wallpapers of higurashi no naku koro ni

Now with 200% more Sonozaki goodness. Happy Birthday America. Enjoy.

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  1. Love the Engrish in the 5th one.

    And where’s your summary for the fifth Tatari-goroshi-hen ep? Not enough killer lolis for you? lolol

  2. You´re the man now, dog!

  3. Happy July 4th USA ^^
    And thnak you for the walls

  4. Oh how I long for satoko to take me in the night like a major gas disaster. To push me over the edge like from a bridge that is clearly designed to make such a thing impossible. To strap me down and nail me like a crazed Sonozaki.

  5. Can’t wait for the new arc ^_^, will this be the last question arc?

  6. i doubt so , i think we will have two more question arc , then the final ark

  7. They are sister / Such as good friends!
    They make me violate them / no matter who they are
    Why or why not/ come play anywhere to live
    English / Engrish

  8. Just found out about next episode for Higurashi. I don’t know much, but I’ll say this: FOUR WORDS…..MION AND SHION’S MOTHER ;)

  9. I love the second to the last wall. so cute. Thanks for the wallpapers. Happy 4th of July…^^

  10. We need bloodier Higurashi wallpapers otherwise it just kills the mood kthx.

  11. I ♥ Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni!!

    Rika’s wallpaper looks cool!


    Thank You!

  12. Random Thread Necromancy:

    Higurashi Rie is coming in February (OVA) with something I think Jason has long awaited….A real Swimsuit episode.

    Now all those fanservice posters will have some truth behind them.

    Rena in a yellow bikini and Mion in a Chinese dress looking two piece swimsuit. Mmmmm. Takano in a French cross-over swimsuit and possible Shion as a lifeguard…..

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