black lagoon second barrage details

One of my favorite anime news sites, Anime News Service, is back, and they have details for Black Lagoon season 2:

BLACK LAGOON The Second Barrage is set to begin broadcast this fall. The plot of the sequel TV series will cover the “Bloodsports Fairytale”, “Greenback Jane” and “Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise” story arcs originally appearing in the manga. More info is expected in the October issue of Monthly Sunday GX on sale September 19th.

Hansel and Gretel are bloodshed.

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  1. Sweeet. Am I the ONLY person who thinks that Gretel looks kinda like a grown-up version of Anju from Karin, though?

  2. Well its something to look forward to this fall. Besides I could use something to scrub my mind after a feint in to Kanon.

    I agree with Haesslich, its like Anju grew up and got a HMG.

  3. Something to look forward to this fall.

  4. I’ve also heard Gretel compared to ‘Suigintou with a machinegun’… but at the same time, given Anju’s penchant for dolls, I suspect that Suigintou, sometime after the events of the manga and the anime, ended up in Anju’s collection – they seem very compatible in some ways.

    Heck of a cute killer, though – even if she’s a little psycho. Damn that Higurashi Shion/Mion/Satoko programming.

  5. I am so happy right now! Now if only I don’t end up dying of this stupid cold before it comes out!

    Looks like the poor dude’s bar gets destroyed again. Oh Black Lagoon, how I miss thee!

  6. Awesome, they are going to animate the yakuza arc!

  7. ACK! What’s with The Shining-esque ending with those two? “Come play with us Remy.. forever and ever and ever…”

    Oh I’m gonna like Hansel and Gretel. Ohohohoho.

  8. mmm so basicly it finished manga vol 5 and filled holes left by season 1

    consider the amount of content, i’d say it’s single season again ; ;

  9. Awesome to the max

    If it IS just a repeat of season one, that’ll still be better than the vast majority.

  10. Eh, I’m looking for the Black Lagoon manga and all I can find is akatsuki manga’s translations up to the end of vol. 2. Anyone know where one can find the rest of it, translated?

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