code geass 9

Costume raping? In my stuffed crust anime? How dare you.


I’m just completely giddified by this episode that I don’t know where to begin. Well, actually, I do. Service, service! Nothing injects a little life and interest into an anime than inexplicable fanservice. Yep, we went from Order of the Black Knights to the student council costume raping Lulu in zero to sixty. They actually one-up Haruhi by having the attacker in costume already– the equivalent would be Bunny Girl Haruhi trying to get the Meido outfit on Mikuru.

Though, in my opinion, Shirley looks like a genuine aerobics instructor, Millay looks genuinely frisky and hawt, and watching Suzaku and Rivalz tumble around was a genuine OH GEASS NO! moment. Mixed bag to say the least, and there’s just not way Millay or Shirley will topple Bunny Girl Mikuru. I am disappointed that Karen doesn’t get into costume… we’ll just have to console ourselves with…


Skin! I now have Karen on top of the Code Geass power rankings with C.C., Shirley, and Millay all distant seconds. The worst part is despite all the women around Lulu, he’s still leaning towards the Suzaku option. I think Lulu was jealous of Rivalz jumping Suzaku. I also can’t believe that he screwed up royally twice: once with Shirley, when she was trying to ask him out, only he was too deep into thought about Suzaku to notice, and the second with Karen when she was trying to open herself to him in the park, and he just completely shot her down. He may be great at playing Command and Conquer, but he’s a total failure at playing Kanon.

(I was still hoping though for Shirley to run into Karen and Lulu sitting on the park bench. That would have been awesome. But, alas, “intentional awesome” and “Sunrise” just don’t mix. “Unintentional” and “comedy” works wonders though.)


Karen’s sleeplessness is also reminding me of Nayuki to the point where I want Nayuki to randomly stand up during class and say, “Order of the Black Knights!”


Adding to Karen’s legend is that her story sounds like a story arc for The OC gone horribly wrong: she’s the daughter of her Britannia father and his Eleven mistress. Furthermore, this mistress moves in with her father and his wife and becomes their meido. Talk about a fucked up family structure, no wonder Karen’s off playing Order of the Black Knights every night. (Though her mom’s comment about coming home tired from the settlement late at night dripped with “See, the daughter is turning out like a complete whore just like her mom” contempt and zeal. If only if fake-mom knew the truth that Zero is really gay for Suzaku.) The make the plot even more extreme than whatever The OC is capable of, Karen’s meido mom is actually a strung out drug addict. See, in The OC, this would have been at least a very special two-hour special fueled by some new single from The Killers, but for Code Geass, everything plays out in 24 minutes complete with a mecha battle with the mom in the middle to top things off. We do get some jazzy background music though.


Nonetheless, like most members of the Order of Black Knights, I’m wondering WTF are they doing too. They’ve become the doggone police. They lost their way, their purpose, their cause. They’re just blindly fooling around Zero, addicted to his drug. Sounds like something Sunrise would have done– they’ve oscillated between political drama, giant mecha combat, Pizza Hut infomercial, harem, and shoujo-class yaoi, and it’s only episode nine. My thinking now is between (1) Sunrise screwed up again or (2) Zero is trying to become the next V. Basically, best case for Code Geass now has become a V for Vendetta rip-off with a worst case being The OC with a male-male-male love triangle. Though with this blog’s audience voting so heavily for Itsuki, I’m not sure if that’s a worst case anymore.

Part of me wants Code Geass to descend into the boneyard of Sunrise train wrecks. Anime doesn’t have to be Mushishi or even Musashi quality to be enjoyable– sometimes, an OH GEASS NO moment can have the same impact as Suiseiseki’s “Delicious Strategy.” The other part of me wants Code Geass to succeed and become, well, either a damn good serious political struggle/giant mecha battle or just give into the harem elements and have more Lulu posing with the girls like it’s a rap video. I’m fine either way.

(Nevertheless, I don’t think we’ll get a damn good serious political struggle out of any anime that features inexplicable Pizza Hut references and more plot ideas lifted from Gundam Seed Destiny than I can shake a zaku at.)

A few leftover random thoughts…


These two are sadly the smartest and most reasonable two characters on this show. L and Light-o would mop the floor with Code Geass‘ entire cast.


Am I the only one to find it weird that he’s reading about himself? Narcissism at its finest.

Also, on Code Geass‘ wikipedia entry, they mention that Britannia is actually Britain plus America if George Washington didn’t cross the Potomac or something like that. I see. The page also mentions that Karen will soon get her uber-mecha, the one that they show her piloting in the OP. Gotta love how Sunrise gives away major plot points in their OPs. They also list out three different serializations for the series including one from Lulu’s and one from Suzaku’s point-of-view. The interesting part is that they third series is named “Code Geass – Knightmare of Nanali.” On second thought, I don’t want to know. I just don’t.

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  1. >>These two are sadly the smartest and most reasonable two characters on this show. L and Light-o would mop the floor with Code Geass‘ entire cast.

    No kidding. It’s quite sad really; I especially twinge when I hear people praising LuLu over Light-o.

    >>Narcissism at its finest.

    Hmm, I never got that thought since its logical for a criminal to follow up on his case, to make sure he knows what others think/know.

    Service FTW.

  2. China sell drug to Japan? whatever.

  3. Someone flunk at history … last time I checked there was the matter of Quebec being a french colony not to say south and central america being pretty much spanish and portuguese colonies as well.

    Yet the english managed to control the entire continent of america and europe still stand … right …

  4. “The user must have direct eye contact with the victim. The power cannot work over telecommunications or monitors.”

    Becuz… it’s not the eye of shinigami, so Lulu wont get his life halfed?

  5. Someone else mentioned that this anime should just drop all seriousness and become a complete harem series, its true the show does change tones way too often sometimes i’d rather see more harem situations than rollerskaking mechas and a new rendition of the justice league. Actually seeing how brittania treats japanese like immigrants the order of the black knights scheme really reminds me of the particularist eleven group from gits 2nd gig, just that they do things differently.

  6. In an appropriate/inappropriate distraction from the utter confusion that is Code Geass: 0.o

  7. AAA~aaa~AAA~H. My big comment got eaten. Oh well. Summarization FTW.

    “Hey, you got harem in my war drama!”
    “You got war drama in my harem!”
    “Think we should toss them out, then?”
    “Yeah. They’re shot.”

    Sunrise needs to pick a genre and stick to it, then maybe we’d get an occasional moment of awesome. CC needs to die, as her resurrection was the moment things went so horribly OH GEASS NO! Suzaku needs to realize that Lulu, despite the name, is lacking in the melonpan and start chasing Euphemia. And Karen has rocked my socks since ep 1.

    Costume rape and service are always a fun time. And how can anyone expect Lulu to succeed in overthrowing a world power if he can’t even control a student council?

  8. I suppose credit where credit is due: pic above found through

    Wunsch Des Herzens

    Also the source of a number of CGs from the unbelievable Jingai Makyou. So hot…

  9. Is that Suzuka in the bath with the girls?

    Is that why he has a black eye in his cosplay outfit?


  10. AAAAAArrrrrggghhhhhh… The plot is starting to diverge like crazy. Why are they injecting random episodes of lulu becoming a police guard and about Karen’s mom? what happened to the whole destroy britania goal of lulu? Just when I was hoping to get insane plot elements and they start screwing up on EP8 and go haywire on 9.

  11. apparenty the whole point of every sunrise series is to confuse the hell out of us tell the last episode where they cram some random ending into a two-episode special featuring brand new stuff never seen before….

    secound picture up from the bottom>>>
    hey wait a minute isnt that yoruichi with teal hair….that or the transexual guy from vandread XD

    10 episodes from now lulu will abandom everyone to join suzaku in the “sphere” alliance so that they can pwn zaft err….britania with overpowerd mechs that they jacked from rogers

  12. Except for the service almost this whole episode was an OH GEASS NO!!! moment. Everything “plot” related was terrible. My favorite part wasn’t the actually the service though. It was when Rival jokingly said that Karen should become Lulu’s disciple. He was referring to her sleeping through class like Lulu, but as a member or the Order of the Black Knights she really is Lulu’s disciple and none of them actually know it Maybe Sunrise can write a good joke…

    Or maybe it was completely accidental.

  13. It was the Delaware not the Potomac. England was the most powerful nation in Europe on the eve of the American Revolution, the French were still smarting from the loss of their North American Empire, the Iberian Empire was already in decline, Germany did not yet exist, and Russia and Austria were partioning Poland and Lithuania.

    So when is Lulu going to go Cobra Commander on us? After Lulu kills his dad I hope he does plan on some cultural preservation, decline of the student bath would be terrible cultural loss. Perhaps sunrise plans on doing more character centric eps, like Millay’s no marraige adventure, Shirley’s rabu rabu letter, Euphie’s dayto, the Melancholy of Cornelia li Britannia, Attack! Villetta undercover sensei daihen desu, and just ot be fair Guys Night Out.

    The one saving grace of Sunrise politcal commentary is that it is laughble sometimes, better than American pundits, better looking too. I will give Sunrise credit for being good at comedy when they have a character named Moishe or Rabinovich.

  14. >> Zero is trying to become the next V.

    Right, now I have an image of Evey costume raping V with nekomimi in my mind. God, I need a lobotomy…

  15. you nkow what if the whole being police thing is to gain enough support and uber mechas so that in the future they can seriously be a threat to brittania?

    i mean if they went to war now with zero weapons and mechs they are pretty useless right?

    well thats what i think i might be wrong :P

  16. Who’s the famished carcass lying on the bed? Was she CLAMPed to death or what?

  17. V for Vendetta is good… but this anime doens’t have Natalie Portman, so it can’t compare :(

  18. >>3

    No actually, Britain had recently conquered all of France’s North American possesions east of the Mississippi at the end of the French and Indian War in 1763. If Britain still had the 13 Colonies, there wouldn’t be anyone for Napoleon to sell Louisiana to and so the British probably would have conquered it then. From then on, its not hard to imagine either Mexico never getting its independence from Spain without the US example, or Britain conquering it after independence in the reactionary post-Napoleonic period. Even if they hadn’t conquered it then, they probably would have taken the lead instead of France in the Pastry War or the Maximilian Affair and made Mexico a possession instead of a protectorate.

  19. >> The interesting part is that they third series is named “Code Geass – Knightmare of Nanali.”

    Well, as I recall from Destiny, they gave an uber mecha to the most drugged up ch1x0r they could get. So in this series, they’re (based on the OP) giving their next uber mecha to the misbegotten child of a drugged up ch1x0r. If the title of that third series is accurate, Sunrise will then give up completely on druggies, and just go for the movement-impaired. Maybe they’re trying to save on parking?

    >> Is that Suzuka in the bath with the girls?

    Maybe that’s why Lulu likes em…

  20. Is it just me or does Karen’s ubermecha look like Eva Unit 02?

  21. Not really, but it does look an awful lot like Rodimus Prime.

  22. The manga sucks.

  23. Rodimus Prime? You mean the suicidal Hot “I must not away” Rod?

  24. Speaking of Sunrise and wikipedia, apparently our favorite studio will be handling an anime adaptation of Idolm@ster… I wonder how that will turn out XD
    Just imagine Microsoft, Sunrise, and Namco at the table trying to discuss how to tie in the XBOX game, arcade, and anime. lol… preferably with lesbians. >_>

  25. “Sounds like something Sunrise would have done– they’ve oscillated between political drama, giant mecha combat, Pizza Hut infomercial, harem, and shoujo-class yaoi, and it’s only episode nine.”

    Most anime that are worth their sugar tend to do this, though, I would laugh at “shoujo-class yaoi.” LOL.

    There’s boycuteness here and there [the art style, for one] but you know, anything and everything can be looked at through the blue-tinted lends of Boys’ Love, so it doesn’t really matter!

  26. Thanks for reminding me this is a Sunrise production after all. I was too excited to see the new frame in the OP.

    I should have drop this show a few weeks ago if it wasn’t a “mecha” anime. And they have a “rerun” last week too, kinda bring back the memories of dropping “NANA” early.

    Sadly, the pizza delivery guy got more action than lancelot…

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