separated at birth?

Look similar… bah, enjoy the fanservice.

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    Episode 2’s not going to be out for awhile…
    So are the games to be in English for American release…

  2. OMG ponytail.

  3. OMG Asakura

  4. Tsuruya-saaaaaaan! But isn’t her suntan a little weird?^^’

  5. I’m so torn. Angelune’s got more melonpan per capita, but the SOS is the SOS! It’s like there’s a heated debate in my pants, and the someone just overran their alloted response time to a talking point! Pandemonium ensues. In my pants.

  6. O.o …

    Knife-wielding maniac vs. her unbelievably sexy one piece. It’s worth the risk right? She’s not necessarily universally sociopathic, and perhaps she’s not a black widow…

    It’s a tough call, but I still think I prefer the neko-Tsuruya and neko-Yuki to these editions, despite the delicious skin and cleaner pic. (See my post in CG9)

  7. Seperated at birth? Probably not… Do I care? No… *saves*

  8. Why is it that “Asakura > Everyone else” on every group poster?

    Not that I’m complaining, quite the contrary…

  9. why only OHaruhi-saman and LOL FANG-tan is tanned….. and look how…. white mikururun is…. OMG and and and Asakura OMOHSM

  10. is it me or tsuruya-san and haruhi’s bust shrunk??!

  11. >> is it me or tsuruya-san and haruhi’s bust shrunk??!

    That’s what I am thinking.

  12. Ragz Says:
    >>is it me or tsuruya-san and haruhi’s bust shrunk??!

    Haruhi, not so much. Arms stretched upwards like that, it’s about right. Notice the extra definition the artist drew in around the bikini, and she’s not quite as small as she looks at first glance.

    As for Tsuruya-san, taking into account the school swimsuit tanlines and the decided lack of definition around the bust region, it’s apparent the artist was thinking not so much LOL FANG-tan as LOLi FANG-tan.

  13. Where’s Imouto-san??

  14. >> Where’s Imouto-san??

    I smell a pedobear

  15. >>I smell a pedobear


    I need to go wash.

  16. oh my soo good -_- ….. my head is guru guru

  17. >>>is it me or tsuruya-san and haruhi’s bust shrunk??!

    According to my experience, their sizes are just about right because given that they’re leaning backwards taking gravity into account.

    Yeah, where is Imouto-san? They had her as a bunny girl but not with a swimsuit?

    Also, Asakura’s voice is hot singing Hare Hare Yukai.

  18. Mikuru and Asakura in swimsuits and ponytails? Kyon would probably die from the conflicting “flee from life” and “ogle” impulses. OTOH, with Kyon’s worship of Mikuru he would certainly die happy.

    If Asakura had looked like that when she made her kill attempt on Kyon, then Kyon would definitely be dead. All he needed to be was a little bit more off guard for her stab to have hit its mark, and swimsuit + ponytail would’ve surely done it.

  19. Gawd, Asakura is so damn hot! I don’t like Mikuru’s pose.

    Overall though the Angelune team have a better pose.

  20. Too bad my vision of the SOS-Dan beach picture is tainted by the shopped muscular SOS-Dan girls… >>;; And even worse is I saw that version with all Musashi Gundoh heads and guns.


    …or is that just the sun’s light?

  22. “…or is that just the sun’s light?”

    As you can see sunlight doesn’t only cause cancer but much worse it melts your tits.

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