muteki kanban musume 5

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t.”

Funniest Moments


1. The facial contortion contest. Come ‘on… this is AoMM… whatcha expect? Shakespeare?

(I liked the slight twist at the end. I’m not going to give away the winner.)


2. After the winner wins the piggy doll in the facial contortion contest, the winner watches TV with it… and it shows a cooked pig with the winner looking at the piggy. Classic.


3. Miki’s room. Man, they must be poor if they can’t afford a TV. Miki plays with concrete blocks?!? And she doesn’t seem to have a cell phone… what 18-ish girl in modern Japan doesn’t have a cell phone?

(Bonus funny moment: when she goes out but instinctively changes into her ramen battle outfit. Kudos to Muteki Kanban Musume for outfiting the girls in more varied outfits than Higurashi thus far. Speaking of which…)


4. “When shall we three meet again / In thunder, lightning, or in rain?” If the piggy or K1 dies, it’s only because the girls loved them too much.

(We need a “Muri!” “Naze?” “Muri da muri dayou!” “Naze!?!” scene between Louise and Henrietta for Zero no Tsukaima… with Siesta concurrently seducing Saito elsewhere while those two girls are arguing. If that happened, I may come out of my shock.)


5. “So wise so young, they say do never live long.” The battle royale was great– just random characters popping in to add to the confusion, and I loved ~nya’s Red Ranger speech for Ohta. Classic. That’s like giving San Jose State a pep talk before they square off against UCLA.


6. “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Megumi and Miki’s fight for Piggy version 1. Lots of good emo facial distortion and a fairly decent (abiet one-sided, as usual) fight between the two. Notice how terrified that the store clerk was.


7. “A rescue! a rescue!” Ohta trying to save the girls… to poor results. I know, I know… it’s Miki and Megumi so we should have seen this coming, but it still made me laugh. The best part of everyone being inexplicably trapped in that closed space has to be shots of Miki’s mom looking like Natsumi finding out that Keroro skipped out on washing the dishes.


8. “Here stand I lady, dart thy skill at me.” The inability to find anything Miki’s bad at. What about… I dunno… tossing darts? Calculus? Tekken 5? Facial distortion contest is the best they can come up with? Haven’t they seen Miki battle it out before? She’s getting her own wing at the emo facial distortion pantheon.

13 Responses to “muteki kanban musume 5”

  1. My favourite part of this episode,

    “Even If Your Skull Splits,
    You Might Not Die.”


  2. Also, how did Miki’s mother metamorphize from this, into the tank that she is today?


  3. Time and lots of ramen, of course.

  4. sensei still rocks

  5. > Come ‘on… this is AoMM… whatcha expect? Shakespeare?

    Well, Shakespeare wasn’t exactly high literature back in the day…

  6. I have decided that this is far more entertaining than even Haruhi. All it needs is a loli or two, a moe girl with a large bust that lets Miki have her way with her and a rock concert and I’m sure the fanboys will just start rolling in. ^^

  7. It’s popcorn – and delivers what you expect on a consistent basis; no surprise twists, no high brow conspiracies, no nothing.

    And the fights are awesomely cartoonish. It’s kind of like Ranma 1/2 but without the “romantic” part of the romantic comedy. Though if Megumi and Miki suddenly realize their misguided sexual attraction that has been channeled into aggression… ^_-

  8. I can tell I like MKM because each time I can’t wait for the next episode; next one in particular, because Miki is getting roses!

    Even tho, not many people have noticed Miki and the gang; very few people is watching this show. What could be the reason?

    Anyway, is anyone else humming WILD SPICE? :p

  9. I’m still getting over my Eva hangover, but…who else thinks that Miki playing with concrete blocks looks a bit like a certain red headed German broad?

  10. Miki’s mom was pretty hot in the flashback scenes

  11. Kayahara’s neverending cycle of intimidating levels of depression is the best. Huddling in that hole while the entire gang sits KOed in the middle of an urban deathtrap… great.

  12. >> Also, how did Miki’s mother metamorphize from this, into the tank that she is today?

    I say keep her away from Aki and Chigusa in case if it is contagious.

    >> I have decided that this is far more entertaining than even Haruhi.

    Mark, I’m assuming that you’re heatstroked or something when you wrote that. That’s like saying, “I have Chad Johnson ranked #1 in my Fantasy Football mock draft.”

    >> Well, Shakespeare wasn’t exactly high literature back in the day…

    If only “How big was your haruhigasm this week?” was comparable to “To be or not to be?”

  13. Actually, Miki reminds me of Asuka every week, minus the minimal levels of sanity Asuka demonstrated on occasion. Also… is anyone else disturbed by the fact that Miki’s mother looks like Miki does now? You do know what they say about the mother looking like how the daughter will 30 years from now…

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