lost in the woods

I’m back from my vacation. The mosquitos actually weren’t bad (DEET keeps them away), but the sand flies… man, ouch! They hurt! Hope everyone enjoyed the pre-planned posts… I haven’t watched anime in well over a week now… which spawns the new poll question: how long could you go without watching any anime? 1 week? 1 month? 1 year? (Yes, semi-inspired by the Seinfeld-inspired contest running on TT.)

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  1. I-I wouldn’t know. My anime watching comes and goes, although the discovery of BitTorrent probably ruined me for life. :P Prior to BitTorrent, the only way I could watch anime was to,

    a) Buy the VCDs and lament the poor quality
    b) Pray to the powers be that they show a good series on TV( last one was… Last Exile, last year)
    c) Marathon a series on CableTV at my friend’s house
    d) Borrow VCDs/DVDs from friends

    DVDs were only bought if I felt that the series warranted the purchase( the general rule of thumb being, would I want to rewatch it again and again?).

    After I started using BitTorrent however, I could indulge in whatever the current fad/hit was, and make better decisions on my DVD purchasing. Moreover, I no longer needed to torment myself with VCDs, saving me money which I could then spend on more DVDs instead. :)

  2. I have a bad habit… if there’s nothing new, I rewatch an old episode. i’d vote less than a day =X

  3. Welcome back! You have a lot of catch up to do! (I don’t want that to sound like an order, it’s just that it’s been too long!)

    Anyway, thanks to the 24 hrs. of Anime from Animax Latin America (which shows uncensored original anime) and the magic of Internet, I think my no-anime tolerance has been reduced to merely hours!

  4. It’d depend on the circumstances for me. If I have access to something and I’m bored I’ll probably watch something no matter what, but on a trip or anything I’d be perfectly fine for however long. Or if I am just unable to watch stuff… I’d be fine. Unless… it’s Higurashi that is.

  5. I could go for maybe a couple of weeks. I went an entire month without the internet and that’s like 1000 times as bad. D:

    I probably end up drawing a manga during the time I don’t have anime.

  6. The concept of no anime to watch computes in my brain with the same result as division of any integer to zero.

  7. I went 3 months once without internet.

    I don’t like talking about it.

  8. About 6 or 7 weeks ago, I gave up on all the spring series except for Haruhi and Utawaremono. Got sick of all the stuff out right now. Plus with the lull in subs for the summer season, I’m down to about 1-2 episodes per week.

  9. Well, since starting to get increasinly interested in anime (meaning in the last two or three months), I had to go without for 8 days, just a couple of weeks ago.

    My stupid 128mb graphics card died and I had no clue what the problem was and my dad didn’t really care for getting it fixed quickly since he always complains about me using the computer a lot… anyway now I’m stuck with a 64mb card but at least I can watch anime again. ^^ I was bored to hell during those eight days…

    Since my mobile broke about 6 months ago I’ve always used msn to contact friends and thus I had no good way to contact them in order to sort something out that didn’t involve compuers, TV, etc. with them in order ease my boredom. I really need to order some of my favourite anime on dvd or buy loads of blank discs and burn them… in case something similar happens again.

    /end of rant

  10. Cape May has a huge mosquito problem it does not help that the Company commanders have a whole bag of tricks to attract them as well. Well My next “vacation” to San Pedro will be in a bout a week, at least we get our own hotels rooms since the barracks is full. I take it that you had fun and a nice tent, last time I went camping I had two 6 hour watches in the lovely woods of North Carolina in the bloody summer. Humidity sucks when you have full battle rattle. I hope you had fun, all I had was a full range and greandes for about 2 days. My FSC took all my blanks… :(

    Well I planned on having anime dry spells when I signed that contract and I have been maintianing a deployment stockpile of anime for some time now. It also really helps that the US Air Force has a bunch of portable hard drives for cheap. I also got really chumy with a shop owner in Chinatown who sells me older series at a discount.

  11. 1 week would be the max for me. After that I just go insane and will probably do just about anything to get my hands on some anime.

    Weebee btw…^^

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