japanese anime blogging community is superior

While the English anime blogging community brings such hard-hitting posts like this, this, this or even this, the Japanese are running circles around us and actually doing real analysis. I love this meta-empirical ranking of anime. If only I had more free time and didn’t have this XBOX 360… who am I kidding, I’d probably just toss up yet another Keroro Gunso post.

Come on guys… step it up! I want charts, graphs, everything!

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  1. ….that’s a very impressive list. I’m dumbfounded.

  2. That’s Japan for ya!

    I am no good with charts but, any suggestions of what shouid we graph/analyze to raise ourselves to the japanese level?

    I assume that if the series is far away from the zero point it means the popular/mixed/unpopular perception/opinion is greater, right?

    So Ouran Host Club and Aria are right behind Haruhi? I just watch Oharuhi-sama and Higurashi but maybe I’ll take a look at this other two.

  3. …screw lists. Did you see those videos of Utada Hikaru 0wning in Tetris!? OMG.

    Hot girls utterly winning at videogames trumps graphs any day of the week in my book.

  4. All I could say is wow. Damn. Now that’s scientific … the English anime blogging community can do editorials and opinions, but when it comes down to hardboiled facts, there’s always the Japanese blogging community.

  5. Hey now, I drew my own picture for one post header AND I make poorly photoshopped pictures on a regular basis. Japan’s pie graphs and flow charts can’t hold a candle to my artistic prowess.

  6. I’d be interested in seeing exactly what the x and y axes are representing.

    And since when is overanalysis equivalent to superiority?

    Also, Riuva’s got a three-penised winged mango as a mascot. That’s gotta win something for English language anime blogs!

  7. What is this? Simoun > Nana? Severe miscalculation.

  8. That statistical list appears pretty hardcore…but I’d still like to know what those numbers mean. I’m interested to know of their opinions regarding the data they have.

  9. >> What is this? Simoun > Nana? Severe miscalculation.

    That’s like arguing “Whose the better team? The 49ers or the Texans?”

  10. >> I’d be interested in seeing exactly what the x and y axes are representing.

    Y axis is the number of POSITIVE votes, and the X axis is the number of NEGATIVE votes.

    So the shows everyone likes (the two Haruhi shows) end up on the top left, shows that everyone thinks is trash (Air Gear) end up on the bottom right, and shows that nobody knows or bothers to vote for are on the bottom left.

  11. Screw graphs, Utada Hikaru is a monster.

    Nana ≠ Texans. Nana > Amaenaideyo at least, which was pure gimmick.

  12. As far as I can see, with my inadequate Japanese, that first colored graph is just baffling people with footwork and means next to nothing. The vertical axis is average ratings, the horizontal is average enjoyment, I believe. Looks like pseudo-objective presentation of subjective opinions to me. But it would be a life’s work for me to read and understand the whole page, lol, so perhaps there’s more there than I realize.

    [rant]In my opinion, Simoun and SHnY are the best shows on right now, with Nana close behind. So it’s more like the Steelers and the Seahawks. I really don’t get why more people aren’t watching the outstanding Simoun. Maybe because it has real emotions and real relationships in it, as well as the great SF and beautiful mecha? Or is it just that non-trivial shoujo-ai turns off the largely male audience? I do think it’s interesting that the late-night anime with the highest TV ratings (Nana) seems to be of so little interest to the anime “community” in Japan.[/rant]

  13. As I have said repeatedly, whenever an Asian post quotes numbers, check the sources and reference. Too often, they use small biased sample and presents it as if it is general consensus of all population. That said, I lack the sufficient understanding of Japanese to check the veracity of the posts.

  14. Cool, Black Lagoon ranked high, and so did Utawarerumono. :) Surprised by Strawberry Panic’s position in the mixed region. Guess it is not so hated by the general mass after all, yay. :) “Tsubasa Chronicle: Season 2” and “The Third” need more loving. :P

  15. I see Girl’s High ranking pretty well and I call the credibility of that graph into question.

  16. Touche. Though it’s a bit like saying: French avante garde film fandom community is superior to English-speaking French avante garde film fandom community. Perfectly obvious but a good reminder against hubris nonetheless.

  17. If going by X-negative and Y-postive voting, it all makes sense because I like girls high a lot and many don’t. I also like Inukami a lot and many don’t.

    But I really wonder if anyone’ll read through that giant post? I didn’t. I just noted that Rescue Wings ranked very very high there and this obviously proves that Japanese people can appreciate better shows because RW is great. So wooo we worship the Nihonjin.

  18. Haha….
    *Is proudly blogging 2 unpopular series* :D

  19. Stats are one thing, but woo pretty colors. ;)

    The answer to your question is simple 49ers>Texans in my heart at least.

  20. Nice way to organize the stats !

    By investigating(may be too strong a word XD) the source of stats at the credited sites, I would say the votes are quite reliable… but is meant to represents general audience in Japan only.

    Anyway, it is still amazing to see how popular the high ranking Animes are around the globe.

  21. It’s when I read this list that i realized “wow, so much time and money spent making such a vast number of crappy shows”.

  22. Running that webpage through Google’s translation produced a readable page. Not exactly 100% coherent, but readable.

    Google Speak Babel Babel

  23. If the stat sources are credible, I am glad that Solty Rei is given #9 spot in one of the ratings.

  24. HAH! It tickles me to see that Air Gear is so goddamned far into the red. That series is a crap-pot of a waste of time.


  26. *cries for Gintama* How the heck is Tsubasa Chronicle II beating it…

    And why the heck does it say “Digi-Mon”? 0_o

  27. I wonder how they came up with a graph like that…too bad I’m a bit rusty with my japanese. Still, I’m amazed at how they were able to come up with it. I personally would like to see one or two animes near black lagoon and school rumble though.

    I wonder why most of the animes seems to gather at the bottom left of that graph…not too many fans huh? I’d go for few but really good animes than a lot of crappy animes. So maybe animation studios should work more on that.

  28. mmm, that’s a fun plot! I wouldn’t be suprised if there were small sample problems, but my Japanese isn’t good enough to check it out.

    Anyway, I’m usually not one for tooting my own horn, but the discussion from this post finally inspired me to start blogging about anime. After all, nothing says fun like a good graph (occupational hazard, I think)! I’m still building up steam, but it’ll be interesting to see what will come up once I put together a bigger data set, or if numerical analysis will start catching on more ;)

  29. Hmm….sounds like shows with Haruhis are in. Not only that, but Higurashi sounds alot like Haruhi. Hmm….we have a conspiracy on our hands.

  30. >>That’s like arguing “Whose the better team? The 49ers or the Texans?”

    Personal opinion is about as accurate as that graph.

  31. Hello. I come this site because Japanese BBS of linked here.
    This graph was drawn from the investigation of below sites.
    These values are derived from over 200 blogs or personal site.

    And, “見られず調査 mirarezu tyousa”(not seeing investigation) shows that many Japanese people
    cannot watch the anime programs because of geometorical or environmental causes,
    though many non-Japanese otakus believe that “All japanese people can watch
    all of anime program everyday without cost”.
    Almost new anime programs are broadcasted on only urban TV broadcast group.
    Non-urban people cannot watch new anime programs simultaneously, and they
    must wait the release of DVD for some monthes.
    And some programs are broadcasted with charge.

  32. Checked some of it out, seems a bit ambiguous … but hey, I’d love to have some of those blogwriters on my staff. We need bloggers/writers/reviewers as it is.

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