muteki kanban musume 12 (last episode)

Boys and girls, round and round. It’s time for Megami Kanban Musume!

Sorta New Character

The Megami Kanban Musume

So Miki turns into Belldandy when drunk? What an unexpected and delightful development.

I may argue that she out-Belldandy Belldandy when drunk. She’s at least equivalent to Belldandy in her ability to defuse situations with her nice persona and smile. Ohta and her mom even remark that Drunk Miki is the strongest of them all. Let’s not forget the most important point: Miki not only retains her top notch fighting ability, she even surpasses her mom!!! I’m scared. Delighted, but scared.

Funniest Moments


Wow… Miki addressing everyone with high honorifics… wearing long skirts… refusing to fight… tossing out lines such as “I’m ruined for marriage!”?!?


My thoughts exactly. But in a ROTFL kinda way. I’m downright delighted by her “I’m ruined for marriage” with her mom showing off her “!!!” face. Though kinda took me off-guard that Miki’s twenty. Bravo– finally an anime with a heroine over seventeen and safely out of jailbait territory.


(Random thoughts: I wonder if Onimaru’s mom is a member of MADD… I wonder who would be a better fit for Kankuro: Megumi or Miki… I wonder if saying “~nya” is a sign that your testicles have been ripped out… I wonder how this show did ratings-wise… I wonder if we can ever get a spinoff for Megumi to appear on Yakitate Japan!… I wonder if we can enroll Miki in Ouran Academy… I wonder if they ever made a live action Muteki Kanban Musume, who would play Miki… I wonder if I should change the name of this blog to “Onimaru Ramen”… I wonder how thick of beer goggles do you need to try and hit on Miki… not because she’s not cute but because she may rip out our testicles if you’re not careful.)


Drunk Yakuza Megumi vs. 女神 Kanban Musume… I was cheering for Megumi. AoMM is pro-stripping; anti-DRM. Never forget that. Love Sensei in the back… I can’t believe she’s winning the current poll. I can’t believe Ohta is dead last. He’s the third best narrator around (Keroro Gunso‘s = 1; Kyon = 2; The Third‘s = 999).

(Though I enjoy how Megumi basically takes up Mara’s role. Only if Hell’s Bunny showed up as Megumi’s loli demon mistress could things be better… only downside to this episode was the utter lackage of Hell’s Bunny. Grieveous oversight– but since we’re given the Megami Kanban Musume instead, I’ll let it slip. This once.)


Ponytails turn me on.

Okay, I’m out of material. Remainder of the post will be done /a/ style… forgive me /a/…
























SUP /a/?













(Here’s hoping for season two.)

30 Responses to “muteki kanban musume 12 (last episode)”

  1. What kills me is that Megumi’s vomit sparkles…

  2. Great last episode. I was surprised how they managed the kawaii-ness in such a great way; I mean, after all, the show was not a cuteness galore (save some Megumi moments).

    Yes, Belldandy is the only one someone can think about when looking at drunk Miki. Maybe this is why Miki narrowed the gap between her and Megumi in the poll.

    I wonder, which other wild anime females need to go miki-drunk?

    >>>I wonder how this show did ratings-wise…

    I have been asking this myself. Does anyone know?

    Please Jason, throw a post-mortem about MKM!! Please! Please!

  3. Miki in Ouran eh…… I fear for Tamaki’s safety when he introduces himself to her.

  4. Sensei’s lead is definitely a stuffing.

  5. Best MKM eps evar… I knew miki was cute but gradually
    became aware of her chrisma. Megami Miki has won my
    heart, and I just can’t help but say, “Awwwwwwwwww~

  6. OMG
    Best ep ever

    Ramen Fighter Miki aka Muteki Kanban Musume.. most underrated anime this season?

  7. o man… it’s like they did the whole series just to set up for this episode, and made it so freaking awesome. Love how Kankuro’s comment “sou… kore… kore…” is so awesomely masochistic. Love how Ohta’s “our heroine is throwing up” comment refers to the first episode. I can just tell that the people at the animation studio were having so much fun making this series. A very satisfactory ending indeed.

    But crap… I want to change my vote (Megumi) now… Drunk Miki was HAWT!

  8. Miki’s mom looks like she has a bit of the drunken fist going on. I wonder how powerful she is drunk.

    And we knew everyone was older than 18 since they were reminiscing about high school. And I don’t get the feeling that anyone in the cast was able to skip any grades…

    Favorite parts:
    -Ohta’s double-take upon entering Onimaru Restaurant

    -“You’re horrible, Ohta-san… Baka!”

    -No sexual reaction at all from Ohta when Miki falls on his chest. Pure terror.

    -“Noooo! I don’t like this kind of Onimaru Miki!”

    -“Someone just said ‘Onimaru’… OnimaruMiki!OnimaruMiki!OnimaruMiki!”

  9. lyn says:
    >>>>o man… it’s like they did the whole series just to set up for this episode, and made it so freaking awesome.


  10. Lol, great choice of caps (or greatest?).
    I’m gonna miss Kankuroooo! And yeah, I’m extremely surprised Miki’s twenty, she’s not too young for Kankuro then…
    (I want to read the manga)

  11. Yes, you’ve hit upon the missing link – Hell’s Bunny. That would’ve made this episode perfect. Well, that and Sensei in something other than the track suit.

    Cute Miki.. well, she isn’t QUITE Belldandy, but her sweetness was a heck of a contrast compared to Megumi’s faux-sweetness, especially after the latter got drunk and demanded a strip-show, which combined with the ‘obedient Onimura’ comment makes me think ‘yuri fanfic’. I swear, the writers of Mai Otome needed to have seen this before writing that trainwreck of a series, if only to show a) good fighting, b) proper use of emo faces and c) dead-sexy characters.

    I’m still surprised that she’s 20, though… although she’s a terrifyingly cute 20, more so when she’s not looking permanently evil.

    Has anyone managed to find the ADV versions of this manga, by chance? I’ve been searching everywhere, and they’re sold out. :P

  12. And is it just me… or is Sensei weird in the “she doesn’t even need beer to lose her senses” route? One bowl of ramen and she’s calling on Miki to strip down in public…

  13. wp says,
    “-”You’re horrible, Ohta-san… Baka!””

    ~~~~ ~~~~

    Oh Hell yes! That scene was gold.

  14. i think this series was better then anyone could have expected when it started, lets hope the new season will have something as good, and the season after that will have season 2 of muteki.

  15. I would like an order of 52 more episodes of Muteki Kanban Musume please! It’s not like it’s hard to write for this show, because like Jason stated before, it practically writes itself!

    –Miki at the beach
    –Miki takes the subway to deliver ramen
    –Miki meets Higurashi’s Shion
    –Miki replaces Star Jones on The View
    –Megumi and Miki fall in love with the same man
    –Megumi steals one of Miki’s tampons


  16. Now that the series is ended, it’s time for me to download it in one go. Thanks for your recommendation.

    Also, Drunk Miki=Belldandy. I’m sold. (Actually, I was sold since episode 2, and this is yet another bonus.)

  17. Ohta’s a good straight man, and definitely a better narrator than Yuuji or the The Third guy, but he’s definitely not on the same plane as Kyon or the Keroro guy…

  18. Ohta-san Baka! How could he turn drunk Miki down like that?! Not taking advantage is one thing but utter revulsion is another. Must be one of those S&M freaks I have been hearing about. I have never been so proud to be in Miki’s age group even if drunk Miki is ruined for marraige I would take her I also found a beer maker how delightfully fortuitous. Miki even ages well…

    In light of this new information I think a recall is order.

  19. that Third guy shouldn’t be anywhere near the top. Everytime he start lip-flapping away I have to do a double because it’s just so off. I don’t know…he should go narrate a non-Pixar disney animation or something. Ohta is third best in my book. Incidentally the alien crew from PPD! is close 4th place.

  20. He isn’t… Jason ranked him 999th, and that is being generous IMHO.

  21. I never would have found Drunk Miki without this blog. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about it yet but man-babies is definitely within the realm of possibility.

    One of the best finales I’ve ever seen. MKM can win my internets any day.

    (Whoa, thoughts of alcohol-induced personality changes delight the mind. Let’s get everybody drunk!)

  22. Cat always land on feet…shifty eyes…that’s what I meant Skane…still too generous…so sowwy

  23. Well perhaps I’m a few days late, but. I agree with Skane, Ohta-san baka! that was spectacular, it was almost as if she was possessed by a schoolgirl who had just confessed.

    Fun Fun series, more would be nice! Only one ep of toxi Miki, please more! Kinda reminded me of Yamada~~ and her drunken delights.

  24. Just watched this episode. I demand MOAR already!

  25. Well, this is the first time where I felt the art style in an anime seriously improved on the manga’s…

  26. Well, this is the first time where I felt the art style in an anime seriously improved on the manga’s… but after that drunk Miki picture up top, who would argue against it? :D

  27. … but they kept the emo from the manga. Miki makes that emo face (the one with teeth) barely ten pages into the first volume.

  28. … and the throwing up in the last episode is a reference to Ohta’s comments in the first story of the manga (“The first chapter, and the heroine’s already throwing up.”)

  29. Need 2nd season!!!! One with more Hells Bunny. Wouldn’t even mind if she showed up, battled Miki, getting her producers interested in Miki, offering Miki a spot on that Power Rangers show, and having Miki bitchslap everyone on the show, and cut to Outa watching tv in a dark room (like all other otakus), where the tv screen says, “Due to on-set accident, all casts are unable to show up for the next 3 weeks while their injuries heal”

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