evanescence of meido power rankings™

After half a year, it’s finally back. Meido Power Rankings™ return to AoMM. Quite a bit has happened the past few months, and the rankings have undergone quite a shakeup.


New to this list: grades. Meido are graded by (1) moe (2) meido talent and (3) combat abilities. S is the best, F is the worst, so a grade of (C, B, A) would be C for moe, B for meido talent, and A for combat abilities. While a guide, grades are not the basis used for ranking. Remember, this is a power ranking… so rank corresponds to position in the consciousness.

Meido Power Rankings

  1. NEW: Mikuru (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya): Ends the Hanaukyo triplets reign on top. The thought of Meido-Nurse-Bunny Girl-School Girl-Time Traveler-Frog-Cowering-Terrified-Swimsuit-All Woman-Space Captain-Yakisoba Waitress-Combat Waitress makes me happy. Mi-Mi-Mi-Mikuru-Mikuru-run! (S, A-, D-)
  2. UP: Mad Dog (Black Lagoon): The invincible chambermaid. Yes, I’m terrified of her, so I’m giving her the biggest jump in Meido Power Rankings™ history to the twospot. While she isn’t very moe or very good at meido tasks, she’s pretty much the top human meido assassin– I think Mad Dog will eviscerate Tachibana. I don’t think Tach can go toe-to-toe with Levy… and sucker punch her. (D, D, S)
  3. Lemon, Maron, and Melon (Hanaukyo): Settles in the threespot, which seems appropriate since there’s three of them. I know I keep asking this, but does anyone know if we’ll ever see another English volume of HMT now that Studio Ironcat went bankrupt? (A+, D, D-)
  4. Hisui and Kohaku (Tsukihime): FSN failed to bring us any meido fanservice. Either Type Moon is slipping, or they’re developing the “We’re Gainax! We’re invincible MUHAHAHA!” mentality. In other words, expect more overhyped crap from them in the future. (B+, A, B)
  5. Wilhemina (Shakugan no Shana): Since I don’t see a reason to change her blurb, I’m just going to recycle part of the item from last time! Good times! Let’s see… ample curves, talking bonnet, looked smoking hawt in that costume from the middle ages, got Shana addicted to melon bread… ok, that’s it. She’s the best non-triplet/non-twin/non-costume-raped meido out there, nevermind that she can’t seem to cook. If there were a “most need to be involved in a fanservice beach episode” power rankings, Shakugan no Shana would be #2 behind Higurashi. (B, C, A)
  6. NEW: Ayumi (Magikano): I hated Magikano’s “reset” ending. Just hated it. I wish they’d kill of Haruo. Guy brings nothing to the table and is excruciating to watch. Still, Ayumi was reason enough to watch the series… slightly insane, slightly emo, and slight horny. Good combo for both hilarity and fanservice. Plus, she sings the almost pantheon-level OP, Motto!. (B, C+, B+)
  7. Yoriko (Da Capo): Didn’t even get a cameo on DCSS. Instead, we get Misaki, who I thought was glued on that swing until Nemu’s wedding. I’m happy though knowing that Asakura is taken by Nemu… frees up Yoriko. (A, C-, D-)
  8. UP: Mahoro (Mahoromatic): Picked up volume 8 of the manga… I still can’t believe the ending, but at least it’s fleshed out better. It’s one of those series that I would have preferred not to end… also I think this was Gainax’s last above average series. Warrents mentioning. “Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu.” (B+, A+, A-)
  9. UP: Maria (Hayate): the “new” Mariel. I feel it… Hayate is going to become an anime soon. Now if we can only convince Kyoto Animation (or at least Bones) to work on it and include plenty of Maria fanservice. (B, A, C-)
  10. Mariel (Hanaukyo): I still think she was one of Rie Tanaka’s better roles. (B+, A+, Unknown)
  11. UP: Jiiya (Sister Princess): Cut and pasted for the nth time… she is the omega, from which all fanboy meido rantings hath wrought. (B-, A+, D-)
  12. Tachibana (Mahoraba): Now that Kozue and Shiratori have produced offspring, and can we get a Tachibana spin-off? She could join Section 9… Tachibana in a Tachikoma! Yes, recycled joke… good times! (B-, A, A)
  13. NEW: Mori (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya): Obi-wan to Mikuru’s Luke? (B-, B, D-)
  14. Media (Pani Poni Dash): Apparently sucks at bomb defusal. She’s pure evil. Evilest meido on this list. (B-, C-, C)
  15. NEW: Rika (Magikano): Needs to take assertiveness training classes. Used too much in the idiot plot stories for Magikano. (B, C, B+)
  16. DOWN: Hazuki, Elfriede, Art, Kaoru, and Hikaru. (Tsukuyomi Moon Phase): episode 26 was a low point. Still, I miss Hazuki and her nekomimi. (B+, B, B)
  17. Mitsuiki, Izumi, and Anna (He Is My Master): I can’t believe how bad and forumlatic Gainax has gotten. It’s like turning the TV to The Late Show and finding a non-funny David Letterman. I can only imagine the 17 year old anime fans today, “Really? This Gainax made Evangelion?” I will scrape off my skin with a potato peeler. (A-, D, B)
  18. Lilica (Girls Bravo): My second favorite Girls Bravo character. (C, C, B+)
  19. Noel and Farin (Nanoha): Recycled again… they’re sisters, right? If somehow they combined these two with Aria and Lotte, there might actually be a challenge to the triplets for the top spot. The greatest failure of A’s was not giving these two more screentime. The second greatest failure of A’s would be if there’s no third season. The third greatest failure is if they don’t get Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate involved in some sort of Hare Hare Yukai dance. (B, B, D-)
  20. Sanada (UFO Princess Warukyure)
  21. Taeko (Ai Yori Aoshi)
  22. Yukizaki (Chobits)
  23. Multi (To Heart)
  24. Moi-Moi-san (Moi-Moi-san)
  25. Yumi (Mai Hime)
  26. OS-tan (Troubled Windows): Firefox-tan 4tw.
  27. Sunahime (Heaven’s Prisoner)
  28. Runa, Mitsuki, etc. (Gravion)
  29. NEW: Aoi (Mai Otome): There’s idiot plots, then there’s Sunrise plots. (D, C, F)
  30. NEW: Bel (Hare + Guu): Least moe meido this list. A disgrace, really. (F, D-, D)
  31. Florette (Chrno Crusade)
  32. Kazusa (Moekko Company)
  33. May/Mai (Hand Maid May/Mai): Worst. Meido. Anime. Ever.

(Meta: I went from posting pics of the scantily clad Mai Otome cast to an un-fun 2,000 word rant on sex in anime, to this power ranking. Very unpredictable.)

20 Responses to “evanescence of meido power rankings™”

  1. There’s also Mea from Popotan. She’s not really very cute; she’s a very good maid, and she’s got pretty good combat abilities (though not remotely in Mahoro’s league).

    And how about Kurumi from “Steel Angel Kurumi”? Extremely cute (though brainless), probably a lousy maid, and combat power comparable to Mahoro.

  2. I feel I object to Mad Dog’s position there, also to her S rank in combat ability.

  3. Exactly where is Elenor Baker (from Madlax) on the list? You exclusion of her is depressing.

  4. “I think this was Gainax’s last above average series.”
    “I can’t believe how bad and forumlatic Gainax has gotten.”

    You haven’t seen Gunbuster 2, have you? ;)

  5. Have some more Mikururun

  6. Ok, I wanted to post this pic




    good list, i agree with mikuru holding the #1 spot, may her reign be long and proud :)

  8. #6:
    Oh, to be in the middle of that….

  9. Mad Dog would’ve gotten a F, F, A in my ranking…

  10. >>I can only imagine the 17 year old anime fans today, “Really? This Gainax made Evangelion?”

    Eh, but I’m 17. And I knew that and saw Eva when I was 12 or so.

    Mikuru sure does qualify for number one though… I want to cosplay her one day but there are so many cute outfits to choose from. I’m really partial to Yakisoba Waitress though…

  11. Hey! I demand Magical Maid Koyori at least gets a mention.

    Inumimi plus magical plus maid. How can she lose?

  12. I nominate Zero from G_On Riders!

  13. Haruhi 14 post must be something special for it not to have shown up by now :D

  14. Just my twin pennies:

    Lilica (Girls Bravo)
    Lilica? #18? I think Lilica should get a better ranking than that, seeing as how:
    -She’s got THE hotness a maid should normally have (Reserved, not too happless or eccentric)
    -She’ll do ANYTHING to serve ^______^
    -she’s scarily invincible in that wrestling ep

    But I guess it’s just the fact that there are no more Girls Bravo out, ne?
    I’d tap her a (BSA)

    Mad Dog (Black Lagoon)
    Mad Dog: Although the anime is based on “realism” (whatever “realism” is in an anime,) she’s a vicious Meido fighter, but if she ever had a clash against someone like Mahoro, I think I don’t even need to mention the outcome. I’d give Sawamura–er, “her” a (D-BA)

    (Then again, I’m pretty much arguing against a seasoned Meido Master. Dang.)

    Mahoro (Mahoromatic)
    Speaking of Mahoro, I’m pretty satisfied with her Meido Ranking, since her series is no more. I’d get her (ASS)


  15. What happened to Emma of Victorian Romance Emma? Traditional maid, she may be, but she still deserves a spot on this for being the star of a story focused on the maid, doesn’t she? Even if it’s a low spot?

  16. #12:
    Zero 4tw!!!!

  17. >>The third greatest failure is if they don’t get Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate involved in some sort of Hare Hare Yukai dance.

    LOL, I can just imagine how awesome that would be. I wish someone with brilliant animation skills could try to pull this off or it could be done as an extra for some kind of OVA before the six year later preview. ^^

  18. Mori should be B- B B+ (won’t show til book 7)

  19. Hello, my name is Alex, i’m a newbie here. I really do like your resource and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!

  20. your list is missing one of the sexiest maids of all time… Magial Maid Koyori Kukubunji from Nurse Witch Komugi. She is the reason why I ever became obsessed with maids in the first time… her credit is due!!!

    otherwise, nice list. Mikuru FTW!!

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