kanon 22

The Melancholy of Nayuki Minase. Kanon 22.


To recap: Yuuichi just remembered that he took out his anger on Nayuki seven years ago, when she was trying to confess to him, thus scarring her for life. After he realizes this, he finds out that Power MILF Akiko got ran over in a traffic accident. Bad times. Very bad times. Mai Otome Zwei bad times.


In the worst decision since the the twelve colonies gave the defense control codes to Balthar, they decide to drive past the scene of the accident. My gosh. Nayuki doesn’t need more scarring! What’s next? The only way that this series of events could be more traumatizing is if they pull a South Park and reveal that her mother is really her father.

(I think Yuuichi should have hugged Nayuki or something instead of letting her go catatonic.)


“Don’t worry. Your mother is in good hands if you have PPO. If you have Kaiser Permanante, may God have mercy on your souls.”


Melancholy of Nayuki Minase indeed. Reminds me a bit of Mai’s normal demeanor.


I don’t remember her going into such a funk in the original series. She was a bit peppier and spent him constantly at her mom’s side in the hospital, thus leading to the climatic ending. You’d think that with the constant themes of loss and separation in Kanon, the viewer would get used to it, but the amount of empathy for Nayuki and her mom is probably much greater than that lying Shiori, the annoying Makoto, or the suddenly non-existent Mai. (Yes, I’m a bit disappointed that even though they’re all at the hospital, Mai and Sayuri don’t show up to offer a word or two of encouragement. It really is Elimidate…)


You know who Nayuki is starting to remind me of? Yuki Nagato! The same blank, lifeless face. Nayuki just needs to start speaking in two word phrases, and we’re set.


I guess with his entire harem out of action, which is quite a feat, Yuuichi has to either give in to the Jun or start cooking. I’m glad that he picked the latter.


Looks pretty edible, even if it’s just breakfast food. Much better than Ayu’s at least. Nayuki mumbles something about how everything is her fault because she wanted the strawberry cake (and she saw the strawberry cake at the accident scene). This girl just doesn’t get any breaks. I’m still shaking my head as to why they had to drive by the accident scene. It’s like if you’re working it with a cute girl at a party, and then your drunk friend interrupts you with, “Hey, so what happened with that girl from Berkeley who gave you crabs?”

(When she said “Watashi no sei da,” it could just have been Yuki.)


I bet Piro’s thinking, “Hehehe, at least I’m going to eat well today.”


Sadly, the only harem member poor Yuuichi has left. It’s starting to parallel a classic slasher horror movie like Friday the 13th more than a harem anime.


In the original, all Nayuki wanted to do at this point was visit her mother in the hospital. Now, she’s completely withdrawn from society as if she were afraid of the N.H.K.. It is sad seeing her normally peppy, cheery, and bubbly self be reduced to this.


It’s also kinda sad seeing Yuuichi rummage through his desk of momentos from his already gone haremettes. What did he keep from Mai? DNA-stained strapless dress?


And wonder if Makoto would be the savior in a situation like this really, really reeks of desperation.


She really is starting to remind me of a cross between Yuki’s taciturn nature and Satou’s hikikomori nature. Not good. Even the way she says Yuuichi’s name reeks of Yuki.


I’m not sure what Yuuichi could have and should have done, but re-opening old wounds is probably not a good idea. Nayuki wants to be left alone, but being left alone is probably the worst thing for her. Maybe she needs to be at her mom’s side now more than ever instead of being locked up in the dark room.

(I’d also say get her friends to help, but they all have their own various issues ATM. It’s like a perfect storm of misfortunate has hit this snow covered town.)




Reminds me of the scenes when Nausicaa gets mad and her hair flares out. Still, you really have to start feeling for Nayuki as she exclaims how she doesn’t even know what her father looks like… if Akiko were involved in a normal relationship, wouldn’t she want Nayuki to know who her father was, like if he died fighting in a war or in a traffic accient? Is it because Akiko was/is/whatever such a slut that she doesn’t know who Nayuki’s father is? (Or is it like Cartman’s “mom.”) In any case, it looks like Nayuki qualifies to be on the next Maury Povich paternity test special.


I like how Yuuichi goes, “There’s something important that I’m not remembering,” and then he falls asleep dreaming about exactly this something that he doesn’t remember. Very convenient.


We’re exposed to more of an old Ayu and Yuuichi day-to, until I notice that the winds start blowing harder. I write down (since I keep notes on episodes I know I’m going to blog) on my notepad, “With this gusty wind, wouldn’t it be funny if Ayu got blown off this tree?”


Not funny at all. Bad, jason, bad. Tragic, and I even let out a gasp. I thought that she got hit in a traffic accident and ended up incapacitated that way. Nope. My memory was leaky as she falls out of the tree instead.


No wonder Yuuichi doesn’t want to remember any of his past here… even though he had a great time, the end with Ayu getting hurt is just horrible for him, hence causing him to snap at Nayuki later.

(But, if only they had cell phones in Kanon… maybe he can finally dial 911… err… 119.)


I don’t peg Ayu’s chances of survival as being very high. While it is encouraging that she can talk, she can’t move anything except for her mouth and her tears, and help is not exactly close by. What’s Yuuichi going to do? It might take help half an hour to arrive if he bolts now for the nearest pay phone, but this would leave Ayu alone, and, more importantly, cold. He could try to carry Ayu, but he doesn’t exactly look strong, and moving her with possible spinal injuries is probably not a good idea.


Kanon has just been a sad story after another sad story. I’m not sure what at this point can top Ayu vanishing, Akiko getting pancaked, Nayuki going hikikomori, and Little Ayu plummeting from a twenty feet drop. All in the past 30 minutes. Even The Joy Luck Club spaced out bad news more evenly.


Oh man, I was hoping for a zoom in of Yuuichi’s face rather than the zoom out as he screamed, “AYUUUUUU!” It could have been an emo facial distortion for the ages, but, alas.


Like ditching Nayuki for Ayu again, Yuuichi decides that it’s more important for him to go out and search for a possibly dead Ayu than the stay and try to comfort Nayuki with Jun.


Instead, he loses his mind and climbs up Momomi Hills, yet he’s suddenly gassed now… even though he made the same climb like twice before with Makoto on his back. Go figure.


His loli fox (which sounds like a Firefox branch gone horrible wrong) guardian angel. How sweet. But I guess that this is the hill of miracles…


… but maybe I’m interrupting this wrong, but if Yuuichi’s present, the one that he didn’t give Ayu because she fell from the tree, is the red handband, and Ayu has been showing up all around town previously with the red handband, maybe a miracle does occur and brings Ayu back. I guess we’ll find out… two episodes left. Now excuse me as I go find some happier anime to watch…

(The next episode named “finale” is not the finale. Episode 24, “kanon,” ends the series. Though I am impressed that Kyoto managed to squeeze out 24 different musical terms to name the episodes.)

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  1. You know…there actually is a lolifox browser you can download. It’s firefox for anime fans XD

  2. I was worried because Nayuki was actually reminding me an awful lot of Kaede (of Shuffle!) than Nagato Yuki…
    …then there was her crying close-up, and I started breathing again.

  3. About the driving past of the accident scene, I did ask about it, and this was given as a possible explanation.

    Click Here


  4. Nayuki got shafted again. This is a sad day indeed…

  5. Yuuichi should have given Nayuki a hug at SOME point over the 24 hours following the accident. But at least he put a blanket over her in the hospital. At least.

    Who’s going to provide Nayuki with food if Yuuichi freezes to death on a hill – Jun? If his cooking is anything like his taste in party outfits, Yuuichi is going to come home to find a Norman Bates situation with a dried up Nakuki-skeleton still curled up by her window. Ew.

    I did like how Ayu’s eyes dulled as she started lapsing into ~uguuu-land. SO the drama…

  6. You want to know why Nayuki doesn’t know her father? Kyon obviously leaves Akiko before Nayuki is born. That’s right. Kyon.

    You see, this all takes place in the same world as The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (but about 20 years later after an ice age begins). See, how it happened is, Kyon slept with Haruhi who gave birth to Yuuichi, he slept with Itsuki who somehow gave birth to Jun, he slept with Yuki who gave birth to Kaori (Mai is also Yuki’s daughter, but with a different father), he slept with Mikuru and gave birth to Makoto, who then got turned into a fox by poorly drawn animals (who really don’t belong in either series) because they didn’t like her, and he slept with Akiko, who we all know is Nayuki’s mother. Oh, and if you’re wondering where Shiori came from… Well, they say incest can have some bad effects. Maybe that’s where her illness came from. (In case you can’t figure out what I’m suggesting, please go back and watch episode 6 of Haruhi.) I think Yuuichi chooses Ayu because he somehow figures out that she’s the only girl (aside from Amano, who really would’ve been a better choice than Ayu, Makoto, or Shiori) who isn’t related to him.

  7. Wow. Go Kyon.

  8. Emotional scarring 7 years ago from being rejected by cousin. Said cousin doesn’t even offer a hug when her mom gets run over. Ditched for a girl thats either dead or in a coma…

    Nayuki’s the new fave. Shiori’s second, but Fafner Shiori is still above them for me.

  9. >>>Pobrecita.

    Great use of spanish there.

    And I’m surprised they used 24 different music terms too, and even more, according to a blog I frequent, they all have connections to their respective episodes.

  10. I actually liked how they handled Yuiichi remembering about Ayu’s fall. I think it would have ruined the atmosphere if they had done some silly emo face. And the way he just ran out to look for her like a man possessed was icing on the cake.

    I actually think Yuiichi may be in worse shape than Nayuki. Starting off as some sarcastic playboy, and with everything that’s happened he won’t hesitate to go look for a girl who may not even be alive and freeze to death in the process.

    And the saddest part is he’s probably spent more quality time with Mai than any of the girls, and and he got furthest with Shiori (right before she dumped him).

  11. In other, less sad loli news….


    “Summer ’83, it wasn’t quite summer of ’69, but for some, it was still the most memorable summer of their short lives.”

    ^ Geneon’s discreet licesning guessing game.

  12. All I wanted him to do was hug her the entire freaking episode… come ON Yuuichi!

  13. Riiiight so Yuuichi hugs Nayuki and then goes on off to pimp some other girl in his Harem? Nayuki deserves better! She should go OMG Yuuichi sux and forget about that pimp. He had his chance and he clearly choose Ayu over the awesomeness that is Nayuki

  14. >>> Though I am impressed that Kyoto managed to squeeze out 24 different musical terms to name the episodes.

    i guess they play BRD in FFXI

  15. LOL at Ragz. I had a 75 BRD in FFXI…and I actually was crazy enough to look up the names for each of the spells.

    I really needed to read this blog. I watched ep. 22 just before it, and really could have used the laughs you provided. Thanks.

  16. >>(The next episode named “finale” is not the finale. Episode 24, “kanon,” ends the series. Though I am impressed that Kyoto managed to squeeze out 24 different musical terms to name the episodes.)

    This post says there’ll be 26:

    I cried over some of the earlier episodes (specially Makoto’s)… but these recent super heart-wrenching arcs aren’t able to even make my heart skip a beat. Maybe I became immune.

    This is too depressing… please someone make me cry again.

  17. “In the original, all Nayuki wanted to do at this point was visit her mother in the hospital. Now, she’s completely withdrawn from society as if she were afraid of the N.H.K..”

    T-that…makes perfect sense! Nayuki must have realized that it’s all a conspiracy by the N.H.K.! But since there’s no TV in Kanon for the N.H.K. to hook people onto anime…the N.H.K. is making everyone live out the anime themselves! INBOU!!

  18. It would be nice if it were 26, and the last two were alternative endings where Yuuichi makes the better choice of choosing Mai, or the best choice of Shiori surviving and him choosing her. That would have ended the story on a high for me, regardless of the inevitable Ayu ending in 23/24. Unfortunately Nayuki is almost zero competition for her now.

    But most sources seem to say 24. Still, maybe since it’s Finale next, we’ll be able to tie Ayu’s ending up quickly and painlessly in that, and have 24 as an epilogue in which we can at least see Shiori, Mai and Sayuri again.

  19. >>>I did like how Ayu’s eyes dulled as she started lapsing into ~uguuu-land.

    I LOL’ed at “uguu~land” for hours. It’s such a funny concept. That reminds me how much I miss the “yep, this are my readers” features from Haruhi reviews

  20. What the hell is wrong with Yuuichi?

    The only thing I can think of is that he actually is crazy (in the not-so-good way). Leaving an emotionally fragile Nayuki like that to go into a blizzard and die… yeah. Loony-toony.

    Loved everything involving Nayuki this episode. The disparity between her usual cheerful/relaxed self and her psychotically depressed/panicked self was awesome.

    You’re completely right about the lack of Mai/Sayuri in the Hospital. The show should make use of its characters. If it wanted to write them off they should have just died. Would have had a stronger impact and been more justification for Yuuichi going psycho.

  21. Did someone say “lolifox”? http://lolifox.com/

    If you look at ep 24’s title on AniDB, it’s very unlikely that there will be more.

  22. …Yuuichi = utterly heartless prick…

    …Ayu = dead because even if she isn’t yet I am going to find her and finish the job of crushing her spinal cord…

    …Makoto = soon to be neck muffler…nah she’s cool…but got horrible taste in guys…

  23. If kanon for some reason does end on 26 and does alternate endings/happier endings it’ll demolish the mood that it has set up for all this time, I don’t think it’s going to be a happy ending for the show and that’s good, as much as I want to see Yuuichi hit it off with Mai forever and ever, I’d rather see the show end on the depressing note that I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be.


    LOL I’m so surprised to see that being used on the net. If a friend is bitching and complaining alot about a certain thing, just saying pobrecito/a to them in a demeaning fashion will shut them up, it’s great.
    2nd greatest word ever, right after Defenestrate

  24. The Yuuichi Psycic Field of Tragedy Projection is still going strong… I was actually expecting Nayuki to slash her wrists before the ep was out, but this way’s almost as good (bad?).

    And I think people are being rather too critical of Yuuichi. Nayuki’s suffering, but he is too. I know if I took stock, pulled out my mementos, and realised that practically everyone I’d associated with over the past few weeks are either dead, hospitalized or Jun, I wouldn’t be in the clearest of mental states either. Equally, he doesn’t seem to know what to do with Nayuki, as shown by his fumbling attempts at consoling her. And after this many eps of elimidate, I know exactly where his deathwish is coming from.

    He’s practically saving the lives of every girl he might meet after this point, after all.

  25. >> Though I am impressed that Kyoto managed to squeeze out 24 different musical terms to name the episodes.

    If I remember right, didn’t Scrapped Princess episode titles also did the same thing?

  26. “Heartless prick”? We are talking about the guy who’s put a huge amount of effort into helping those around him throughout the series. Not sticking around to help a girl who’s already rejected his help doesn’t make him a prick any more then Asaba’s outburst under extreme emotional stress in Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu made him one. They may not be perfect, but they’re both rather good natured human beings for the most part.

    And yet I’ve seen a lot of flak thrown at both of them.

  27. This show is killing me softly.

  28. I wonder how it’s like to have sex with a woman in a coma… will she feel it? Maybe a little jam for lubri- …

    Sorry, those Kanon doujins featuring a very naughty Akiko-san has warped my sense of shame. MILFs, especially of an otaku origin, gets me hard.

    Now excuse me while I go play EFZ v4.02.

  29. >>> Did someone say “lolifox”? http://lolifox.com/

    i actually tried it before… but the ubuntu look tick me off somehow
    generally i use maxthon for normal browsing anyway, only use firefox to take advantage its NoScript

  30. When Nayuki asked Yuuichi if he could make a miracle happen, was I the only one who thought he should use the uguu~ angel to make it happen? He granted every wish of every girl he’s met so far (Marriage with Makoto, reconciling with Mai’s hope, making Shiori feel like a normal girl again), so I don’t see any reason why he can’t grant Nayuki’s wish.

    And before anyone argues otherwise, Nayuki’s wish IS within Yuuichi’s power. It just takes some creative thikning.

    1. Yuuichi visits Mai at the hospital and restores hers power a la Fate/Stay Night (throw Sayuri into the mix just to be safe).
    2. Mai uses her powers to miraculously heal Akiko.
    3. Akiko is saved, and Yuuichi lands three superior females (Nayuki joins the harem out of sheer gratitude).

    …or maybe I’m being too idealistic…

  31. well, if you played the game, or at least saw the toei ver, you would kinda know what to come… i guess i better not put out spoiler and ruin ending with 2 ep left
    one hint thoug, think Air, well, not really

  32. >> I’m not sure what Yuuichi could have and should have done, but re-opening old wounds is probably not a good idea. Nayuki wants to be left alone, but being left alone is probably the worst thing for her. Maybe she needs to be at her mom’s side now more than ever instead of being locked up in the dark room.

    I was thinking more along the lines of “CRAWWWLING IN MY SKIIN” but yeah, sensible.

  33. >>>i use maxthon for normal browsing anyway

    holy crap theres people out there other then me that uses maxthon?

  34. You know there’s nothing wrong with not hugging your cousin, especially if you are not particularly close to her (and to be fair, they’d seen eachother a few weeks ever).

    What IS wrong is falling in love with your cousin.

  35. Why?

  36. >> What IS wrong is falling in love with your cousin.

    It would border on incest, no?

  37. >>and he slept with Akiko, who we all know is Nayuki’s mother

    Oh, so Kyon had sex with Akiko when he was *does some quick math* -7 (minus seven) years old?

  38. …in regards to that heartless prick comment…

    …for every OTHER girl Yuuichi stuck by them through hell and high water…

    …Mai kept trying to get him to leave…up to outright lying about finishing off all the demons…he keeps coming back…Shiori/Kaori kept telling him that they are alright with the way things were, that they accept their fate…he keeps right on pushing and meddling…Ayu’s been basically LIVING with him…and he MARRIED Makoto for god’s sake in hopes of cheering her up and stayed all the way with her until she croaked…

    …now here’s Nayuki/Akiko, who’s stuck by him faithfully, went along with all of his shenanigans, provided him with a living and supported his misadventures with all of his other girls, emotionally/physically crushed and he ABANDONS them just because she told him to leave…

    …why is she the ONLY one not deserving of his persistence when in fact she has done the most for him…she may not be flashy but without her there Yuuichi’s got nothing in that town and could have done nothing…

    …THAT is where the heartless prick comment comes from…Yuuichi could do something for Nayuki NOW…but he didn’t…he got up and left to look for someone else just because it was hard right there…

  39. honestly, that is way too much comment for the morality of an anime char lol…

  40. everyone is being too hard on Yuuichi. he ran out of Nayuki because he went crazy at the end of the episode.

    i mean how would feel if you just realized that you were in love with a dead person?

  41. ^^ Wonder what Simon or, if he was still around, Book would say to your name. Something about burning in damnation probably. (Hoping it’s a Firefly reference)

    Ragz: It’s fun going in-depth into your hobbies though.

    Agreeing with Zzz’s anaylsis.

  42. No one girl deserves Yuuichi anymore than another. That’s why Kanon started as a dating sim game… *you* get to decide. This is an anime TV show adaptation which, last time I checked, isn’t written, animated, and edited by fans. If you want a different ending, go play the game.

    Although, you could always download the raw and insert your own subtitles… for instance, you could subtitle the (painfully adorable and romantic) Yuuichi x Ayu kiss scene with *ssssssuck! Yuuichi sucks out Ayu’s brain through her lips!* You could go and insult Ayu even further, like pointing out her horrible cooking ability or her “Uguu” habit, if you so choose.

    Just a suggestion.

    In any case, quit freaking out already! If you haven’t seen the series/played the game before, just sit tight and enjoy the rest of the story. No need to point out every characters’ every flaw- each girl had a satisfying ending. Sorry they couldn’t all have gotten hot XXX action with Yuuichi (not that he’s even that hot ya’ll, seriously… go find another guy u_u ()).

  43. This anime is really getting hard to watch impassively. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s too good.

    I think I understand why they might not end it at 24. I might not even survive at this point.

    (On a tangent, why aren’t my posts showing up?)

  44. OMG.
    After all this praise, I can’t wait to hear your take on ep 23… with a new haremette and all, and Mai&Sayuri… With Nayuki hug… oh, the moe! “I won’t forgive you even for a 1’000 strawberry sundaes”…

  45. There’s a key difference between Nayuki and the other girls: Nayuki’s situation wouldn’t be improved by his immediate presence. Unless I’m totally reading the situation wrong, there is nothing he can do for her until she calms down. What exactly are we faulting him on, not staying in the same BUILDING? It’s not exactly as if he was doing much of anything before he left. Heck, it’s perfectly rational to believe that this can benefit Nayuki as well – deal with his own problems while she gets a grip, then deal with hers without the distraction. THAT would be consistent with what we know of Yuuichi’s character.

    Now, as to his tactics for dealing with his own problems… those are a little more questionable. I’m still not sure if he was thinking rationally or was just plain crazy when he ran out. Maybe a bit of both: with an objective in mind but mostly high on emotion.

    Now, the cousin issue was also mentioned here. I seem to remember hearing (in direct discussion of Yuuichi and Nayuki) that marrying your cousin is actually legal in Japan, if not the most socially acceptable thing ever. Even if it weren’t, given modern genetic testing procedures I wouldn’t really see a problem with it myself. But that’s just me, I’m pretty open about a lot of things.

    Other notes:
    -I recently learned that the shot of Nayuki with her reflection on the glass door is pretty direct copy of one of the game CGs. Kind of cool.

    Finally, to wa-totem… I think those actually count as spoilers, albeit minor ones. Of course, they also act as teasers. Only about 12 hours until projected fansubs release though, so I’m not TOO pissed at you.

  46. You’re correct 0utf0xZer0, in Japan marriage between first cousins is perfectly legal and socially acceptable. It’s also legal in many states here in America, lol.

  47. For first cousins, only six states permitted the last time I checked. (Which was 30 years ago.)

  48. >>first cousins

    Are they really first cousins? I thought the relation is somewhat more distant…

    >>they also act as teasers
    Intended as such, and nothing more.

  49. >> Are they really first cousins? I thought the relation is somewhat more distant…

    Akiko is Yuuichi’s mother’s sister, I believe.

  50. …To 0utf0xZer0…

    …Yuuichi’s fault is this…

    …Nayuki wasn’t in a right state of mind…she is extremely depressed and frantic about what’s going to happen next…people like that can do crazy things…

    …you don’t just leave someone like that alone…just like you don’t leave young children in a room full of sharp knives, loaded guns, and flaming objects…you don’t have to always be right next to them or be holding them in your lap…but you need to keep your eye on them and offer bits and pieces of encouragement and cheer EVEN if it isn’t well accepted at 1st…bring them out of that funk as quickly you can…Yuuichi was lucky he ran into Jun on his way out…I mean didn’t Mai and Shiori both try to commit suicide at some point when they felt hopeless and/or crushed…didn’t he learn anything…

  51. And now Yuuchi’s basically committed suicide, or deliberately placed himself in a position where he’ll die. I think at this point, I don’t blame him for that. He can’t always look after others, because this stuff’s messing him up too. Precisely because he’s done his best to help others through their misfortune, I myself see him as being at his limit. Let Jun take a turn.

  52. I think I get your point here, but there’s one flaw in your arguement: stupid is not equal to being a prick. I didn’t really even think of the suicide arguement until you pointed it out, and given Yuicchi’s current mental state, there’s nothing that says he thought of it either. Heck, he’s the one who actually almost got himself killed.

  53. …yes…his current mental state…all about that Ayu…would he even had that dream had he been really focused on the problem at hand…I know sure as hell didn’t a few years back…

    …I know, I know…this is a anime based off of a H-game…I won’t second guess the script writer’s thoughts or morals…I simply don’t find Yuuichi very sympathetic right now…especially after his little hissy fit in front of Makoto in Episode 23…

  54. …and Kaori of all people becomes the bastion of sanity and reason for the current Akiko crisis…it’s just really all very sad…girls in snow…

  55. I think he might forget about Ayu a little more easily if she hadn’t disappeared for no apparent reason, but that’s just me.

    I guess the reason I’m still sympathetic to Yuuichi is that while I don’t necessarily agree with his actions, I still see him as a nice guy (I think that was pretty solidly established a while back) who happens to be messing up for once. I see him in a similar light to the main characters in Iriya in this regard (this isn’t to say that I’m sympathetic towards every character of this type… Kaede from Shuffle comes to mind here, I found her creepy and malicious enough when psycho to warrant a reevaluation of whether she’s really that nice a girl, I never understood why people have so much sympathy for her).

    (Also, since they were mentioned here, I have a quick question about dreams… how many people’s dreams actually have any sort of logical flow between events? When I do dream, they frequently make no sense and often have little relation to what I was previous doing… ranging from being attacked by ice cream cones with teeth to playing eye tag with a blushing Yuki Nagato (who looked more or less what I’d expect a really good cosplay of her to look like).)

  56. @ 0utf0xZer0:

    You’re very right, dreams tend not to have a logical flow with clearly defined explanations. So, why is it that Ayu’s dream is different? Ponder ponder!

    Also, a dream about Yuki? Kick ass ^_^

  57. Heh… the Yuki dream was awesome but also rather odd. See, there are two scenes she appeared in during that dream. The one I mentioned where she looked like a really good cosplay of the character, and another, earlier scene where she looked like an anime character drawn in a much more realistic then usual style. The earlier scene was also kind of “in the distance” and had Haruhi in it as well, though I couldn’t make out what was said. The kicker is that I can not for the life of me remember a transition between the two styles, or if there was some sort of intermediate scene (the only other scene I remember from the dream had no relation to anime whatsoever, and I also can’t remember the transition to that “scene”.).

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