted just as a bonus, guess you’re more wary now that Stripey’s meido-con has been made public. Given the loli-con advocates that made themselves known during March madness I am also suprise there was no Loli-fan service to accompany this. Then again its five screens.

    I love Renge-sama part of me hopes she just runs off with Haruhi in tow at the end. If she was a full time host I’d bet you’d be loyal customer campaigning for more meido themed days or advocate she start a meido cafe.

    Given the Thomas Nast-ing surrounding Stripey if Honey got posted I’m sure some one would have accused you shouta-con. ;)

  3. >>Since only females have the dog ears and tail they were only male in the game right?

  4. Crap, hit the wrong button by mistake.

    No males also have tails in the anime!

  5. Ok, my keyboard and brain are dying on me :(

    -Since only females have the dog ears and tail they were only male in the game right?-

    No, males also have tails in the anime.

    I am terrible sorry about this triple post.

  6. In support of #1, all the other characters are only interesting in their dynamic with Tamaki. Haruhi is honestly kind of boring by herself. A lot of people say that her atypical personality is a breath of fresh air, but I say perhaps there’s a little too much fresh air. Renge and Mori are probably the most stand-alone characters.

  7. Renge never fails to crack me up with her motorized entry. XD

  8. Jason, you’re turning into Kabitzin. ;p

  9. I’m not sure what’s more shocking: Jason ripping off the Seaslug Team’s poll or me immediately knowing who Ian Ziering is.

  10. To Chris,


    Rip off what, exactly? The context of the current Sea Slugs’ poll is different from Jason’s one. Kabitzin is asking for an idea, which could be anything, and I do mean anything( even if it means monkeys throwing bananas at Tamaki). Jason is asking for your favourite host(ess).

  11. I actually like the Elfen Lied girl. You’re talking about Chieco Kawabe right? She may not be the best singer around, but she’s cute.

    I agree with your top 5. Tamaki is the best. He’s my favourite character.

  12. Skane, it’s still a severe violation of Kabitzin’s intellectual property. If he wants to sue, I’m willing to donate.

  13. [Snark]
    What, who, whose intellectual property?


  14. >> Jason, you’re turning into Kabitzin. ;p

    Whew! At least it’s not Ender. ;P I don’t think this poll has legs to get to 1k votes, let alone 100 votes. It just shows what the core readership of this blog is.

    >> You’re talking about Chieco Kawabe right?

    Correct. I think only REC’s Aka was ever worse at singing.

  15. :( i like the opening. I don’t think her voice is bad at all.

  16. Heh, what comic are the sperm song twins from? I couldn’t find it at the site written on the pic.

  17. They’re form Utawarerumono.

    As to my favorite host, well, being a heterosexual guy I’m not actually attracted to any of them though I like Mori as a person and hope he ends up with Haruhi :-P

    But if I were attracted to guys that way, I’m still not sure I’d like any of them. I tend to be attracted to cheerful enthusiastic types, but Honey would be too young looking, I think.

  18. I also like the way Chiecco Kawabe handles the Ouran OP. She has mad Engrish skillz, especially compared to some seiyuu *cough*AyaHirano*cough* And Kawabe looks cute in a frog suit…

    I think that Kawabe’s singing gets disparaged partly because the song from Elfen Lied really didn’t fit that series.

  19. >> I also like the way Chiecco Kawabe handles the Ouran OP. She has mad Engrish skillz, especially compared to some seiyuu *cough*AyaHirano*cough* And Kawabe looks cute in a frog suit…

    That’s like saying because Eric Dampier shoots 65% free throws and Shaq only shoots 55% (if that), Dampier is a better player than Shaq.

  20. What! Haruhi is awesome. :

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