otome wa boku ni koishiteru 7

This episode was just painful… na no desu yo.


I feel asleep watching this episode yesterday… that should say something about it. The episode is just about Kana incurring Takako’s wrath because of how her ribbon “doesn’t look right” despite the fact that she’s been wearing it since the first episode. Takako just noticed now?!? This is the dumbest head accessory controversy since Ben Wallace’s headband.

Let’s just get this over with.

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UP A Time to Kill… the ending where Mizuho wears Kana’s ribbon is ripped off from A Time to Kill where Matthew McConaughey starts telling the story of a little girl being raped and killed, and then switches the race. The twist shocks the jury and leads to the acquittal of Samuel L Jackson. The best part of the movie has to be a tie between Samuel’s epic “They deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!” line and Sandra Bullock tied up in her underwear. I was hoping for Mizuho to scream at Takako, “Kana deserves to wear her ribbon, and I hope you burn in hell!” and for Shion to inexplicably be tied up in her underwear. At least I wouldn’t have fallen asleep.


DOWN Mizuho-oneesama… I don’t care anymore. Just shoot me. No way there’s a penis on this. None. I won’t accept it. If I don’t get some Mizuho-oneesama fanservice soon, I hope they die and burn in hell!

(Despite the lack of fanservice, I enjoyed Mizuho-oneesama’s “this cup of tea tastes like Kana’s smile” line. It’s not quite in the “Dokuro, I’ll go gay– hard gay– for you!” or “Homo side characters!” awesome, but still better than nothing.)


DOWN Takako… Dumbest. Conflict. Ever. Even for a slice-of-life-styled harem, the “waiting for tickets” episode of To Heart felt like a Black Lagoon episode compared to this episode of Otome wa Boku. The whole protest/assembly because of a ribbon was just lame– if Otome wa Boku needs screenwriters or people to help them come up with plots, I’d gladly help out.

(Plot isn’t exactly Otome wa Boku‘s strong point, but this was just a Rex Grossman-like performance. I hope next episode is a bit more interesting.)


UP Uniform change… I kinda like this all black look with white rack accents. They look like a cross between nuns/goth/funeral procession. I’m still not clear why the underclassmen have to wear shorter skirts.


UP Mariya… the sparkles! Mariya joins the Yuuichi-Itsuki Sparkling Globetrotters!


DOWN Kana… if I didn’t fall asleep, I probably would have tossed something at the TV if I heard “na no desu yo” one more frickin’ time.

(And it was a ribbon? Silly me for thinking that they were cosplay ears or something all this time.)


I think this episode highlights the main flaw of this series– Otome wa Boku seems to have zero point and zero conflict. I had hoped that we’d get either more harem hijinks or harem fanservice. For example, Mizuho-oneesama’s supposed manliness hasn’t been exploited for comical or harem purposes at all. The last few episodes, aside from the swimming anxiety, didn’t really have any gender issues, and that’s the whole backbone of the show’s premise– gender confusion. Certainly, what sets Otome wa Boku apart from other harem series isn’t Kana’s ribbon– it’s Mizuho-oneesama’s sexual unambiguity, and, for whatever reason, this aspect seems to be lost on the writer’s for this episode.

(As for fanservice, they showed a picture of Mizuho-oneesama and friends at the beach… but we never got a beach episode. I’m beginning to have major concerns for Nagasarete Airantou now.)

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  1. You’ll hate next episode then: it’s all about Yukari.

    But keep blogging, since 9 is filled with Takako’s dere-dere and Mariya’s jealousy.

  2. So, this is what happens when a series relies on pure fanservice to keep people watching it?

  3. Nemo_N:
    Personaly, the highlight of ep9 was Chibi-Mizuho playing part of the tree in a play by saying “tree” over and over.

    As for this episode, I didn’t see anything overly wrong with it. Japanese schools are strict about uniforms. Takako had to do the uniform check since she’s the class president and probably only does it on the first day of uniform changes.
    What I liked was that there was no bad guy and no one was in the wrong. So Mizuho had to choose which friend was more “right”. Takako wasn’t some evil girl trying to bully Kana, unlike in most animes, she was just trying to do her job.

  4. If them books were red I would have been bringing instead. Speaking of stupid issues like flag burning I was sort of hoping for a replay of the Mongol conquest a Khwarezhimed Empire massive conflict for supect causes.

    Takako is someone who needs grenades thrown at her for the rest of her life, such little appreciation for peace and quite, such lust for conflict.

    Dang now I want to see A Time to Kill.

  5. >>>…white rack accents.

    Yep, this is our blogger…

  6. I so warned you. :-p

  7. The only thing I could think, during this whole episode, as a debater…:

    “Otoboku has become a case study in biopower through subliminal means, the efficiency of an ideal bureaucracy, and the power of REFERENDUM! WHOO!”

    It’s got to be bad when this comes to mind. Worst. Conflict. Ever.

  8. im just siting here wondering how the hell there gonna wrap this up when the time comes, theres really nothing to wrap up for that matter, except for gender issues and modern day science has got that covered….sorta

    this would have been better as “boy soprano” style….then we would get lots of erm…fanservice among other things *cough cough* ^^;;

  9. Nagasarete Airantou is like a harem version of Gilligan’s Island. I read the first 4 volumes of the manga like 3 years ago and it’s pretty much a pointless loop of stupidity and fanservice. (and by stupidity i mean the naivette of having a MAN on the island..kinda like in Vandread)

  10. Let me see…

    Maybe this episode wasn’t that bad, if only those girls were pushed a little more after Mizuho catches them cornered Kana… this episode was so-so

    And for the next ones… we need more Takako-dare dare

  11. >> As for fanservice, they showed a picture of Mizuho-oneesama and friends at the beach… but we never got a beach episode. I’m beginning to have major concerns for Nagasarete Airantou now.

    Seems impossible to me, without reasonably sufficient (-huge-) amounts of fanservice Nagasarete Airantou would be nothing. They must know that almost no one will watch the show without it.
    I need animated fanservice of Suzu/Ayane/MeiMei and the awesomeness that is Machi.

  12. And WTF was with the awful animation for the first few minutes. Talk about off-model. Who blew up their heads in relation to their bodies so much? I found this episode too painful to watch all of it; I just skipped through.

  13. You might want to skip the next ep and directly blog 9.

  14. veryinky said “What I liked was that there was no bad guy and no one was in the wrong.”

    I think that’s what annoyed me most about the episode. If it had stuck to this specific situation it would have been okay, but instead they tried to slip in a deeper ethical point, which is a bit silly for this show in my opinion, and it stood out like a sore thumb. It should stick with what its good at: brainless gender-bending fun.

  15. Been wondering this for a while, but Mariya is Mizuho’s childhood friend (shows like these HAVE to ONE) or is she his cousin?

  16. Mariya also use the short skirt and she is not a underclassmen, I guess the school uniform comes in 2 options.

    I doubt you going to like the next one because they are solving the girls issues before moving to the final were Mizuho makes his choice, I understand why the issues with this episode but its setting up the plot of Mizuho choice since … well this is harem comedy based on a eroge dating sim, I dont disagree with what they are doing because I can already guess who Mizuho choice is going to be.

  17. “Dumbest. Conflict. Ever.”

    I wholeheartedly agree. They go to the trouble of having an assembly with the entire school over a ribbon? “No one’s wrong, no one’s evil, there are only different opinions.” Give me a break. Takako’s just being tsun-tsun, picking on Kana to get to Mizuho. That’s it. End of story.

    I have a simple way of dealing with people who make unreasonable requests of me. First I politely ask them to reconsider. If that doesn’t work I politely refuse and continue on my way. If that doesn’t work, it’s the third strike and they’re out. I un-politely tell them to fuck off. But that’s just me. I’m probably too American and definitely too male to make that kind of comparison with Mizuho.

  18. the wedding(first) picture freaked me out… i was like… “that will happen to the story?”


  19. What happened to the white uniforms??

  20. Its the winter uniform, the game does exactly the same (and ghost girl remains in summer uniform).

    As for the conflict … well Takako is not picking on Kana to get to Mizuho, the whole thing revolves around individual points-of-view and as Takako belived Kana ribbon was too big it was only because of Kana, Mizuho points that out … Takako was simply trying to enforce the dress code regulations.

  21. Incidentally…


    This comes to mind when this show airs. :D

  22. Jason… DL the OtoBoku 11 RAW now. ;)

  23. Yup, he got it. I love crushing people’s hopes. ;)

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