quickie keroro movie notes

First, Powered Natsumi returns. Check out the other trailer for the movie.

Second, there’s going to be a second movie. Good times.

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  1. Never really got into the series. Seeing they made a movie of it, it must be good. I might check it out after I’m done rewatching the epsidoes of Suzumiya Haruhi. xD

  2. do you know how many episodes are there going to be?

    I know from the broadcasting schedule that there’s going to be 120 at the very least

    is the manga still running?

  3. BOTH the manga and the anime’s still running. And with the anime I think there’s still at least 96 more episodes (it’s currently at 117).
    I’d say there isn’t a particular quality of Keroro Gunso that could be considered outstanding, but overall it is a very laid back and throughly enjoyable series.
    I’ve been looking everywhere for a good vid of the movie…hopefully the Doremi guys will pick up the fansubs for it.

  4. Seeing as how Doremi’s up to episode 35 so far, and released a translated trailer, I don’t think doing the movie is out of the question.

  5. Volume 13 of the manga goes on sale this month.

  6. ?!

  7. Need Bittorrent Now… For a seond there I thought Giroro had Dooku’s Lightsaber. Curse the lack of broadband in my neighborhood, the next pay check better be big and that next one better have SF BAH. No anime make me something, something.

  8. I just ran through Tokyopop’s translation of Vol 11.. and can’t wait for 13. Or, for that matter, someone to sub Keroro 38… :D I absolutely LOVE this series, if only because it really can’t take itself seriously, and the Gundam references show that Sunrise really can actually do a good Gundam series… sometimes, and only through parody.

    Crusader: Giroro occasionally has had a Beam Saber in the manga – another Gundam reference. Of course, given that he’s carried the traditional Mobile Suit Gundam Beam Rifle quite a bit (look at the Dentist ep in the manga and the TV series), this isn’t all that surprising.

  9. I suddenly realised, why aren’t you posting on NHK yet?, i thought you’d be all over that.

  10. ok this is totaly off topic but who has the link for a website were they find there images its a uge pic post site and i think starts with dou , i lost my bookmarks from firefox and i am dieing to find it again i am going nuts!

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