wild spice

I didn’t realize that it was Masami Okui who sang this OP… she’s the Danny Glover (as in servicable actor, not as aspiring politician) of anime jpop. Even though she has many great anime songs under her belt, I’ve always enjoyed the alternate versions of her more famous songs more. For example, I preferred the Eva Girls’ Choir version of Cruel Angel’s Thesis and also the La-La-La version of Rinbu Revolution. Both are pantheon-class songs, whomever sings them.

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  1. >>>I didn’t realize that it was Masami Okui who sang this OP…

    Neither did I, but the song got into my head real quick. Utena’s “Rinbu Revolution” and Eretzvaju’s “Kiss in the Dark” are of her best anime/video game colaborations.

    Thanks for song; I was going to ask you for it, but I thought, “hey, he probably doesn’t even care that much Okui-san”. I was wrong!

  2. Cruel Angel’s Thesis is by Yoko Takahashi. Masami only did a cover six years later.

  3. Her songs from Digi Charat, Slayers and Jungle de Ikou are some of my all time favorites ^^ Seems she also did music for Ray The Animation (don’t watch it)
    I completely agree that the version of the EVA OP by the three seiyuus is the best. 3 great seiyuus can be better than one great singer I guess. (The original really is by Yoko Takahashi)

  4. Eek! My bad… I’ll add it to my list… never blog when drunk, stoned, high, heatstroked, after watching a Will Ferrel movie, or watching Strawberry Panic 19.

  5. I wub makkun, but she’s no Danny Glover. She’s… Super Danny Glover. The thing is while she has been around for a while, she continutes to contribute to her industry in so many ways–artist, backup singer, concert promoter, producer, record lable, what have you–I think as an anime music fan my world is enriched by her efforts more than merely how being her fan would.

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