why, or why not?

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More Engrish! More killer lolis! More fun!

7 Responses to “why, or why not?”

  1. Engrish is God lol I thank you for taking your time and uploading the ED Single. I absolutely love this thanks again!

    -Jason I-

  2. I love engrish, thanks!

  3. My happyness set sail, shank you bery much
    It’s a beaitufl song, regardless of her accent.

  4. Is anyone else creeped out by the last 30 seconds of this song? I love that preview tune!

  5. So damn good! This song…

    Shimatta! Just watched episode 13 thnaks to wind…

    Crappy… very crappy… I want to hear whatdo you have to say Jason

  6. episode 13…
    I have to say, this ac has been the WORSt by far.
    Did the producers even think twice about how stupid K1 is?
    It pains me to say…


    LMAO @ Engrish… wind who just changed their lyrics for the ED after this ED release.. LMAO the previous lyrics make more sense than the real ones….

    random: ah im really starting to hate the lack of testosterone in the main character… otherwise its a perfect thriller manga…. XD

  7. Yep, good old Engrish. Can’t live with it but can’t live without it. >_O

    Thanks for the single, been looking all over for it.

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