high school of the dead

Zombie survival with ample fanservice? I’m so in.


High School of the Dead is about typical high school student Rei who one moment was involved in a love triangle and the next is trying to escape her high school, which has now become zombie central. In fact, pretty much all of the city is in chaos over zombie attacks. According the Zombie Survival Guide, this would probably be the start of a class four outbreak. Basic tenets of zombie survival are touched upon in HSotD: Focus on defense or offense? Finding help or weapons? How long can the current defenses hold? What is the cause of this outbreak, and how the fuck do we not turn into zombies ourselves? I gotta give them points for even considering stuff like “Where do I go to the bathroom?”

(If you were trapped in a high school with a hawt girl and a thousand zombies, would you worry about survival or try to enjoy those last few moments of non-zombified life?)

HSotD is quite enjoyable on a few different levels. To start with, there’s the shake-n-bake giddiness I experienced from reading manga about zombie survival. I think the only way this giddiness can be topped is if I found a manga about RF circuit design a la Yakitate Japan at 8GHz. Still, zombie survival is just one of those topics so out there, you can’t help but not take it seriously– just like Mai Otome. Secondly, everything about HSotD screams B-movie. The cheese just overflows. If you thought Code Geass or Dylan’s father’s arc in 90210 has some over-the-top melodrama, HSotD has it beat by a mile. Next, the series capitalizes on the recent zombie phenomenon– from Max Brooks’ books on the subject to the hordes of forum posts about zombie survival to the recent movies to the crappy save system of Dead Rising. (The moral of the story? People like zombie survival.) Lastly, did I mention fanservice? Anytime ripped bras, panty shots, and cleavage can be mixed into zombie survival, that’s an accomplishment. Zombies and thigh meat will rock you senseless.


Despite the fantastic start, I have a basic worry for HSotD— when the novelty of melonpan and zombies wear off, where would the plot be? Generally, world-ending disaster-type stories cannot keep on forever– what happens when Rei becomes a zombie or leaves the school? How will the plot turn? For example, Eden, a manga about a disaster-fallen Earth, shifted dramatically after the initial “fight for survival” angle wore thin. Also, I don’t think we’ll start equating Resident Evil with Homer, Iliad, and Aeneid just yet. Nonetheless, I won’t worry that far ahead yet– there’s something to be said about basic, primal entertainment, and HSotD and Rei’s thigh meat deliver that in spades.

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  1. looks interesting, I’ll give it a try

  2. melopan + zombies = Munchies for a while , but wears off on storylines.

  3. I keep seeing this as a parody of ‘House of the Dead’ ^^;

    And I mean the game, NOT the movie.


    ADD] Unrelated, but woah, FireFox’s dictionary doesn’t have ‘movie’ in its’ database( the UK English one)? How fortunate it is then, that one can add words to the database. :)

  4. >>If you were trapped in a high school with a hawt girl and a thousand zombies, would you worry about survival or try to enjoy those last few moments of non-zombified life?

    I refuse to risk dying nakkid thats not on my list of ways to go out no ifs ands or buts about it. In every single horror movie getting hanky panky results is death you may even die during the act not to mention fear of death may reduce utility. Besides surrender is unthinkable so long as the means to fight remain in my profession.

    A Zombie invasion is a carte blanche to do what ever is neccessary including indiscrimnate use of weapoons. It’ll be like a good olde fashioned Soviet Weapons test. Besides being the force behind the do or die attempt will add weight to any proposal you may have, if nothing else if you die for the cause you have earned a place in their hearts and minds. >_>

    You could even use emo cowards as the penal battalion for such menial tasks as bait, decoys, and pure muscle combat engineering. Since you’re in the minority to pick up a weapon who is going to argue? mwhahahahaha… :P

    Still I am a bit skeptical about paying to see a B-grade horror material. Fan service is not much of a selling point for me after having to live with house hold where women outnumbered the men. My knee jerk reaction is still to think laundry if its too much, too often.

  5. The artist for HSotD does ero doujin. I feel you should know these things. http://img242.imageshack.us/my.....034za8.jpg

  6. I say “yum” to this. Two great fields of story to choose from….mixing high-school drama with zombie drama. w00t

  7. Woah faptastic!

  8. Hmm… the art style looks awful lot like it’s done by Oh Great!

  9. Mmm… loli-flashback Rei…


  10. >>(If you were trapped in a high school with a hawt girl and a thousand zombies, would you worry about survival or try to enjoy those last few moments of non-zombified life?)

    How about both? Find a safe place and then enjoy the hot girl.

    Looks cheese but sometimes a lot cheese is good. You don’t want a constatn diet of cheese but as snack it is not bad.

    Also looking at vol1, there was a brief appearence of a hot girl with dark hair weild 2 blades (long knives or short swords) so there is a chance for having 2 hot girls while facing a army of zombies.

  11. …u’ve got to be fucking kidding me…

  12. And predictably the badass character who is far smarter and more interesting than the hero died from a zombie bite in short order. It had to happen…

    Aside from that (or indeed including that) you have to love the cheese factor.

  13. off topic : dead note live action movie first half kicked ass.

  14. death note*

    Can’t wait for the 2nd chapter.

  16. the girl is a bitch . she needs to die soon

  17. What I liked about the first chapter is how the main character sees the zombies attacking at the gate and instead of warning his classmates or doing something useful, he grabs the girl he likes and runs.

  18. >>If you were trapped in a high school with a hawt girl and a thousand zombies, would you worry about survival or try to enjoy those last few moments of non-zombified life?

    “Get up the staircase, then destroy it.” That’s all there is to know. :) The Zombie Survival Guide is probably one of my favorite books!

  19. Pretty cool, can’t wait for the next chapter.

  20. So… where can I find this? Is it out in english yet? I tried google, to no luck…

  21. >So… where can I find this? Is it out in english yet? I tried google, to no luck…

    he has a rapidshare link right under the black & white image of the girl saying “i pierced his heart…”.

    I just hope the blogwriter comes back with an update (and another rabidshare link) when chapter 2 comes out. this stuff is win.

  22. Chapter 2 is out.


  23. @ veryinki
    thank you. you have made happiness.

    Anyways, HSotD looks hawt, but anyone got a clue about the third haruhi suzumiya doujin? People say its out there but where tha ****** …? I waaant..

  24. ACT 3 is out XD


    “Anyways, HSotD looks hawt, but anyone got a clue about the third haruhi suzumiya doujin? People say its out there but where tha ****** …? I waaant..”

    I wouldent mind some info on that doujin either 0_0

  25. Thanks, apparently I’m a little slow… this looks great!

  26. It’s a good story, I can’t wait to see the 5th Chapter. All in all, It develops the character’s mentality in an unthinkable event as seen in Chapter 4, very interesting. I’d like to see more.

  27. We are looking for chapter 5 RAWS. If anyone finds the Dragon Age book for December please tell us!

  28. where can i find the manga???

  29. If i were a student on that high school….
    I would be a lone drifter with a few friends who were trapped and being chased by those zombies…
    Most of us would die, but the once who survive and are waiting for a change to rebel…
    We will take arm with everything we can find; bullets, bats, clubs, knifes, swords…everything

    I would survive and keep the remaining friends i have alive…
    Staying on the rooftop is a good idea. Hanging around with a pretty girl with food and water, but you can’t stay there forever…
    If i were them…i would think about a plan to escape and find a save haven. just take my changes and fight my way until i drop down on my knees.
    Even of they bit me…even if i were totally surrounded,
    I would kill myself then being turned into one of those detestable creatures

    That’s what i’m going to do when i’m one of the char in this anime.

  30. Kai_Emblem, you would probably be one of the first to die as intelligence would be required to survive, and you cant seem to spell anything correctly. Knives, not knifes, I think you mean Chance to rebel, instead of Change to rebel, even so,what would you be rebelling against? Ones who survived, not once who survived. Im not going to go into the rest of it. Im teasing you, by the way, so dont get uptight and pansy macho on me, lol. Im in the army, so if zombies were to ever become a reality, I would go straight for my company arms room and then to the DFAC. We protect nothing like we protect our food, lol.

  31. this is great i’ve been reading this since last night, & i’m waiting for the last 2 parts to finish, to me at least if feels like an unholy hybrid of shaun of the dead, the new remake of dawn of the dead (with 100% running zombies) & tengo tenge But Totally gory & with tons of fanservice. gods i hope some one like dellray of maybe tokyopop bring this stateside & soon

  32. actually, up to act 10 can be found on onemanga.com

    Good quality, too.

    There’s also weekly updates for many popular mangas.

  33. ditto to what Shadow said

  34. manga out on onemanga.com
    up to chapter 2 – -“

  35. up to chapter 12 has been released already.

  36. Only chapter 12 has been released, but wasn’t it released like last year? I haven’t heard anything about ch. 13 except the name that was left on ch. 12 (DEAD Storm Rising) but why is it so late? I NEED ME SOME HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD, DAMMIT!!!!! Has anyone heard anything or been able to find out anything?

  37. Chapter 12 was only released 9/03/07, well the translated and scanlated one, but since this is a manga that comes out with a chapter every Month with 50+ pages in it, it takes a while to translate and scanlate. other then that I’m sure we can still expect chapter 13 to arrive some time in the future.

  38. Well, chapter 13 has finally come out, like I said its a really big manga and its a monthly issue at that. So all we gotta do is be patient and wait for it. maybe do something in the mean time.. like read Naruto or Bleach… or whatever else you read.

  39. they have already left the school. as far as i am concerned, all other zombie survival movies can’t match up with HSotD

  40. onemanga.com has it all

  41. were a thickest full body armor use sword and shield CHOP their friggin HEADS OFF………………medieval style

  42. and oh when will chapter20 is going to be released???????????

  43. onemanga has the entire series as of yet.

    Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a release of anything new since June, and there most likely isn’t going to be any time soon. The longest lag between any new material has been six months. From the way things are going, I’m going to assume that it’ll be about as long this time.

    [Last publication date – Volume 5 – was 6/13/08, so we still have a few more months if I’m correct in my assumption.]

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