kanon 18

“I am… The Queen of Blades.” Kanon 18.


Boring, unfunny, non-anime rant:

Well, last Sunday my old video card (GeForce 6800GT) started reporting temperatures of 120 degrees C idle with the fans turned up all the way, and if I started doing anything that required it to be out of idle, it jumped to 140 and shut itself down. Bad times. Very bad times. I replaced the heatsink and fan on the card with a custom one, and it brought the core temp down to around 110. This is still not normal, so I decided to just pick up a new card from Fry’s. My new graphics card runs at a much nicer 40 degrees, but it requires the new ForceWare 9 drivers… very bugged ForceWare drivers. I use my video card to output to my TV when I watch anime, and for whatever reason, the new ForceWare drivers will auto-detect anything that isn’t the same resolution as my TV and stretch it out, even if I want letterbox instead. Very annoying. Plus it doesn’t display subtitles properly on the TV out for mkv files anymore, which is fantastic considering that if I put in my old card and reverted back to ForceWare 6, it works fine. (For 2 minutes before the card overheats and shuts down.) This appears to be a well-known problem, only if you bring it up on nVidia’s forums, they seem to ban you when you do. Sigh. I’m off to Fry’s after this to look for a dedicated TV-out board. So my question is this: how do you prefer to watch your anime?

(Also, while I was shopping at Nijiya last week, there was a mom with her little daughter in the checkout line standing behind me. The little girl kept begging her mom, “Tayaki-san! Tabetai mitai!” I told myself, “Okay, let’s file this away for when I do my weekly Kanon post.” The guy standing in front of me was obviously a non-traditional male as he brought in his own Trader Joe’s brown bags for the groceries.)


What’s with those shadows under Shiori’s eyes? She looks like she’s making a guest appearance on tonight’s episode of Cops.


Headbutts are the new hello? I have a meeting with a Japanese customer next week at work, and I’m just going to headbutt him to start off the meeting. Let’s see how well that goes.


“I was so happy to see you, I just had to headbutt you!” said Brian Urlacher to Peyton Manning.


“Do you have the bento?!?” said the bento-addicted Yuuichi to Shiori. I’m guessing that he’s hooked now. After eating Sayuri’s bentos and now Shiori’s, how can he ever go back to normal food? I know I won’t be able to.


Kaori has these shaded eyes too. Her demeanor is slightly better than a pr0n star setting a “Most guys in a day” award.


So is this better, worse, or no change from Sayuri’s food? By the way, I love how Yuuichi doesn’t even visit Mai and Sayuri in the hospital anymore. He’s too booked with the women folk that if you’re not 100% healthy and ready to go, he doesn’t want you. That’s the epitome of being a player.

(Yuuichi’s suggestion of a “birthday party” is also interesting… when Shiori asked “Who is coming?” he should have said, “You, me, Ayu, and a video camera.”)


If this were a Concerned Mikuru with an Overstuffed Kyon, he’d be resting his head on her lap and enjoying a nice Mikuru pillow. (Don’t worry, we’ll see this scene animated in nine months as fanboys worldwide scream in jealously.) Yuuichi gets minus one points for not taking advantage of the situation.


Not only does Yuuichi not get to rest his head on Shiori’s lap, his suggestion of, “Let’s skip afternoon classes. Is there anywhere you want to go? Ohbytheway, I have a 50% off coupon for this hourly hotel…” gets shot down. Just not his day.


Mood is very important, and sunsets do a great job of establishing a mood. Yuuichi blows it again by not taking full opportunity of the situation and move in with a cheesy line like, “As beautiful as that sunset may be, it’s not as beautiful as your eyes.” Or “There’s no place that I’d rather be than enjoying a pretty sunset with you.” Watching Yuuichi stumble around the last couple of minutes and not capitalize on the Shiori prime rib, he must be affected and preoccupied with her imminent “death.” The real world equivalent has to be if AoMM passes on reviewing a Sunrise giant mecha train wreck fueled by lesbianism because my goldfish died.


Nayuki reminds me a bit of the Godfather during this scene, but I was disappointed that there wasn’t more dripping jealously or vindictiveness in her voice when she asked, “Who is this Shiori girl?!? Is she the hussy you’ve been having lunch with?!?”


Raccoon eyes just don’t make a girl attractive. But I gotta give points to Yuuichi for tossing everything but the kitchen sink to try to get her to come to the party. If Yuuichi can reconcile Shiori and Kaori, he can reconcile the Shiites and the Sunnis. Yep, let’s ship him off to Iraq.


Kaori looks more in shame for setting a “Most guys in a day award” rather than angsty over her little sister. I know what Kyoto is trying to convey with the shadow, but it’s not doing a great job. I think that they would have been better off just animating Kaori with her head down.


I almost spit up my coffee during this scene. Yuuichi reassures Shiori that these are good people and that she has nothing to worry about, and then we quickly cut to Jun welcoming them. Plenty of intentional comedy if Kyoto planned it this way or almost pantheon-class amounts of unintentional comedy if Kyoto didn’t plan it this way. The only thing that could top this is if Nayuki gives Shiori some of her mom’s jam-mu to Shiori for a birthday present, and it’s that this jam-mu that kills this scrapped princess.


The picture on the left kinda looks like the island from Lone Island Syndrome! Good times. Still, I was disappointed that there’s only four pictures in here. Didn’t Shirley have like 2,000 of Lulu?

(And if Shirley had lost her memory, when she goes back to her room and finds 2,000 pictures of Lulu, wouldn’t that a bit weird? I know, I know… questioning the plot logic of a Sunrise anime is as productive as questioning the QB skills of Rex Grossman.)


Happy Birthday Shiori!


They should have used trick candles. Shiori’s look here as she’s blowing out the candles is what the characters from the 2002 version look like all the time. I’d do a comparison screenshot, only we never got this far in the Shiori path in the original series. Hell, we didn’t even get that far for the Mai path.

(One thing both series has in common? They both wasted too much time on Makoto.)




I can’t believe that they polished off that huge ass cake. I also can’t believe that someone is actually confronting Yuuichi about his harem. Finally! Jun gets an AoMM point for listing off Yuuichi’s conquests but then quickly loses it for begging Yuuichi to share some of the action. Though gotta enjoy the girls’ responses to Jun’s accusations: Shiori blushes, Ayu continues shoving her face with kaykii, and Nayuki “doesn’t understand anything.” I’m positive that Mai would have blushed also with Sayuri doing an “Ahahah~” They really have been forgotten. *sobs*


I can’t wait for Itsuki to strangle Kyon now. Let’s just move on.


Nooooooo! Oh, wait, it’s just strawberry. Whew! But my theory of Shiori’s death was so close to coming true.


I need a new poll idea. After racking my brain this morning while waiting for the coffee to warm up, all I could think of is, “Who is more manly? Ayu or Mizuho-oneesama.” Needless to say, I may be as caffeine-addicted as Yuuichi is bishoujo bento-addicted.


Talk about stopping a room… but I’m glad she made it. Conflict!


I love this scene where Jun introduces Kaori to Shiori as the two sisters look like that they are at a funeral procession.


My eyes! They burn! They burn! The goggles! They do nothing!

(Unlike last time, no Strapless Mai around.)


Gotta love how everyone is in complete and utter shock. After all, didn’t Jun have to get nakkid in front of all of them to change?


Her eye twitch is fantastic. A+. Pantheon-class. But not as awesome as…


… my eye twitch watching Jun and Yuuichi hoe down. I’m delighted that they might break into Hare Hare Yukai anytime, but also terrified that they could start grinding each other in the cafe as all the fangirls scream in delight. The goggles! They do nothing!


The goggles! They really, really do nothing!

(In a related subject, I can’t wait for Itsuki to break out this same outfit nine months from now. Yep, AoMM’s Squeals of Mikuru Asahina countdown has already begun.)


When Kaori finally acknowledged Shiori as her little sister, didn’t you feel like cheering, even a little bit, even if your optical nerves have been burned by the sight of Jun’s PS3-huge ass? I noticed how Kaori basically gave Yuuichi a carte blanche with her sister as she walks away with everyone else and giving him “permission.” Yuuichi, I hope you still have that 50% off coupon handy.


She hit one! Her life is now complete, and she can pass on with no regrets.


Enjoyed Shiori’s, “Can I hold your hand?” Yuuichi needs to start taking advantage of the situation. He should grab her by her shoulders, look her straight in the eyes, and say something cheesy like, “The warmth that my hands can offer is no match for the warmth that your smile brings.” I better stop before I get a job offer from Hallmark.


Awwww… shucks. I was half-hoping for a mountain lion to jump out and attack them. They kinda look really awkward, and for the nth time this post, I’m going to bring up the fact that Yuuichi was telling Mai how much he loved her… like last week. Dude is more of a player than Shawn Kemp.


Oh man, this scene where Shiori opens up to Yuuichi was fantastic. Mostly because she was spilling her guts out about everything, including how she got her blanket, her relationship with Kaori, and the bombshell that she almost committed suicide by slitting her wrists.


This part caught me off-guard because I completely forgot about it. Listening to Shiori talk about how what prevented her from actually killing herself was because she ran into Ayu and Yuuichi that day and laughed with them… and when she thought of that, she didn’t want to kill herself anymore. Good stuff.


As you may know, I’m a big fan of giving haremettes sharp objects. If I ever run for governor of Coddy-for-nee-a, I’ll make it one of my campaign cornerstones.

(I’m just delighted that we finally have introduced sharp objects into Kanon. The next logical step would be Shiori hunting down Ayu to eliminate her competition for Yuuichi, followed by Nayuki going after Shiori in an end-all battle. Meanwhile, Sayuri poisons Mai’s food at the hospital. There can be only one!)


The juxtaposition of something like an otherwise sweet girl doing something out-of-character and crying… while surrounded by stuffed animals… reminded me of the movie Kids where the main male character who went around sweet talking girls for sex. (And afterwards, he would get up, spit on them, and run out. Classy guy.) Only he is HIV positive, and the girls always end up crying on their beds surrounded by stuffed animals. Bad times. Very bad times. I can’t recommend that movie for the same reason that I can’t watch the Detroit Lions: both are very depressing. And if you were exposed to both while growing up, you’ll end up ranting about stuff like emo facial distortions and nekomimi meido in an anime blog when you grow older.


“It’s almost twelve. I’m more legal, Yuuichi!”

(Note: 13-18 in Japan.)


He might be thrillin’ baby but a-my love (my love, my love)
So dog-gone willin’
So kiss him (I wanna see you kiss him, wanna see you kiss him)
Go on and kiss him goodbye

(Sadly, Riko and Haruhiko have gotten much more action than Yuuichi, even though Haruhiko isn’t in the same class as being a player as Yuuuichi.)


Realized “the goodbye kiss” a bit late. (If Shiori was really in a good mood and not planning to split, she wouldn’t have kissed him on the cheek.) Gah. Is this is the last that we’ll see of Shiori? We’ll find out soon enough, but if she miraculously survives, she’ll be shoved off to the side for Ayu’s story, much like how Mai and Sayuri were shoved aside for Shiori’s.


Shiori, RIP. Unless, of course… “Do you believe in miracles? YES!

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  1. >>>”The real world equivalent has to be if AoMM passes on reviewing a Sunrise giant mecha train wreck fueled by lesbianism because my goldfish died.”

    Get a new one, and soon. Gotta get your opinions on Sunrise’s most recent adventures in left-field storytelling. Literary sleight-of-ass, if you will.

    On a more post-related note…

    I haven’t owned a TV for about 8 years now, since I got my first TV tuner card. I’ve gradually traded up as the technology has allowed, and now I get to watch HDTV (and/or HDTV-quality fansubs) on a 20″ widescreen monitor that takes up hella less room than a 50-some-odd inch, couple thousand dollar plasma TV.

    Still, it’s not for everybody. Like anything computer-related, it doesn’t always work as it should, and if my job wasn’t working on computers at a computer retailer, it’d probably have been too expensive or difficult to implement. That and those ginormous plasma TVs do start looking a lot better when you’re trying to read LuPerry’s tiny-ass Sumomomo Momomo subs from across the room…

  2. > how do you prefer to watch your anime?

    I prefer to download them into my macbook, take it to the Starbuck two blocks away on the school campus, order a large Capuchino and a chocolate fudge kaykii, sit on a table next to the glass wall that gives me a view of the park outside, put on my headphone, and play the anime.

    Quite a few times, I was able to strike a conversation with the girls that walked by and was interested in what I was watching. Good times. :)

  3. So Shiori was infected with the same sickness as Makoto, spontaneous-gaseous-form-transmutation-disorder, it was so simple I shoulda guessed.

    >>“I was so happy to see you, I just had to headbutt you!” said Brian Urlacher to Peyton Manning.

    Man Zidane must’ve been ecstatic to see Materazzi then.

    I used to run my video card out to my tv as well to watch anime but the resolution and quality lacked, now I have a modified xbox that can stream any video format from my computer and since the xbox was designed to display on a tv it looks infinitely better, good luck with your video card dilemma.

  4. >>So my question is this: how do you prefer to watch your anime?
    Basically on my PC. It would’ve been on my Mac, but sadly, that was an unintentional victim of a impact dynamics test. UguuAuuu.

    I believe that we can use the Jun and Yuuichi dance to show people the harmful effects of drugs. I know it scared me off my Venti Mocha. I switched to a Venti non-fat, no-whip Mocha. Oh the humanity.

  5. …though Haruhiko isn’t in the same class as being a player as Yuuuichi…

    …don’t even compare that (need to be impaled Vlad Tepes-style) Nemu choosing douchebag to Yuiichi…who is quite possibly the best harem lead ever…

  6. Shiori survived the 2002 version… Given the last few minutes of this episode I just get the feeling that she might not survive this one (and the fact that we don’t see her at all for next week’s episode preview doesn’t help either).

  7. I watch anime on my 52″ 1080p lcd screen, which is connected to my computer.

  8. Sharp Object ALERT!!!!!.
    Dude, If Shiori die I will stop watching Kanon(LIE!). I know that she survived 2002 but I’m not so sure about this one.

  9. Jason Miao, how do you afford these things. Plus, you neglected to mention the awesome meido that Kyo Ani sneaked in.

  10. So my question is this: how do you prefer to watch your anime?
    I just use my monitor–20″ widescreen flat panal. Sometimes, I transfer stuff over to my laptop and watch it wherever, but mainly just on my monitor. My TV these days seems to be strictly for console gaming because I don’t have cable.

    But a question Jason, how does one hook up their TV to view anime on it? I’ve googled it a little, but really couldn’t an answer that didn’t require me to get a better video card or a better TV. My TV only has composite inputs. I would actually prefer to watch on my TV because of where it’s located in my room, but can’t seem to find a simple solution.

  11. Sick moe is so moe, and yes, Makoto died cause of Ayako’s jam, she wasn’t a fox, and Ayu’s next.

    Go Go Boxcutters!

  12. Damn it Jason! Computers at work, computers at home, computers at college, and now you bring computers to your blog! I’m cursed, oh well; since you bring the topic I’ll say it. I have now DUAL SCREEN for my enjoyment; two-LCD-Ultra-sharp-19inches monitors, all sponsored by my nVidia GForce 7900 GS. So, in one monitor I’m watching Lemon Angel Project and in the other one, I’m reading your blog. DS FTW!!

    So, KyoAni simple dispatches Shiori with a “Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu. Sayonara” note left in front of a coffee machine. Now I’m pissed, not only they share a break hearting moment just a few minutes ago and then, and then everything is over. We know that maybe Shiori survives, maybe not, KyoAni has the last word in that regard.

    Can someone tell me if that dance between Yuuichi and Jun was another reference from Pull Fiction? Damn it! I want to know.

    Ok, only 6 episodes more to go.

  13. I use a 19″ Sony LCD. And then i get down on the floor and cry because XP has deleted the drivers to my prehistoric integrated audio card. I now have 116,4 gb of un-watched anime and i feel like sh*t.

  14. 8:34

  15. 17″ computer screen for me. I would use my TV, except for the fact that my LCD screen IS my TV.

    Another arc finished, another step towards certain doom (Ayu ending)

  16. I just watch anime on my PC. Is there something wrong with that? o.o

    Well, when everyone left, Kaori did say “Let’s chat a lot later”. I guess Shiori wanted to spend her last moments doing what she wanted more than anything else: spending quality time with her sister.

    I don’t like Jun’s grim look when he mentions Shiori in the preview. >_

  17. since yur doing the blog think u can make those images into wallpapers or post additional walls , big fan of kanon ^^

  18. http://derailedbydarry.com/ima...../18_16.jpg

    Ahahahah. Look at Ayu. I think I’ve seen much ‘snipers’ in game, and this is the first time I’ve seen one in anime.

  19. Man. When did boxcutters become a moe mode?

  20. @braincraft
    “Man. When did boxcutters become a moe mode?”

    SHUFFLE! episode #19 at 8:04.

  21. >> I’m delighted that they might break into Hare Hare Yukai anytime, but also terrified that they could start grinding each other in the cafe as all the fangirls scream in delight.

    Hah, I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought they would start doing Hare Hare Yukai!

  22. I watch either on my 19′ T.V. from at least 10 years ago (no joke) on my 6-year old 17′ Monitor that’s as big as it is wide, or on my 13′ Black Macbook. I’ve seen Kanon on all 3, and I actually prefer on my Macbook so far.

    And why is it ‘naifu’ seem to be so popular in anime?

  23. >>So my question is this: how do you prefer to watch your anime?

    On my desktop PC.
    Wait, doesn’t everyone does it that way?

    (Actually, if I already watched the series once, then I watch it on my home theather)

    >>Watching Yuuichi stumble around the last couple of minutes and not capitalize on the Shiori prime rib, he must be affected and preoccupied with her imminent “death.”

    Ok, so the girl is going to die, how depressing… What a nice reason to have everlasting memories with her!

    Srsly, I was expecting more from you, Kyon’ichi.


    Shiori’s “Moe Crush” is on par with Hisui’s.

    >>My eyes! They burn!

    Mine also burn! BURN IN PASSION!
    Jun FTW

  24. >>>How do you prefer to watch your anime?

    on my laptop:
    [newt0311@localhost ~]$ anim

    where anim is an alias for:
    mplayer -alang jpn -slang eng -fs -zoom -idx -subfont-autoscale 1

    terminal for the win.

  25. >>> …followed by Nayuki going after Shiori in an end-all battle. Meanwhile, Sayuri poisons Mai’s food at the hospital. There can be only one!

    So, unless the battles take place at early hours of the morning, Nayuki would have the upper hand. Shiori can hardly hit the moles and Sayuri trips while standing.

  26. Still rockin the anime on my 19″ monitor on the computer.

    Worth noting that Yuuichi isn’t a fraction of the player Wilt Chamberlain allegedly was. He wasn’t stupid enough to leave the remnants that Shawn Kemp did.

    Though Jun spotting Yuuichi the harem was a nice touch. No bunch of good deeds get unnoticed in that town, no sirree..

  27. Damn it! What happens to Shiori?! Fantastic episode, and then they have her run off at the end. Still I’m confident that anyone who can run around at midnight and give logical excuses for doing so isn’t just going to topple over and expire there and then. She obviously just went home.

    And we’d better find this out next episode…or at the very least we’ve got to see her alive in the final episode…where Yuuichi ditches Ayu for her, or KyoAni leave the choice of ending girl open. Right? Right?! Of course we will!

    As to anime viewing preferences, my 19″ widescreen TFT does nicely, along with my surround sound setup.

  28. Shiori survives in the game … unless you screw up and its GAME OVER if you do.

    My guess is they are taking Shiori away until the end since they are moving to Ayu and it would simply mess things up … the reason they shown Mai is that she commits suicide and they had to show how she managed to survive it, with Shiori they simply have not not show her dying since its just a illness.

  29. How long do they plan to leave blogsuki in yabai mode?

  30. “I’m just delighted that we finally have introduced sharp objects into Kanon.”
    A sword (katana?) isn’t sharp enough for you?

  31. First, thank you Miao, for not forcing me to relive the dance sequence by posting more than two images of said booty-shaking. It made me feel like Shiori in her room – laughing but crying uncontrollably at the same time. Thankfully, my box cutter was on the other side of the room.

    All in all a very sweet episode. Yuuichi just keeps reeling them in, but in such a way that the other girls really can’t be mad at him – he’s just being nice. The prick. He needs to visit Mai in the hospital before she starts calling out demons again. Or since she’s not feeling self-destructive anymore, maybe she isn’t enough of a project for him?

    Meanwhile, Mai and Sayuri are lying in their beds:

    “I spy with my little eye…something beginning with ‘S'” “Sheets?”
    “I spy with my little eye…something beginning with ‘b'”
    “Too bad. I really miss bento.”
    “Boxcutter. Stay away from my Yuuichi!”

  32. nice throwback to the rainman there – always nice to be reminded of what could have been, should have been, never was.

  33. >> The goggles! They really, really do nothing!

    Jason, that would have been a good time for your video card to give up…

    >> He should grab her by her shoulders, look her straight in the eyes, and say something cheesy…

    Better than my thought of “I haf S0l4RRR H4nzzz! Want some bread?”

  34. > how do you prefer to watch your anime?

    Well all I can say is that it all depends on the situation and what series it is.

    If its an episode of D.Gray-Man, Bleach,Kiba, or Naruto, I’m in no hurry to watch it, yet I’ll usually encode it to PSP format, go to school, and during breaks, have a nice cup of Joe and watch some anime. Good times!

    Other series which have higher priority to me, such as Code Geass, Gundam (whatever series im watching), Haruhi, Kanon, etc. , then I will watch it ASAP, which most likely means I’ll chill, watching from my Laptop.

    However on rare occasions, my friend hooks up his XBOX360 to his laptop, and uses it as a media center to watch anime on his HD tv. HD ANIME 4TW!!! (though so far, only watched zegapain in HD, but damn!)

  35. >>So my question is this: how do you prefer to watch your anime?

    I watch my anime of an old computer I setup with Windows MCE 2005. The specs are kind of old (P4 2.5, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9800 Pro) but the only time it really shows is when running a WMV-HD file, and even then only very briefly. I have it connected to my HDTV over HDMI.

    One thing I have not managed to ever find is a codec pack that doesn’t crash the Media Center UI after running 5-6 videos in a row.

  36. *sigh* All my comments got moderated for no apparent reason… I might just stop commenting at all.

    Anyways, I can’t believe I have yet to see a blog mention this: fast-forward to 8:34, Rumi from ONE shows up. She is also there clapping a little bit later.

    Would it mean that KyoAni will animate ONE next? Pure speculation… But Ayu, Nayuki and Makoto also did their cameo on AIR, and then Kanon got animated by KyoAni.

  37. The more I watch this show, the more sympathetic and lovey dovey I get for each one of the girls… except for Makoto…

    Noooez! Shiori! Don’t die! x__x

  38. You should take your card back and go grab an ATI. tomshardware had an article recently on the TV outs of ATI and NVidia. You should check it out.

    Also, I think ATI has always had the edge over NVidia when it comes to tv out due to all their All-in-wonder video cards and such.

  39. I want to see the KyoAni blooper reel where Jun unzips the bag and instead of his Elvis outfit there’s Kyon’s sister.

  40. >>I want to see the KyoAni blooper reel where Jun unzips the bag and instead of his Elvis outfit there’s Kyon’s sister.

    That would be creepy yet full of win at the same time.

  41. Dop: dead or alive?

  42. Yuuichi is a mega-playboy.

    That would be all.

  43. I watch my anime on my 24 inch dell 2407 monitor with 7.1 creative surround sound speakers.

    although that laptop in starbucks with fudge kaykii sounds like a good idea too..

  44. For some reason I thought I was seeing a higurashi post when I saw that picture of Shiori on the front page…

  45. Trivia:

    Kanon-fans have found the RL counterpart to the High School.

    Click Here


  46. Yeah, I’ve got a nice 19″ LCD too, for the watching.

    I think Shiori is my favorite of the girls. They’re really all too young for my taste, but the way Shiori acts just seems more mature than the other girls. Despite theoretically being the youngest (sigh).

  47. I watch on my regular TV, using the GoToTivo feature of my Series 2. Requires transcoding each episode into the format Tivo requires. Right now that prevents me from watching softsubs (I usually use mencoder to do the transcoding, and its soft->hard sub support doesn’t work very well yet), which I have to watch on my laptop. Sometimes I watch on the bus during my commute, especially Kanon since it is light on fanservice (although the incident with Nayuki changing in the first episode had me worried…)

  48. “So my question is this: how do you prefer to watch your anime?”

    I personally do everyone on my 19 inch LCD screen unless of course its something dark like Ergo Proxy. Those types of shows I’ll burn to a DVDr and play on my Divx enabled dvd player. But for the most part I have everything hooked up to my computer moniter including my Wii and PS2.

  49. Glad you’re keeping up again. I think I slowed down on Kanon waiting for your blog posts.

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