zero no tsukaima 9

Regression to the mean.


The love potion’s effects are in full force, and it turned the Pink Haired Zero Magic Mage into a Pink Haired Zero Magic Ball of Jealously. Not only that, the potion will work for months. Louise just sinks her claws into Saito and just doesn’t let go. Saito, in the meanwhile, is just overwhelmed with this development. He reminds me of Alex Smith running the 49er’s offense… bad times.

“I don’t want you to go!” (“… I’m so horny!”)

“I’m just going to do some laundry!” (“… And get the fuck away from you, psycho-loli!”)

“Liar! You’re going to meet another girl!” (“… And won’t invite me for the trifecta!”)


While in a lovy-dovy embrace (Louise is providing more than enough love for the two of them, Saito looks disgusted crossed with resignation), Siesta wanders in on them.

“You were going out to meet with another girl!”

(Translation: If I don’t have the skill set nor the body to ruin you for other women, I better just keep tossing tantrums.)

“Isn’t it obvious that she was just walking by?”

(Translation: … because I know her laundry schedule, I plan my accordingly.)

“I love you so much, but, Saito, you’re a baka! Baka! Baka! Baka!” (Translation: Baka! Baka! Baka!)

Meanwhile, Siesta is starting to lose it herself. Unlike Louise, she’s a lot more composed, but she’s definitely angry. Louise, though, is just tossing out vicious looks at Siesta like an animal claiming her prey. If this were Melrose Place, they’d be having a catfight that ends in the pool.

“It’s not what you think! There’s an explaination for why this loli is tossing herself at me!” (Translation: I can’t think of anything better to say. Might as well act like any other spineless harem male lead character.)

“What is not? Saito, don’t you love me?”

And then Siesta runs off. Louise tosses one more, “So you do like her, don’t you?”

Saito idiotically responds, “It’s not that!” within Siesta’s earshot, thus pissing off both girls who run from him. Saito… man… you blew it! Saito then runs after Siesta (bad idea, let her calm down a bit…) who gives him the, “I’m not angry” routine. Bad times. Very bad times. Extremely bad times. Definitely one of the most trap-filled phrases possessed by the female vocabulary… you’re in serious trouble if you ever hear: “I’m not angry.” “If you don’t know why I’m angry, I’m not telling you.” “Fine. Go ahead and do it. I don’t care. I really don’t care.” “My mom’s coming to visit next week.” *shudder*

Having struck out in pathetic fashion and losing all the momentum from the previous episode, Saito decides to regroup and try door number 2: Louise.

“Welcome back!” (“… big boy!”)

“What are you doing?!? Put your panties back on!” (“… wait a sec, let me get a good, long look first…”)


Louise’s offensive is in full force, and Saito is just hemming and hawing… leading to this incredible dialogue:

“That’s why you never make your move even though we share the same room!”

“Make my move? Are you telling me that I can make my move?”

“Sore wa dame!”

“Sou desu ka…”

“But if it’s just for a little bit, I’ll keep my eyes closed. If it’s only for an hour or so, I’ll keep my eyes shut and pretend that I don’t know anything!”

Wow. Talk about conflicts within conflicts. This is a fantastic example of ツンデレ self-conflict by Louise. She’s telling Saito to, uh, have his way with her, but she’s going to pretend nothing’s happening? Is that an insult or a come on? She wants Saito to make a move, yet she refuses to grant explicit permission? And all this while, she’s wearing nothing but a camisole?


And then Louise attacks Saito and drags him onto the bed. I was hoping that she’d try to rape him while she had her eyes closed and pretended nothing was happening, but, alas, Saito escapes. *sigh* Because he’s sick of having this jealous loli constantly trying to seduce him (Is this a bad thing? If I tossed up a, “Is having a jealous pink-haired loli constantly trying to sduce you a bad thing?” poll, what would the results look like?), Saito arm twists Monmon and Guiche to help him find a cure for Louise. They decide to ride out to find the water spirit who can cure Louise with her water.

When they get to the spirit’s location, they find out that the town (the one Rei-chan and Kirche passed by on their way to Tokyo 3) is still underwater. Monmon manages to communicate with the water spirit, who disappoints me to no end by not tossing out a “~de arimasu.” The water spirit agrees to help Saito if he chases off the mages who are trying to stop her. Since the scene was shown in the previous next episode preview (this is also why I hate next episode previews), we know that it’s really Rei-chan and Kirche who is hunting the water spirit.


Meanwhile, Louise is sound asleep. Which makes no sense to me since the previous night, Louise slept soundly while Saito is the one who said that he couldn’t sleep. To contradict that, Louise said that she was up all night working on that jellyfish sweater… awesome. Plot hole. Yet aside from a single yawn, Saito is wide awake, and Louise is napping. Makes sense if they are trying to proceed with the plot… they can’t have a jealous loli tossing herself at Saito every step of the way. (BTW, do think think that Saito slept in her bed or on his bed of hay that night? I’m going with he passed Louise a pillow and cowered in the corner of the room the whole night.) The gang eventually find the mages causing the water spirit trouble, and after a yawn-inducing battle sequence.


(JC Staff does not know how to properly animate a battle… between Shana‘s battles, Melody of Oblivion‘s “shoot an arrow and be done with it,” JC Staff is really bad at doing good action sequences. They need to hire Miki and have her show them how a Starlight Knee is really done. Hell, Freedom vs Impulse is more entertaining than Saito and Guiche vs Rei-chan and Kirche.)

(That’s just one thing about Kyoto… they have that fifth gear when they do battle sequences. Just loved Yu Lan… or was it Yu Fan’s battle with Mao. Is that too much to ask for here?)

After everyone realizes that they’ve been fighting amongst friends, they do the logically thing and ask the water spirit why she’s so pissed. Apparently, someone stole her secret stash of pot brownies. I’m kidding. She lost some ring of pwning. You’d think that people would take better care of artifacts like that. So Saito promises the water spirit that he’ll recover the ring, and the water spirit agrees to give him the water necessary for Louise’s cure (sad… I liked Jealous Louise) and unsink the village that Rei-chan and Kirche were supposed to save. Happy end for all.


Except that Saito still needs to find the ring. And that Louise is pissed. Omega pissed of the year. Bad times… luckily, he’s saved when Henrietta flies in through their window. (She can fly?!?)

Zero no Tsukaima Character Power Rankings™

1. Louise HD

The Pink Haired Zero Magic Ball of Jealously put on a very entertaining performance for the first half of the episode. Poor Saito trying to fight off her attacks. Usually ツンデレ’s skew more to the ツンツン in harem anime, so it’s definitely nice to see one skewed heavily on the デレデレ side.

デレデレ: Her clingingness to Saito. Her “it’s okay to take advantage of me if I close my eyes.” Her complete rampant jealous. Good stuff.

ツンツン: The last scene in her bedroom when she’s punishing Saito for her transgressions. Ah, love.

(Though if Louise really wanted to score with Saito, she should just have adopted Utawarerumono‘s twin’s method of just getting Saito drunk. Though Louise kinda tossed her clothes everywhere… at least the twins stacked their neatly.)

2. Wilhelmina

Just because. De arimasu.

3. Monmon HD

Hey, she got screentime! I’m pumped. Yet, does Zero no Tsukaima need yet another ツンデレ?

4. Siesta HD

So is making Siesta angry a crime punishable by: (1) jail time (2) castration (3) crucification (4) torture (5) torture by Shion Sonozaki (6) torture by forcing the offender to watch Will and Grace or (6) all of the above?

The Peloton. Guiche, Rei-chan, Kirche, and Henrietta HD

Thanks for showing up.

(When Guiche learned that Monmon created the love potion, he actually slickly managed to score some points with his, “I’m so touched!” reponse. Good job. Though I loved how quickly his demeanor changed once he realized that it was for a month to a year. Great job. Fits his character like melon flavoring with bread.)

(And when can Henrietta fly? She a mage too? But, wait, mages don’t fly…)

Dead Last. Saito HD

Saito failed at juggling two girls at once. Not only did he piss Siesta off (a felony by AoMM standards), he didn’t even take advantage of Light Snack Louise. Okay, he managed to convince Wilhelmina to give him that vial of sacred water, but still, he’s sinking the harem elements of this series by regressing to the typical loser, spineless harem lead.

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  1. Don’t you remember when Louise tried to use the “staff of destruction”? she kind of flew… downward… slowly. Thats not bad for a … not a line or point mage…. hmmm… (btw: what does it take to be a princess? Is she a triangle mage at least?)

  2. Tabitha created that float sphere for her.

  3. Lousie’s neck bite! Damage-100 points~

    XD What was wrong with Saito, seems like he was really ignoring Louise. Even though she was done in by a potion, he could of been a bit more sweeter!

    Was waiting for the whip cracking at the end but Henrietta had to just float in a ruin the party -_-

  4. Kind of dissapointing we got dere-dere Lousie for only 12 minutes or so…

    Poor Siesta…and poor us! We have what? 4 episodes left? And we are not going to get a Louise vs. Siesta showdown?

  5. poor saito. looks like it’s time for his upgrade to an AMD Athlon 64 X2 so he can multitask in style.

    angry siesta is like running out of cherry coke, all the happiness in life is gone…

  6. I was looking forward to Louise going S&M on Saito at the end. Too bad Henrietta broke it up. It would have been much better if she joined in.

    I also have to second Unscrupulous Sousuke’s recomendation. My AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ overclocked to 2.75GHz allows me to multitask flawlessly

  7. JCStaff’s good for about one or two well animated fights a series, and always at the most random of times. “Filler of Rin (Maburaho) fighting some martial artist? Let’s blow the budget! Filler of Gypsie (Rune Soldier) fighting some nameless bandits? Let’s make it something to remember! Shana’s fighting some twins? Let’s go with animating this instead of the climax of the last arc.”

    At least their default level of animation quality tends to be quite a bit higher than most other studios. I don’t think I’ve ever caught them forgetting to draw faces on people (Nanoha or Genshiken…) or forgetting to color things in… or the infamous 5 minute conversation from behind the speakers’ backs.

  8. Well, think of it this way:
    He sleeps with Louise:

    1) Louise in love-love mode she’d tell the entire world, and his chance to PROPERLY sleep with Siesta is a -100%.

    2) (Don’t ask me why, but) If he gets the tears for her after, a good whipping is the LAST THING he’d get from her. (…not…trying to…sound naughty…)

    3) Continuing with #1, if the whole society finds out (and they WILL find out), his reputation would dwindle from “Our Sword” to “The Man-whore” (Even if he gets more than Guiche would ever.

    4) Yes…sleeping witih a woman with the body of a 12 year old boy is kind of…(In the wise words of Yuuji “My hobbies don’t go THAT far…”)

    (But really, I’d would be cool if he got some…hopefully from any other girl…hell, Tabitha would even do!)

  9. Well as Drake stated sleeping witha 12 yr old boy is really bad BUT
    as 12 yr old girl is eveb worse but in Saito’s case he could but of gotten action from 2 girls but NOOOOOO morals and anime laws come soo we get no hentai and “SAITO O GOD THATS WHERE I WANT IT!!” from Louise soo ended it there all i gotta say is this…sex isn’t everything in the anime world

  10. Seems like I found a fine moment to excuse myself from ZNT. Now I don’t have to see how the show unravels – in glorious J.C. Staff animation.

  11. Of course Saito should have skipped screwing Louise. If he had done it, by the time Louise regains control, we wouldn’t have our male protagonist anymore (I’m pretty sure it would involve Louise somehow calling forth Shion to get rid of him, Hinamizawa style). But if that would bring us some Louise x Henrietta action by the end of the series, I’m all for it.

  12. Well, talk about being whipped, to be thinking of doing laundry even when one isn’t ordered to.

    Oh, and Saito wanting Louise to being back to normal: masochist.

    +1 for “looking towards the bloodbath at the end but got ruined by Henrietta”.

  13. Rie Kugimiya did an excellent job as lovesick Louise! I was filled with an unspeakable joy when I heard her. It was that breathtaking.

    There were a lot of good stuff in this episode. The way Saito reminded Guiche where is his place, how he tricked the water spirit and he blackmailed Monmon.

    I laughed when I saw Siesta flowing with murderous intents at the sight of Saito with Louise.

    Btw, Water spirit is really voiced by Willhelmina’s VA?

  14. But of COURSE she can fly.

  15. Playing 2 woman at the same time is like playing metal gear solid for the first time, FISSION MAILED.

  16. Alot of them can fly, don’t you remember when Kirche was trying to seduce Saito all of her harem members came floating by the window, when it was like the third floor?

    If they can make other people float (see: the first episode ending), they can make themselves float.

  17. I thought that the mages flew and stuff in the first episode and Louise didn’t and Saito said “Why can’t you fly?”… or was that the manga?

    Hmmm, it’s a shame, I really liked uber love love Louise.

  18. I believe torture by watching “Will and Grace” has been banned by the Geneva Convention.
    Dilfer by Week 4 Jason – a fine mess, eh?

  19. If you want torture, play the original final episode of evangelion over and over.

  20. Louise moments over this episode were priceless…
    Her “Hontoni honto” made me dazz over my seat…
    Her “green light” to Saito to make “his move” over her was just perfect.

    It looks like today (Sunday 3th) will be a good episode

  21. don’t blame saito, you can’t have him going that far with louis in a show meant for all ages…

  22. haha conrath lawl

  23. I thought it was nice when Saito held Louise and said “We’re going to get you back to normal!” with determination. Another harem lead might have shyly said “I like the normal Louise better,” or worse, thinking entirely of his own discomfort.

  24. >>>2trick Says:
    I thought it was nice when Saito held Louise and said “We’re going to get you back to normal!” with determination. Another harem lead might have shyly said “I like the normal Louise better,” or worse, thinking entirely of his own discomfort.

    Interesting idea…let’s see how that could possibly play out…

    K1 (Higurashi): “We’re going to get you back to normal! And I hope I don’t do anything uncool that makes you want to kill me before then.” *pats head*

    K1 (ああっ女神さまっ): “Urd! Help!”

    Tenchi: “Washu! Help!”

    Kyon: Why should I do anything to help her? She got herself in this mess and obviously has all kinds of mysterious unknown powers she could use to get herself out of it. Or maybe the uncomfortably flamboyant bishounen, the gorgeous well-endowed love-of-my-life can’t-keep-my-eyes-off-her redhead from the fut…er…Germania, the quiet loli that’s way more powerful than anyone here yet all she does is read, or the long-haired beauty who doesn’t show up in enough episodes–maybe one of them can do something about it. Ah, well, it’s always me who has to be put in these kind of situations. “I like ponytails.” *kisses her*

    Ranma: “I–uh–er…Louise…” *Pulls away* “We’re going to get you back to normal!”
    *Through some convenient course of action, the potion wears off as Kirche randomly and unrelatedly loses her top*
    Louise: “BAKA!!” *pounds Ranma into the ground*
    Ranma: |..|_ (X_x) _|..|

    Shinji: *whines, curls up in a fetal position*

    Keitaro: “I like the normal Louise better.”
    Siesta: *Siesta Punch™!!*
    Keitaro: *flies off into distance*

    Rin-kun: “We’re going to get you back to–wait, I forget–are you the one with MPD, the one with two souls, the uber-powerful one with the mysterious backstory, the seemingly normal one with the other mysterious backstory, or the one who’s going to go SEED on me and attack me with the boxcutters? I need to know, because we might just be better off leaving you like this…”

    Shirou: “Aaahh, she touched me in a bathing suit place!!” *runs away*

    Ataru: “Okay, Louise, you stay here with Guiche while I take Kirche, Tabitha, and Monmon into the forest for a couple hours… Hey, water spirit, you come, too…”

  25. >>Meanwhile, Louise is sound asleep. Which makes no sense to me since the previous night, Louise slept soundly while Saito is the one who said that he couldn’t sleep. To contradict that, Louise said that she was up all night working on that jellyfish sweater… awesome. Plot hole. Yet aside from a single yawn, Saito is wide awake, and Louise is napping.

    Saito may have said that he won’t be able to sleep, but that was *before* he got into bed, saying it as sort of a joke stemming from Louise’s hawtness. Louise probably got up while Saito was snoring, which explains why Louise was asleep the next day, while Saito was wide awake.

    keh…………..デレデレ LOUISE-CHAN!! T-T too kawaii!!!

  26. Episode 9 was seriously wicked. The review summed it up pretty much ;) This is quite cool comic:


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