strawberry panic 12

Well, then. GJ Strawberry Panic [mirror].

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  1. I knew it men! I knew it men! I knew it men!

    I knew you would post this picture over here! Nice ^_^
    A little of action after 11 episodes of development

    OK, so… whats next?

  2. …Shizuma shizurued Nagisa…

    God, I never thought I’d say that, but I’m so glad I did. I haven’t wanted a sub so bad in my life :(.

  3. I’m waiting for Jason’s comment on SHaruhi’s ’emo-face’. :P Just imagine her screaming, “KYON!”


  4. *dies*

    Well I guess Nagisa finally figured the game out ^_^


  6. oooo… melon-pan… with strawberry lace!?

  7. That combination WINS!!!!

  8. This is very relevant to my interest. Now I’m glad I didn’t drop SP~ =3

  9. My interest to watch Strawberry Panic has now jumped a hundred-fold. Fansubs, here I come!

    Pun not intended. Really!

  10. Oh My GOD!!! Very interesting!!!

  11. I think I’ve found a reason to watch Strawberry Panic! :D

  12. 12 episodes…don’t know if I should cheer or cry…sigh

  13. More melopan plz

  14. I’m shocked…I really don’t know what to say… >.

  15. An underwater kiss ^_^

    I don’t know, but that remainds my about a movie, don’t you agree with me?

    Ok, I hope that Seiren Fansubs make their more at the same pace as a. f. k. with Haruhi ^_^

  16. Way to go Shizuma…woooo \o/

    Glad I was able to watch that before I got transferred…weeeeeeee!! ^^

    wait…come to think of it maybe they’ll show more in the later eps >_

  17. >>…Shizuma shizurued Nagisa…

    Wait wait wait- how did Shizuma shizuru Nagisa? Mr. Shizuma experienced erectile dysfunction, guys. Those screenshots are misleading!

  18. But what’s gonna happen now though i mean, the howl show was leding up to that kiss and I think that Etiole-sama basicly forsing herself on Koi was so friken hot, but…wont that make Koi all freked out and not want to be with her now….I dont know i feel kinda sad now. Etiole-sama was so hot in that back dress though. hehehehe *droooolll*

  19. Well that was suprising soldiering through the previous eps I found myself rooting for Yaya, but wow. Poor Tamao, Shizuma don’t like to share. I hope I don’t get in trouble for this. Let the conflict ensue, this is first Yuri I’ve seen with jealousy and doubt. Poor Miyuki now she can’t run off as a memeber of Shizuma’s harem…

  20. >>this is first Yuri I’ve seen with jealousy and doubt.

    You need to watch way more anime!

  21. That had me falling of my chair.
    Now I have great pain but still I’m happy..

  22. See people, know you know why i’m a lesbian! ;)

  23. Ani-may!! i can totally relate ;) we should have some fun ;)

  24. wow that soounds hot.. we have a have a nagisa x shizuma thing going on!!!

  25. wow lesbians in the house!!

  26. I love Strawberry Panic !!! And it was about time that Shizuma finally got a kiss from Nagisa…I was wondering when she was going to do it, all those other episodes with them almost kissing got me so pissed off because i was screaming half the time “Just KISS her ALREADY” But draging it out actually made it all the more dramatic…sigh I Love this series

  27. Ok, Is Strawberr panic for girls, boysor both. BecauseI’m a girl and I love SP! Whats it rated? I know the manga was rated Teen but whats the anime? I think that Strawberry Panic as well as contiaing quite alot of Yuir also has an elements of Shojo!

  28. name is silvana.i like so much strawberry panic is my anime favourite my e-mail is
    you conecting to me plis. they are beatiful.

  29. hola esta caricatura es una de las mejores que se pueden encontrar en este genero

  30. What episodes did they actually kiss in?

  31. 12 and… I’ll let you watch the rest. =)

    And it’s not just Shizuma and Nagisa. Lotsa girls in this here show, fellas.

  32. man i love this anime yes im a lesbian so don’t fuck with me

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