crescent love 1

Recipe for yet another generic harem romanic comedy.

Pinch of “Onii-san!”
Sprinkle of “Onee-san!”
Dash of “Chibi.”
Add 1 “Childhood Friend Character”.
Add 1 “Childhood Friend Disruptor Character”.
Add 1 “Stereotypical Harem Male.”
Season with “Double Ponytails.”
Garnish with meido.

Pinch the noses of the characters, and bake at 400 degrees for twenty-five minutes.

Makes ample servings of sappy, sugary Crescent Love.

That’s a lot about Crescent Love that screams generic harem. Let’s go over a few, shall we?


Well, this isn’t generic. I thought at first I clicked on MS Igloo by mistake. Earth? Colonies? Fighting?!? Though I must say anytime a harem anime uses a Gundam-inspired setup, it’s not a good sign. It’s like starting off a Gundam series with a siscon as the “hero.”

(The Moon nation is called “Sphere.” Homage to “Orb”?)


Positive sign! Meido! In space! I’m excited. She looks like Siesta’s Zero-G descendent.


The Moon Princess isn’t as hawt as Mia the Meido. I like how the princess is in an very unearthly dress style while the meido is still wearing standard meido fuku– which only proves the galactic superiority of the meido fuku, only bested by the French meido fuku.

(The nose touching reminds me of Jason from The Hills. Note that he has a cocaine problem.)


We’re introduced to Tatsuya, the lead male character, and his childhood friend whom he bathed with when he was little, Natsuki. Tatsuya’s seiyuu is the same as Hitose’s for Happy Lesson. Should I be worried or relieved that their homeroom teacher is male?


Natsuki is actually kinda cute with the double ponytail. Her seiyuu is listed as just Hyo-sei and hasn’t starred in many big roles before. Is Crescent Love a harem anime on the cheap? Wouldn’t doubt it as animation quality plummets like four episodes from now.


Next up in the introductions is Tatsuya’s little sister, Mai. She too sports double ponytails. I’m going to take the high road and not make a “You know, one time at band camp…” joke.


And I’ll ride my high horse into the ground with this: apparently Tatsuya is a master of nose pinching, and all the girls seem a bit, uh, too happy, getting their noses pinched by him. Nosepinchgasm? I hope not. But… my oyashiro-sama! Maybe he won’t be a typical loser harem male? Maybe he’ll be a perverted typical loser harem male.


We’re introduced to the next haremette, Midori, who as you can tell, has green hair. She too is in the band and plays a clarinet.


Next up in the batter’s box is Tatsuya’s onee-san, Sayaka, who looks like Mitsuki from Dual! crossed with Tonagura‘s Hatsune’s mischief.


I didn’t just ride my high horse into the ground, I’m going to chop it up and sell it to a restaurant in China Town. My prediction? Natsuki will take on the Nayuki, Kotori, Kaede (minus emo) role in Crescent Love. In other words, if you’re a fan of her, the best you can hope for is a fuzzy four second lesbian kiss with Tatsuya’s flute imouto.


Tatsuya and Nayuki both work at a family restaurant run by her family. Nayuki’s outfit just isn’t as cute as Asa’s in Shuffle or Shion’s superior Angel Mort outfit.


Tatsuya returns home from work and sees Mia the Meido greeting him. This surprise greeting has far less bisexual nekomimi meido than a standard “surprise greeting” AoMM fantasy. Tatsuya then gives the typical, “Wait, am I at the right house?” response. Just once, I’d like to see a harem male character’s eyes darken, their fingers twiddle, and they do the Mr Burns, “Excellent.”


“One time, at band camp…”

She’s wearing a necklace featuring a crescent moon. How appropriate!


“We purchased this meido at Walmart for $199.99! Always low savings!”

BTW, Sayaka is wearing bunny slippers. I’m noticing a lot of random accessories right now.


We’re finally introduced to d-cup… err… Feena, the Moon Princess. We’re treated to a slow, awkard, heart-throbbing montage between Feena and Tatsuya. Sappy. Ridiculous. Typical harem fare.


Everyone goes chibi as Princess Feena proves that she has the dexterity of Tenma-chan. I was rooting for her to fall, Tatsuya to rescue her in way that ends up with him feeling her up, leading to harem hijinks. But, alas, no Love Hina.


Tatsuya’s nose pinching is a really weird fetish. If he were in the US, he’d be on the sex offender registry.


Do I take the high road and say something like, “This is Mai’s ‘OMFG baka onii-san!’ face” or the low road and say something like, “This is Mai’s ‘OMFG those photos of me at band camp!’ face.”


The gang eventually head back to Natsuki’s diner for dinner, and if you haven’t guessed that Feena had met on Tatsuya on earth before, you need to watch more anime. 100 CC’s of Mahoraba, quick!

(Why isn’t Natsuki more jealous or at least being somewhat bitchy towards Feena? She’s a princess with superior melonpan, and you’re going to lose your man to her. If this were The OC, Feena would have had that juice spilled on her by now. Yeah, welcome to the Mitsurugasaki, bitch!)


What the– this is either a continuation of Utawarerumono‘s special or we’re going to get conflict under Feena’s skirt. Either way, it’s keeping me from changing the channel.


“There’s an old man between your thighs!”

Takano, the new crappy photographer that I get to rag on, pops out from under Feena’s skirt. I can’t make fun of his, uh, skillz, but what the heck is he doing shooting in film? There’s a war already between the moon the Earth, and he hasn’t gone digital with a wee-bee connection to NetApp backup appliance yet? See, if I were documenting the “Colors of Moon Princesses,” I’d make sure my data was safe and properly backed up.


Do you see a flash on this camera? I don’t.


Happy end. Typical harem male. Typical harem childhood friend. Typical harem childhood friend disruptor. Typical sisters. Typical meido. Typical lame side characters who are supposed to be funny but aren’t. Typical “I’ve been doing this for too long” AoMM post.


Wait, there’s more! Goth loli with nekomimi ears!

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  1. How do you know that crescent moon wasn’t a banana instead? Hmmmnn??

    Though it is a typical harem type show, I still can’t help but laugh when Feena fell and then got up saying. “I am fine.” More like (Nobody saw that…It’s cool, It’s cool…)

    BTW, I gave up on band way back in middle school…. >_>

  2. Now now Jace. All the noselessness of Kanon had to go -somewhere-, and let’s face it, nasal eroticism is a vastly unexplored media type, anime or otherwise.

  3. So did you like it? ^_^;

  4. Why not use its full title?

    Let’s see~;aid=4531
    Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na, 夜明け前より瑠璃色な, Brighter than dawning blue,

    OK, Crescent Love it is.

  5. Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na Crecent Love might not turn out like typical harem
    from what i heard from ppl who played the game it’s actually pretty unique (might try it if i get a chance)

    on the other hand, Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~, Gift ~Ethernal Rainbow~, Happiness! and the dozen other harem show this fall prob won’t be as lucky (though the general quality is pretty good, so prob gonna follow most of them through)

    on a side note
    Kujibiki Unbalance is cool
    Asatte no Hoko has alot potential
    Otome Wa Onee Sama (Boku) Ni Koi Shiteru looks like the sequel of Strawberry Panic

  6. I must admit I am very curious about this while I am used to the word “unique” being tossed about I do wish to see how Feena has entranced the Mr. Meido-Loli-Sis-con. Feena does not fit into either category and since you’ve bothered to post and threw in Siesta something must be afoot. By the way does AOMM have a new ranking system for meido characters? Does Siesta like qualities warrant bonus points?

    Maybe I am suffering from Siesta withdrawl but I wonder if Mia will simply be known as Siesta von der Mond. Still as lack luster as the space battle was I did notice that, in addition to the “one big decisive battle” strategic fallacy that many anime staff and the defeated IJN adhered, the super structures on those Terran ships appeared more American/British while the Lunar fleet had ones more in line with the IJN.

  7. Mwaha, well…I was sorta disappointed with the first episode, since I was hoping I could “lean” a bit on the anime-storyline to get a better grip on what was going on in the game (my japanese suck as much as ever xD; ) and…I don’t know how far in the game I am but, I’ve yet to see that creepy photographer guy o_O
    Now I don’t really dare to trust the anime-storyline too much and…the game looks 100 times better, the chef (that I the name of, but I guess “Master is fine” xD; )
    looks scarier in the anime than in the game but thankfully, Jin remainds kinda the way he was. He’s my hero! >’ …or probably not but hey!

  8. >>>We’re introduced to the next haremette, Midori, who as you can tell, has green hair.

    Wow, that’s either some seriously creative character naming, or some seriously creative character design. I’m not sure which, but I’m equally blown away either way. Let me guess, she’s got a blue-haired little sister named Aoi, right?

    >>>Wait, there’s more! Goth loli with nekomimi ears!

    Look at the framing and composition of that shot. The moon in the background and running off the side of the view… The blonde hair… The animal fetish clothing… Apparently she hasn’t yet mastered the family weapon, but that is obviously Hell’s Bunny-sama’s green-eyed little sister, Hell’s Imouto. While her nee-sama’s job as a sentai series villainess is to spread evil and increase ratings, Imouto-san’s job as a haremette is to spread cuteness and bring in the all-important lolicon viewers. (Haven’t seen the series yet, but by her emotionless expression in that shot she’s looking specifically to bring in the Primula-con viewers, and possibly bring in some loli-siscon viewers, too, depending on the storyline.)

  9. “My prediction? Natsuki will take on the Nayuki, Kotori, Kaede (minus emo) role in Crescent Love.”

    I had come to this conclusion myself, and I figure that if I get it through my head now then I won’t be disappointed later on. However,

    “In other words, if you’re a fan of her, the best you can hope for is a fuzzy four second lesbian kiss with Tatsuya’s flute imouto.”

    This would be fine. Very fine indeed.

  10. why all the fuss when we all know that Tatsuya will end up with Feena. Natsuki will end up on the rejected side and there you go, that’s how it will end.

    And about the childhood friend character, i’d put Feena in that category because it looks like they’ve met when they were kids and Feena remembers it. Also feena is the lead female character, usually 99% of the time the lead male ends up with the lead female.

  11. They can’t draw ears…

  12. Yeah…The game was pretty…Uhm…What’s the word…Flashy? Superior? In comparison with the anime’s art. No contest.

    Er…Midori ftw! *Gets shot*

  13. Something tells me that Feena will have a Saber-esque exit -leaving alone with Tatsuya looking up to the sky after.

    If you notice the op and ed sequences, there’s about 1 scene where Feena and Tatsuya are together; that’s not a good sign for romance development between the two. Besides, I don’t see Tatsuya being the king of the moon kingdom; he doesn’t generate that kind of vibe.

    As for the show in general, there’s some funny parts. The problem is:
    1-it’s not funny enough to generate the “haha”/”hehe”, but simply put a smile on my face.
    2-the funny parts don’t last long. About .5 seconds.
    3-there’s no follow-up to the humor.

    Oh, and Mai’s Siesta’s long lost naive little relative. I miss Siesta’s boldness…

  14. I don’t have much good to say about this show, but I plan to watch it since I haven’t seen anything obnoxious yet.

  15. That is, if I don’t include the female characters’ disproportionately large chest size which makes them look too unnatural and aesthetically unpleasant.

  16. i like the part where eveery1 goes chibi all of a sudden…. like when jin says: :old man, i have a question to ask u…(serious looking so far)..(then chibi)…wat do u mean by white laces!!!???

  17. So the MALE PHOTOGRAPHER is now named TAKANO…
    Well, now we know where she went in all of those demoned away circumstances…
    I guess the only way to escape the wrath of killer lolis is to get a sex change and a former companion’s identity…

  18. Feena is voiced by Miki(Hitomi Nabatame)! zomg

    Fantasies of Feena becoming the poster girl for the restuarant, Tatsuya becoming a straighter man, an incomprably strong mother, rivals (man, woman, and beast), creepy neat Sensei, Hell’s Imouto as someone mentioned, and the ensuing violence gives me HOTBLOOD!

  19. Welcome back Shizuma-sama… she is the best…
    Al least I have my first harem series secure with Luner Anime

  20. I have to mention at this point that you see some very strange things in magazine distribution.

    One such thing is a large hardback titled “Snog” (or something like that) featuring fullpage glossy photos of peoples noses…

    So our young friend’s little fetish isn’t entirely unprecedented.

  21. Luckily Feena has large bumpers protecting her. :)
    Strange enough series to follow although I weren’t fond at chibi-modes and jokes weren’t so strong through-out episode so it had a bit strange side taste.

  22. mia:…okay who doesnt recognize that
    tatsuya:typical harem lead equiped with total oblivious nature and sketchy background involving child porn and bad grammer
    natsuki:typical childhood fried who gets unnoticed and thus avoided like the plague in most anime cause you just know its gonna go wrong
    mai:…”One time, at band camp…”lmao its bad cause i have one of those stories….
    midori:wow that was an original name *cough cough* im assuming she has a imouto named aoi(stole that one from “quigonkenny” sorry dude)
    sayaka:im getting sasaki flashbacks…hmmmm now does she like cats?or is it yuri?or god forbid yaoi X.X guy:wtf make camera is that, did he steal it from higurashi lol(yeah i no stupid but w/e)and how does feena not notice a guy under her skirt…and how long was he there…and what was he doing *thinking up very bad fantasies*
    also why is there always such big ass jewelry on those dresses and stuff i mean thats gotta weigh a ton
    and last and probably certainly least!
    feena:yeah long story short..shes the love child of natsuki and tatsuya from when they where at band camp with mia….only those scientest dudes from gsd got together with the producers of futurama and made feena older so she could bone her father and create a time paradox on par with archer trying to kill himself

    hey after watching some many damn sunrise shows im pretty sure anything can happen…and i mean ANYTHING

  23. I think it’s a cute anime… I really like the fact that the show did not have meaningless episodes. it was short yet meaningful. it was very adorable… plus, they didn’t leave us hanging like karin where there are no formalities in their realtionship…

    overall, it was an okay anime to watch. ^_____^

  24. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! i love anime!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I think it’s a cute anime… I really like the fact that the show did not have meaningless episodes. it was short yet meaningful. it was very adorable… plus, they didn’t leave us ^ ^ hanging like karin where there are no formalities in their rea-ltionship.

  26. I wonder if they have it in english.

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