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For most anime fans, everyday is cosplay day. We don’t need no stinkin’ reason to costume up. So for the hardcore fans with their elaborate costumes ready-to-go, this post ain’t for you. For people who need a costume idea for the last minute, well, maybe I can be of some help.

This first costume is pretty easy to pull off. First, find the tightest black mini-skirt and white sleeveless blouse that you can find. Stuff to the largest, most disproportionate bust size possible. Get some flesh colored bandaids and cut the bandaids such that the flesh colored portion can cover a fingernail. Place three on three fingernails and dip in cranberry juice. Walk around the evening greeting everyone with a “SATOSHI-KUN!” and answering every question with an “USO DA!” That’s right. Quickie Shion Sonozaki.

Another simple outfit is plaid mini-skirt, white blouse, prop sword, and an endless supply of melonpan. Whenever someone talks to you, just scream “URASAI! URASAI! URASAI!” The Five Minute Shana-tan. The bonus of this outfit is that with so much melonpan, you won’t get hungry.

For something slightly more advanced, one-piece bathing suit + Costco-sized bale of cotton balls + glue + stockings = Wal-Mart Bunny Girl. For guys, sub out the one-piece bathing suit with a white long sleeve T-shirt. Use a body temperature can of Coke for a prop, and presto, Room Temperature Mesousa. Just make sure you have that beaten down, life ain’t livin’ look to you.

Something else for the guys– grab any old collared shirt and a garish blue jacket with white gloves. Wear glasses (or frames for glasses), and glue a small desk onto the torso. Walk around with the hands clasped on the table. A Mobile Gendou Ikari.

Next up is fairly simple. Just grab an apron, a chef’s hat, and a chopping knife. Then go to Toys-R-Us and pick up a medium-sized green bouncy ball or beach ball. Grats, Instant Crescent Love Episode 3.

Or how about wearing a white shirt, grabbing a sandwich board, painting it black, and scrawling “DEATH NOTE” on the front, and then inviting everyone to write something on your white shirt? As a bonus, you can ask the hot guys or cute girls to write their phone number on the shirt as well. Welcome to the Des-No. Make sure you have a honeycrisp apple to complete the effect.

A male costume that takes a little bit more acting/effort– prep two outfits. The first will be a white turtleneck with a green heavy jacket from Eddie Bauer. The second will be a yellow turtleneck with a blue Navy pea coat. Everyone thirty minutes, change between the two outfits. While wearing the green jacket, make sarcastic remarks and provide a running commentary on everything around you. While wearing the Navy pea coat, act like a typical harem loser male. When people ask you WTF are you doing? Smugly say, “2002 and 2006 Yuuichi.” (For best results, convince your little sister to follow you around in a yellow coat with wings on her back.)

This costume idea works best with two girls, but there’s definitely comedic potential for two guys (just don’t do this for SF’s Castro street parade, or you may get more than you bargained for). Just dress up in moderately fancy, elegant women’s clothes. Attach baby rattles and pacifiers to the outside of the outfits and play with each other’s rattles and pacifiers as the night goes on. Shizuru and Tomoe Would Be Proud.

Last, but not least, this is for the guys… wear a muscle shirt on top, like the old Hanz and Franz-variety, really tight bike shorts, and a gold-colored thong with matching gold-colored gloves. Add in a blonde, shoulder-length wig (straight). Don a pair of ice skates. Top it off by carrying around a boombox playing Bouken Desho Desho. You’re the Sex Bomb. Remember to strip and gyrate your hips enough such that every straight male in the vicinity will either flee in horror, gouge out their eyes, or threaten to beat you to a pulp.

Have a happy, safe, and nekomimi Halloween.

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  1. Go stark naked and wear a dog collar.

    Voilà, Keita from Inukami.


  2. A simple grey formal attire + rag the size of a head + a marker pen = FRIEND from 20th Century Boys.

  3. Messy hairdo + white shirt + jeans + heavy eye shadows + no shoes/socks + always sit with your feet on the chair seat= L from Deathnote.
    Although when me and a friend first saw the guy cosplaying L we thought he was a bum…

  4. Ichijou Feast!

  5. 4 guys.. 8 dild0s… 1 blanket… afew eye holes…
    h3ntai t3ntical rap3 monst3r

  6. The picture is truly great. Regarding the commenters, do you plan to open a zoo or some freak show? I think you have a nice collection of very exotic specimens.

  7. How about one week old laundry, with red head band and vio’la instant Code Geass Japanese rebel. You can go around decrying the US err…Britannia, just avoid the Haight and Ashbury.

  8. Shuut!

    That reminds my this last weekend, a friend of mine cosplayed like KON from Bleach… excellant work, best cosplay that I saw ever… but he didn’t win… a shame-

  9. White long-sleeved shirt with navy sleeves + jeans + messy red wig = Emiya Shirou. ^^;

  10. >> Although when me and a friend first saw the guy cosplaying L we thought he was a bum…

    L is a bum! That’s why he insisted that the anti-Kira task force stay in fancy hotels– gives him a place to stay.

    (Still, I can’t believe all the anime characters sleeping under bridges these days. Keita and the dude from Pumpkin Scissors…)

    >> Ichijou Feast!

    Genius. You can draw the Kanon Polar Bear Express bear on the outside for two costumes in one!

  11. Wow, it took me way too long to realise you were actually talking about bread.

    Revy’s awesome.

  12. A little late, but here’s a costume idea I actually used:

    1 doctor’s lab coat.

    Seriously, it’s the most flexible cosplay outfit ever. Depending on the wearer’s build, you can be Professor Oak, one of the scientists from Gundam Wing, Seita from Love Hina, or even Irie from Higurashi.

  13. You can also use that lab coat to become Yakken Ryuichi-sensei. ^^;


  14. I actually did this. One black hardcover note book. Print out DEATH NOTE and stick it on. One silver pen. One hugeass shiny apple.

    You get popular too because people will go like OMGOMGOMG!!! LET ME WRITE SOMEONE IN UR BOOK PLEASE! ^^

  15. There’s one word which just jumped to mind: Attention whore. Strange, huh?

  16. i am going to a con in a few weeks and i think that i am probably going as L out of Death Note all i am doing is:
    – putting some blue slightly baggy jeanes on
    – wearing a long sleeve slightly baggy t-shirt
    – straightening my black hair out
    – putting some black eye liner or something around my eyes to darken them a little
    and i am going to get a black notebook and print out the words “Death Note” and stick them ontp the front of teh black notebook. i hope it goes well especially as this is my first con :D

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