Robot Gossip reports that Robo Garage has built a scale model (check out the vids, but I’m disappointed that they didn’t toss out a “Shousa!”) of Stand Alone Complex‘s infamous, loveable, and existentialist tachikomas. They move and talk like their animated brethren. Now if I can only get my own 1:1 scale model of Mikuru…

8 Responses to “ta-chi-ko-ma-kun!”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how much technology can continue to evolve. If they can make such convincing replicas I can only imagine what DoD has hidden away, maybe a real tachikoma…

  2. Yeah Crusader, only without the Nihilist IA and, of course, without the abilities to crush a nuclear missile with a sattelite. That’s basic stuff for SaC.

  3. No rolling on wheels?

  4. I thnk the ability to sing (in chorus) in eastern-euopean harmonic style is crucial to the performance of a Tachikoma. For now, though, I’d settle for a flock of scale models that, when I clap my hands, answer in a chorus of “Haaaiiiiiiiii!!!”

  5. Hatehatehate the Tachikoma voice actors. They need to die.

  6. There’s only one Tachikoma voice actress. And, I think an armored tank with the personality of a nine-year-old boy works really well.

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