momentum for november

Objects being ruined for marriage tend to stay ruined for marriage, and objects cowering tend to stay scared unless crazy, insane, tsundere gods are removed from around them.

Who’s got mo’?


“I’ll rock you senseless.”: The exact opposite effect of the mutant cabbage. Now this is how you get me interested.


“Give me your boobs.”: I’m finding myself enjoying this show a bit less each week. Gonzo’s attempt to interject morality and humanity into the anime just isn’t working. Still, each episode seems to have a WTFBBQ moment like this one and the side plot involving the corporal providing an urine sample a few episodes ago, and that’s sadly enough to place it ahead of Happiness, Tokimeki, and other very bland harem shows overrunning Fall 2006.


“Would you believe me if I told you I watched the Oprah Winfrey Show?”: If I ever have a guest writer for this blog, I think Revy would be perfect for it until she puts a bullet through the server. Anyway, American pop culture references 4tw. Now if we can only get her opinion on “Which one’s funnier: Borat, Talladega Nights, or Kevin Federline?”. And, yes, would you believe me if I told you I watched Naruto?


Zzz: I’m telling you, having a yuri option for a shoujo dating sim is genius. Pure genius. Just like how having the “Itsuki” option opens up that series for the fan girls as well as the non-traditional male audience. Turnaround is fair play.


Chuu~: Much more serious kissing than I remember in Negima. Seems much too advanced for a ten and a fourteen year old. Oh well, coming up in the next episode of Negima!?, Major Motoko offers to give Neggie the ride of his decade-long life.

Who’s got no mo’?


“Buuuuunnnn~”: We’re starting to dredge the bottom for Haruhi Suzumiya parodies… StarCraft + Koreans + Hare Hare Yukai = epic unintentional comedy. And this megamix is beyond scary– note how one guy has a wall full of diploma-looking things and a framed picture of Asuna.

(If there’s one good thing to come out of Haruhi Suzumiya, it’s that this dance is helping make people exercise.)


“Ippen… shinde miru?”: The live action version for Jigoku Shoujo is just so hideously low budget, I’m not even sure if it can be considered to have B-movie quality. It looks like it was made by a high school film club (a normal film club… not an SOS film club). Also, the actress playing Enma Ai is a bit too, uh, old (and tall) for the role. Reminds me of seeing a balding Steve Sanders in 90210. Bad times. Burning fires of hell bad times.


Cabbage: This makes the cabbage look good. Indefensible shitty animation quality seems to be the result of having 52 new series premiering… they’re really scrapping the bottom of the talent deck.


“Ho ho ho!”: So wrong on so many different levels.

29 Responses to “momentum for november”

  1. The bottom screenshot is amazing. Seriously laugh-out-loud funny XD

  2. Thats nothing wait till you guys watch inukami 18.

  3. The people in that megamix have no shame

  4. I thought I was scarred for life after Inukami! 17. 18’s worse?

    Why no Otome wa Boku ep 4? C’mon, Mizuko gets to sleep with two girls! Well, granted, one’s a semi-solid ghost who channels Excel, but the other’s a loli, and Mariya is soooooooo jealous. It’s made of 86% pure win!

    (I deducted 14% for the silly buildup to the ghost’s appearance.)

  5. The last screenshot is love.


  6. Also, I’ve found that I only like the main character in Pumpkin Scissors when he’s under the influence of the lantern and basically just killing everything. The scene on the hospital rooftop killed show for me.

  7. Funny how just by posting one little picture, Jason’s convinced me to finally give La Corda D’Oro a shot.

  8. Inukami 18’s ED probably deserves a writeup of its own. It’s that traumatizing. How on earth does 7Arcs produce -that- and Nanoha?

  9. La Corda has a Yuri Path?! Sigh, I wish it were more popular among fansub groups, given that the animation quality doesn’t seem to be lacking. This season sucks in terms of overall quality, but hopefully it will give enough of these new animators some much needed practice.

    Sumomomo has proven to be one of the more funny shows this season, Iroha’s soft cream incident and onii-chan has already ground Sis-con san to paste.

  10. That last screen shot is a winner.

  11. What the hell is the boobs screenshot from?

  12. Glad to see fansubbers are taking more…poetic…license with their translations. As it should be. Hole Hole Hole really captures the spirit of the scene. Hole! Hole! Hole!

  13. I was so hoping for Itsuki to be a gift-wrapped present and begging Kyon to unwrap him in the Christmas picture. Oh well. One can dream… >_>

  14. Woah…I’m anticipating this new moe mode:

    ^ This is what would Higurashi was REALLY missing.

  15. I flipped through Princess Ressurection once… and it was a hell of a manga, I’d definitely watch it if it’s animated.

    >>>What the hell is the boobs screenshot from?
    It’s from Pumpkin Scissors.

    The last shot had me rolling on the floor.

  16. >>Much more serious kissing than I remember in Negima.

    Not so if you read the manga re: pedo kissing terminator scene.

  17. >Princess Ressurection


    Transalte as either:

    Princess of Strange Things


    Monster Princess

  18. Inukami is a way underratted show… just wish they would sub faster….

  19. Where is the first screenshot from? And frankly, nobody else can say “Ippen, shinde miru” better than Nodoka.

    The bottom screenshot wins. XD

  20. Wouldn’t 王女 be more like…uhh…Queen?

  21. I could have used not seeing that supermix. Wasn’t really looking to have my joy peed on…

    OTOH, how do I wangle an invite to that Christmas party? Looks like fun. I’ll have to bring a lot of cash to buy all the tickets to the reindeer ride, though.

  22. Does anyone know what the haruhi dance parody pic is from?

    P.S. If any hot anime chicks wanna talk my aim sn is phoenix121787. kthxbye

  23. “I’ll rock you senseless.” What is that from?

  24. Sumomomo Momomo episode 4, depending on the fansub group it might not be exactly worded “I’ll rock you senseless.” for instance Megami fansubs translated it as “I’ll mess you up”

  25. >I’m telling you, having a yuri option for a shoujo dating sim is genius. Pure genius. Just like how having the “Itsuki” option opens up that series for the fan girls as well as the non-traditional male audience. Turnaround is fair play.

    You’ve just given the main reason why the Summon Nights: Swordcraft Story game series rock.

  26. First 2 Screenshots are pure ROFL moments. La Corda looks to have pretty good quality(compared to Cabbage level ones). Too bad I’m booked for the season, so I might pick it up another time.

    Where’s the last screenshot from? That was worth a lot of laughs.

    No Bartender? Just kidding…

  27. Is it just me, or does Mikuru look….kinda like she’s not exactly *minding* being ridden? Very suggestive..or perhaps I’ve just seen a few too many ‘Teary-eyed ***asm’ scenes in my day…

  28. Itsuki option, what Itsuki option? THATS a bishouen? ROFL.

    Give me Robes-sama from KIBA anyday.

  29. Ааану-ка ребятки голосуема!!!

    Пирзнавайетсь пркоазники и владельцы сайта ))))

    ЧТО ыв будете делать этим летом?!

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