muteki kanban musume 8

Otaku fanboy delusion fantasies are fearsome.

(Needless to say, I enjoyed this episode thoroughly. Mmm… speaking of fantasies, where’s the Hell’s Bunny Classic x Hell’s Bunny Megumi symmetrical docking?)

New Characters

Hell’s Bunny, Winning Hearts Everywhere

Muteki Kanban Musume is just a fun series, and the inclusion of the newest character, Hell’s Bunny, is just pure genius. Besides prancing around in the sexist bunny girl outfit this side of North High, she’s not just over-the-top… she brings out an even higher gear for Miki, Megumi, and Ohta.

Just. Plain. Ridiculous. (But in a very good way.)

Yep, Ohta isn’t just a normal narrator. He’s a fanboy with his own dark demons to slay. (Though, for this fanboy, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with obsessing over a fetish character… I’m 100% for meido, bunny girls, and twincest. I think that’s part of the fun of anime. You just don’t get characters like Hell’s Bunny or Zero Louise on American sitcoms.)

Yep, Megumi never seems to think out her plans fully. (Though I loved her cosplay. A. To get an A+, we need Miki costume raping her.)

Yep, Miki will never change. (Though for a second, I was afraid that this episode would go by without a classic Miki being Miki moment. Whew!)

Reasons to Bow to Hell’s Bunny


Bunny girls are moe, and the quasi-ridiculousness coupled with the hawtness makes Hell’s Bunny’s outfit stand out even more. It’s kinda like how God Knows Haruhi is a blend of her thigh meat, her supple jrock stylings, and her デレデレ. Well, Hell’s Bunny is more like a soft tortilla of sexuality wrapped around beans, carnitas, salsa, win, and plenty of emo.

(Of course, I liked how the outfit resembles a literally gutted bunny. Fits Muteki Kanban Musume like a slinky black dress. Definitely noticed that the paws hug the hip area…)


Hell’s Bunny Megumi. Best. Cosplay. Ever. Ayu, Nayuki, and Yuuichi need to re-enact that famous Fate/Stay Night game scene to overcome Megumi’s Hell’s Bunny.


Hell’s Bunny Megumi emo facial distortion. This show has everything. (Except sharks with lasers, but I’m sure that’s coming soon.)


Fantastic imagery. Where else can you get a ramen-serving emo clown choking a baker making a Raggedy Anne face in a bunny girl outfit cosplaying as a fetish character on Mightin’ Morphin’ Power Rangers?


(This show has the most interesting facial distortions and poses that I’ve recently. Sunrise should definitely be taking notes for their next Gundam project.)


Bunny Girl Ohta. Man-Faye and Man-Haruhi, eat your hearts out.


The internal fanboy battle between Pro-Bunny Ohta and Pro-Star Ranger Ohta is a silly debate. Since when do guys in spandex rank higher than hawt blonde in a bunny suit for any traditional male? It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m not watching Mai Hime for the Shizuru x Natsuki scenes but for the deep, spiritual romance between Mai and Tate.” Basically, you’re not fooling us. We have eyes and hormones too.


Miki needs attention. I liked how Miki got pissed that Megumi was acting like it was her show and decided to knock her out. Only Takeru (is it the same one who dies on Full Moon o Sagashite?) isn’t there for Miki. Oops. She did it again.


Miki was kinda having an off-episode deferring to Ohta’s delusional fanboy fantasies (I have at least six a day, so I can empathize), but fortunately she eventually returns to form when she can’t bear seeing Megumi the center of attention. Emo Clown Miki 4tw.

(BTW, anyone else notice that the characters on this series go through more costumes than the Higurashi cast? I demand Bunny Girl Ooishi Rena!)


Starlight Breaker! Knee!

(Very impressed that an actress was capable of stopping Miki’s attack. Just shows how wussy Kankuro is.)


Speaking of which, nya-dude should just undergo that operation and get it over with. He lost his manhood years ago. Let’s just make it official.


Lastly, the real Hell’s Bunny and Pink Ranger turn out to be Eri and Ichijou moonlighting from School Rumble

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  1. First

    I am cool.

    Oh shut up, you.

  2. > Fantastic imagery. Where else can you get a ramen-serving
    > emo clown choking a baker making a Raggedy Anne face in a
    > bunny girl outfit cosplaying as a fetish character on
    > Mightin’ Morphin’ Power Rangers?


    Now that you put it this way ^_^

    Oh, one more thing. The screencap below that is… er… well… *cough*

    How do you manage to NOTICE stuff like that?

  3. Kudos for the sexual innuendo of Hell’s Bunny outfit… and Megumi just looks twice as cute in it. I really hope we can watch a real Miki vs. Hell’s Bunny deathmatch.

    (Loved the “Rangers from previous shows come to the rescue” gag!)

  4. Yeah, I see you finally got to it. But seriously… Hell’s Bunny is win and gold, especially when she ends up following the Megumi-cosplaying-as-her story about the second half of the episode. Great figure, and she evidently has SOME fighting skills, unlike her pink-suited partner.

    Well, up until said partner started cribbing notes from Miki’s combat rulebook. :D Now we just need some full-body shots of both Hell’s Bunny and Megumi-cosplaying, since that suit FITS her like a glove… thankfully.

  5. “That scene is F/SN…” eh? Would the Kanon one involve Nayuki frenching Ayu followed up by Yuuichi ‘entering’ her and being eaten by a giant horribly animated CG tayaki?

    Worst coverup for a threesome ever.

  6. Megumi really does a good turn in the Hell’s Bunny costume. Makes me wonder if our beloved Kanban Musume-tachi would ever get cameos on Star Rangers.

    After all the only difference I can detect between the two is that the “real” Hell’s Bunny has a slightly more angular face, Miki-level skills and a slightly bigger bust.

  7. I saw all the same things, but somehow accents felt all different. I do not care for the facial distortion all that much, althogh it’s nice. But the raw strength of H.B. and her mallet really surprised me. Did you see that she was holding the handle with thumb inside and yet able to absorb Miki’s strike? I made errors like that before and ended with stuff impacting my eyebrows to hilarious consequences. I only regret that Megumi did not get to see her in action and thus obtain a new goal in life.

    Pink ranger being pink is rather significant too, don’t you think? She is H.B. sidekick IRL, and maybe even more than that. So, the creators of the show left Megumi free for our fantasies. Isn’t it kind of them!

  8. Hell’s Bunny sequences were awesome and emo clown Miki’s after image scene made me really laugh out loud. The nostalgic sentai battle music was also great. Personally I was surprised when some of the Star Ranger cast were suddenly showed up as real people vs the archetypical characters they portrayed on TV.

    That being said, I thought plainclothes Pink Star was pretty hot and enjoyed her struggling with H.B. ‘s hand over her mouth.

  9. It will take a while before i have gotten the image of Ohta’s bunny girl suit out of my mind. Well at least the cast is switching outfits.

  10. Best. Power Ranger. Parody. Ever.

    They got it all: the over-dramatic Engrish-laden music (Su-taalight! Su-taalight!), the color-matching street clothes, the Hawt evil lieutenant (anybody remember Scorpina? Yummm…), the appearance of the cheesy previous series Rangers, the goofy attack names, Pinku Ranger’s ever-present lack of offensive power, the cheesy dialogue, and of course, the perfectly framed “Giant Monster Form!!” (best bit in the episode, IMHO). And they still managed to carry over all of the main characters’ individuality, even when role-playing. Absolutely beautifully done.

    Only complaint is that there wasn’t enough (any actually) Mama Onimaru in the episode. A mental image of her as the Main Bad Guy (complete with goofy Rita Repulsa-esque outfit and foreboding background) would have put this episode firmly in the Cowboy Bebop #5 or FMA #25 category. (jk)

    Oh, and while Siesta may be love, Hell’s Bunny-sama is lust.

  11. I’m guessing that whole episode sums up my rather bad addiction to anime.
    It like peering into an alternate reality you never imagined existing 10 years ago.
    Lucky us.

  12. By the way, who here thought the Sailor Moon parody was a bit TOO obvious as well?

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