kanon 23

A dissolved girl. Kanon 23.


Yuuichi wakes up in a strange apartment that’s unfamiliar with him with a massive headache. It’s just one of those times where your head is throbbing, your breath reeks, and you pray that Jun isn’t waking up next to you.


“Wait, it’s not Jun?” rolls through Yuuichi’s head with a huge, huge, huge, huge, huge sigh of relief before moving onto “Wait… that’s a pretty cute voice, and she’s making me food. I am the man!”


If you don’t mind, we’d like to check you thoroughly for star-shaped birthmarks. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Some guys just get all the breaks in life. By the way, she’s supposed to make you think of another character not named Mikuru. Not that I’m trying to picture her in an ultra-tight white blouse with matching oh-too-short miniskirt. As far as you know.


Actually, it’s the random girl at the beginning of Haruhi Suzumiya 6: Makoto! So basically Yuuichi had the hots for his older, more mature, and definitely most womanly next door neighbor, and somehow these feelings managed to get conveyed or stolen by an injured fox that Yuuichi takes care of? So why wouldn’t the fox manifest itself as an older, more mature, most womanly character rather than the younger, immature, most loli manifestation that we were exposed to?

(BTW, Real Makoto didn’t make it into the original series. But she does have the right proportions to be one of the suitcase models for Deal or No Deal.)


Maybe my Japanese is rusty. Sure Jun didn’t say, “Sorry for having you come over this late, but it’s really hard to have a threesome with only two people, and Yuuichi isn’t back yet.”


Nayuki is still a shell of her former self. At least she’s doing better than the vets at Walter Reed.

(This is one of those, “If I re-read this post six months from now, would I have any clue what I was writing about?” lines that occur way too many times each and every AoMM post.)


I like what they did and let Kaori open up to Nayuki to try to convince Nayuki to open up herself. What’s significant is that Kaori has been pretty much the ice queen, and now she seemed to have changed, which is what would be expected from the Shiori arc. It also finally references Shiori and gives some sort of update as to how she’s doing since the last time we saw her.

(What I don’t like? Kaori doesn’t crash into the room and force Nayuki into a bust size check to try to cheer Nayuki as well as the audience up.)


Gotta love Kaori’s hair toss as she picks up the phone. She’s immediately contacted by the makers of Herbal Essences shampoo for an appearance in a commercial spot.


Either I’m still feeling the effects of the sushi gorging that I partaked in last night or my Japanese has really gone downhill or someone secretly replaced my Folger’s Crystals this morning with Cristal or all of the above, but did she say, “When you were little, you used to play with my chest?”


Yuuichi completely breaks down. Everyone! Makoto! Mai! Shiori! Nayuki! Ayu! Why do they all share the same fate! As Wife Material Sayuri used to say, “When the same melody plays repeatedly, little by little it’d turn into a rich and beautiful music. Just like this, even if a person lives a seemingly unchanging life, little by little things will change.” Just like how things don’t seem to change with the tragedies surrounding his harem, things are changing.

(Where did I find this quote? The Wikipedia entry for Pachelbel’s Canon. Gotta love any classical music Wikipedia entry that mentions stuff like Ichigo 100%.)


Gotta love how Real Makoto’s eyes light up when Yuuichi lists off the horror list that has become his harem and gets to “Makoto.” It’s the, “Wait, nothing has happened to me yet… OH SHI-” face.


If there were a 24 hour All-Nayuki channel, kinda like The Truman Show, would you watch it? I’d probably ditch SportsCenter for it.


So in the original h-game, is this where a possible branch to a Real Makoto ending can occur? As in Real Makoto taking advantage of a sorrow-stricken Yuuichi much like Matsumura taking Aki to bed in Rec?


On my earlier point about how come Makoto didn’t manifest herself as the older, hawter version– she even took the pork bun fetish as well as the little ringing bell. Oh well, maybe Kyoto or Key is just messing with us.

(Two other random notes: Real Makoto’s apartment had a lava lamp. She also had stationary with pictures of foxes on it.)


Great. We’re treated to a 90 second montage of Ayu highlights (which at least is more watchable than Oakland Raiders “highlights”) with the piano version of Last Regrets playing in the background. Oh Oharuhi-sama, I really hope we won’t get treated to a muzak version of Bouken Desho Desho… I may slice off my ears if that occurs.


Yuuichi exercises that typical “I almost collapsed here last night and died, but I was saved by a hawt chix0r. Maybe if I rinse and repeat, I can meet another one!” male logic that makes me wonder how the human species has lasted this long.


Don’t have a lot to say about a dream sequence that doesn’t do much to advance the plot or present a new viewpoint… but it does remind me of the last two episodes of Evangelion, only that normal day life dream sequence had an impact since their “normal” lives were piloting huge ass robots that may or may not be manifestations of their mothers (with the plug being the womb). Kanon has been really normal… and the dream has been really normal… I was kinda hoping for something to occur… either giant robots or teenaged mutant ninja turtles.


“Please eat my cookie!”

I wish I were making this up.


Ayu comes back for another farewell with Yuuichi. I’m not sure if this works as well as Ayu just disappearing and not having this stopover. Sure, we get a minor tearjerker with Ayu’s last wish and Yuuichi embrace, but I feel it really dampens the original abruptness that happened with she disappeared. This scene feels slightly forced and contrived, and I’m not sure if it works any better than Yuuichi just daydreaming there, realizing how stupid he is, and finally going home to a seven-course Nayuki feast.


Her second wish was to not forget about her. Her last wish is to forget about her. Sigh. Typical female mood swings.

(Though as Yuuichi correctly points out, Ayu is trying to place all the burden on herself and doing what she thinks is right without considering the feelings of others. It’s one of those moments where she thinks she’s being selfless in trying to absorb the hurt, but she’s actually being very selfish in that she’s just trying to cover up the pain with more eventual pain. Since Yuuichi did a good job of scolding her, I won’t. Instead, I’ll just visualize Real Makoto wearing a tight white blouse and an oh-too-short miniskirt.)


I think I’ve seen more crying in Kanon than in Grey’s Anatomy. Not an easy feat.


My guesses for Ayu’s third and final wish?

  • World peace.
  • 36″ vertical leap.
  • A SpikeTV Video Game Award.
  • An end to all blog spam.
  • Autographed baseball from Daisuke Matsuzaka.
  • The Itsuki and Kyon BluRay special.
  • Eradication of the RIAA.
  • 36DD.

I could be wrong, of course.


In the end, Yuuichi is left with nothing. Could this be a commentary on the transient nature of human life, how precious every moment is, how simple interactions shouldn’t be taken for granted, how one cannot feel love until one has felt hurt? Mmm… nah.


Tremendous scene with Nayuki and Yuuichi’s arc resolving with the two apologizing for nothingburgerswithcheese and zero sexual acts. Okay, maybe “tremendous” was the wrong word, but the scene sums up the understated nature of Yuuichi and Nayuki’s relationship. They don’t need to say a lot to convey a lot of feelings, and sometimes that’s a hinderence… but they wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoyed the scene.

(As for my feelings on this subject, it’s time for the “If Nayuki were your cousin, how far would you go” poll. Yep, these are my readers.)


For people who remember this moment from the original adaptation: Spoilers! Yeah, I liked that version better with Nayuki giving Yuuichi a farewell gohobi and telling Yuuichi where Ayu is. In the hospital. Down the hall from Akiko. End spoilers.


Yeah, I’m bummed out. Dammit, they need to start cranking on the remake of this remake just so we can get the Nayuki ending. And they need to make a Kanon Alternative where Nayuki goes on a killing spree.


One episode left, and we’re probably getting the quickie Ayu ending. Oh well, time to turn our attention to more important things: how to quench the world’s thirst for oil? Whoops, I mean, “What should I replace Kanon with in my blogging schedule?”


They end with a quick montage of the girls (except Shiori is represented by the fountain I guess), and they eventually get to Mai and Sayuri, who are still in the hospital. How long does it take to recover from a few external wounds? A 70 year old man was mauled by a mountain lion in the North Bay to the point that his head and skull had numerous puncture wounds from the lion, and he managed to leave the hospital in about a month. Yet Mai and Sayuri are still trapped in Walter Reed.


23 episodes down, 1 more to go. I’m going to miss blogging about this series.

84 Responses to “kanon 23”

  1. I feel so special now… no not really.

    Anyways, it only looks like Nayuki is last girl standing. Hopefully it stays that way but I think Ayu is gonna sneak back into the running and overtake her. Sadly ._.

  2. When Yuuichi went “Who is she” then they did the reveal I immediately thought its Asahina Mikuru! Though this appears to be a temporal variant from after North High, but before big Asahina-san.

    I was a lot happier with this episode that I thought I’d be. Interesting at the start with Yuuichi and true Makoto, and Kaori turning up to talk to Nayuki, then the sequence with Ayu at the tree stump, which along with the dream sequence at the end would have been a perfect way to end the Ayu interaction for the series with no hard feelings from me…if only it were so.

    Then there was the fantastic scene at the end, nicely symmetrical with Nayuki and Yuuichi’s first meeting in episode 1, with some interesting differences, like the night, rather than the light of early afternoon. Gives it a sort of ending feel. It was really nice to see them both being more honest with each other.

    One episode left…what on earth will I watch on Saturday mornings with the rather mediocre offerings as of late?

    Two things are certain for it:

    At least half of it will take place at the hospital – that’s where 80% of the leading cast are.

    Shiori will be in it :D – She voices the next episode preview.

    Mai and Sayuri should feature as well, since we see them in this one.

    Best scenario – that really was the last we see of Ayu, and next episode focuses on all the other characters, and her last wish was to try and create a happy ending for them all. This sort of selfless wish would redeem her in my eyes somewhat.

    Absolute Best scenario: A Shiori ending :P Hope is free after all.

  3. >>> what on earth will I watch on Saturday mornings with the rather mediocre offerings as of late?

    the april line up seems rather promising actually, there are about 20-odd shows i’m planning to seriously check out at least

  4. Ah yes the opening girl to Haruhi 6 I knew she looked familiar close up (Mikuru) but I was wrecking my brain over where her far away shot looked so familiar to. Not only did they place a few kanon characters in air and now this girl in haruhi (whether it was the same girl intentionally or not) who’s going to show up in Lucky Star? Mai plz.

    The way Sayuri described the song Kanon and how Makoto relates it indirectly to yuuichis’ life really helps make the whole plot just amazing along with the fact that its a dramatic harem instead of one of those happy go lucky harem such as Negima. Now if Makoto had been like, “Your life repeats the same melody and crescendos gradually, peacefully, and beautifully ……..” not only would It ruin the subtleness of relaying the relationship but I figure yuuichi would be like, what are you some kind of failure of a psychiatrist?

    Oh well any ideas I had about Ayu’s arc came to screeching halt at the end of this episode, I guess she really is dead. He could have just accepted the last wish of Ayu and thought to himself “excellent now I can go for Mai without feeling bad about this 10 year old boy, errr girl”.
    But really I am glad the series is going in the way it is, although there are various endings and paths that would be more suitable to what some people would like to see, the dramatization this series has done thus far is what makes it great and to deviate from its’ current mood would only serve to ruin it altogether. Worst case scenario it ends like Final Approach.

  5. I could be wrong, but I’m under the impression that Real Makoto was never a path in the game.

  6. I don’t think real Makoto ever showed up in the game. Despite how Hawt Sawatari Mikuru is lol theres no justice in the world is there? Well I think Makoto tried to turn as close to the real Makoto as possible but failed miserabley and ended up a loli

  7. The absolute best ending would involve Mai. And Sayuri. And… well, you can figure it out.

    Alas, we will get an Ayu ending. Hopefully her human body looks less like jail-bait then her ethreal one. That coupling… it just looks WEIRD. The apparent age difference is disturbing.

    Nayuki was awesome in this episode, and Kaori being open was good (although the scene felt somewhat contrived). The entire thing with Ayu was overdone considering that he already went through the shock of losing her.

    Anyways, the biggest complaint I have is that he complains about Mai ending up like the rest of his lost harem, and… she didn’t. She’s going to be just fine after a little rest. He can even visit her whenever he wants. Had she actually died his angst would have more justification. There isn’t enough of a tragedy in that arc to lump it in with the rest.

  8. >>“What should I replace Kanon with in my blogging schedule?”

    I’m more curious about what are they going to start playing in place of Kanon’s time schedule?

  9. LOL, 36DD obviously ^_~

  10. What’s Kyo Ani doing next?

  11. >>>What’s Kyo Ani doing next?

    I’m going to hibernate until Haruhi Season 2.

    >>>My guesses for Ayu’s third and final wish?

    You forgot “More Taiyaki”.

  12. >>>What’s Kyo Ani doing next?

    They’re doing Lucky Star, due to start next month.

  13. >> You forgot “More Taiyaki”.

    Speaking of, anyone know where I can get a cheap taiyaki-making set?

  14. You know, Yuuichi-san is a really weird dude. When he was younger, he liked older woman (human Makoto). Then when he got older, he changed his taste to loli (Ayu).

    Remember that Fox Makoto saw Yuuichi flirting with Nayuki on the hill? Maybe that why she decided to choose the looks of human Makoto but in loli form — all purposed to please Yuuichi.

    But my theory must be wrong somewhere, since Yuuichi wasn’t all-over Makoto. Hmm…

  15. >>If there were a 24 hour All-Nayuki channel, kinda like The Truman Show, would you watch it? I’d probably ditch SportsCenter for it.

    BLASPHEMY!! Jason, you must keep the “Anime bloggers who are also big sports fan” candle alive! :) I will say those that sports is in that slow part of the year, after football, before full baseball, and before the NBA and NHL playoffs. And also before March Madness really goes mad.

  16. …Speaking of which, is there going to be another AoMM March Madness this year?

  17. >>> How long does it take to recover from a few external wounds?

    I think it was less than a week since they were admitted into the hospital at this point. Since both are suspected of having suffered internal or possibly neurological damage ( the bandage is around the head ), it is not unreasonable for them to stay more than a week.

    About Nayuki Poll: My cousins and I spent some time together when we were very young. They feel almost identical to sisters and brothers, thus it feels yucky to imagine doing something with them. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W.....rck_effect ) Therefore, I can’t imagine myself overcoming Westermarck effect when it comes to cousins.

    We do need another AoMM March Madness.

  18. Ayu wishing for everyone else’s happiness and disappearing forever would definately redeem her in my eyes.

  19. Speaking of Mikuru, what ever happened to the Live Action Movie of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? The actress for Mikuru is Toda Erika, the same actress who played Misa in the Live Movie of Death Note.

    Does anyone know the status of the movie?

  20. >Does anyone know the status of the movie?
    Search for “The Melancholy of Hahiru Suzumiya”.

    This episode reinstated my faith for a Nayuki ending. Where it goes, nobody knows! (Except that she’s still going to get shafted by a gradeschooler…).

  21. Anyone else see Misuzu’s juice over in the right? =p

  22. There should’ve been a Real Makoto path. Man, even Jun was the better option than Ayu. Bad times, bad times…

  23. I assume Fox-Makoto looked like she did because that’s what real Makoto looked like at the time she met Yuuichi.

  24. If you remember carefully, Jason said a long tiem ago that this year won’t be any March Madness…. damn it! I hope he can change his mind…

    Damn it! What if everything is a dream… as Shiori pointed out in the preview for teh last episode, “if you can shre a dream, in a dream when you can grand any wish you want…”

    Nothing is real then…

  25. >>”She also had stationary with pictures of foxes on it.”

    The stationary also had grapes on it, a reference to “The Fox and the Grapes,” the title of a song from the Kanon soundtrack.

  26. >> …Speaking of which, is there going to be another AoMM March Madness this year?

    Love to. But I’m really busy these days.

  27. Yuuichi seems really hell-bent on Ayu. I guess he did spend the most time with her as a kid in comparison to Mai and Nayuki. I suppose the trauma of her falling out of a tree like a baby bird and then going “~uguu” for the last time imprinted herself the most in his subconscious. He knew he owed something to Mai, and owed an apology to Nayuki (this was the last light bulb to go on – Figures), but with Ayu it was an even stronger tie. He needs some new lovin’ – and it’s going to have to be someone besides Nayuki (I just can’t let the cousin-thing fly. Call me conservative.)

    What Yuuichi and Nayuki can do together is create a gigantic snow bunny which Mai can infuse with the soul of Shiori – or Ayu – or Foxy Makoto – and it can rampage around town gorging on ice cream, tayaki, or pork buns respectively. Then Akiko can wake up in the hospital, tear off her head bandages and say “Oh HELL no!”, and whip up some Codename: Jamu. With Jun as a distraction in his disco tights, Akiko will fashion a launching device (she’s actually a freelance weapons designer during the week) and engage the polar monstrosity in combat. If she can’t be taken out by a Jeep Grand Cherokee, there ain’t no WAY she’s being trod upon by cotton-tailed snow cone.

    Or not.

  28. Makoto’s apartment is so…white. White carpet, white radio, white TV, white VCR, white books, white cabinet and tables, white rubbish bin. Just where did she do her furniture shopping? At an Apple store? If I didn’t know better, Makoto’s a white supremacist!

  29. Just my little two-cents. It’s if Nayuki was your cousin, not your own cousins.

    And there really needs to be more Adult Makoto. I can see the flood of doujins and fanart now >.>

  30. Am I the only one who thought that single shot of the red marble on the floor was incredible? How could they make a marble so detailed in an anime?

  31. >>If you don’t mind, we’d like to check you thoroughly for star-shaped birthmarks. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

    Irrevocable proof that Kanon is set somewhere in future of Suzumiya Haruhi’s timeline?

  32. I’ve been told that this episode is the ending of Kanon and the next one is a bonus episode. I could be wrong. I’m gonna miss reading your blogs about this anime D:

  33. >>>I’ve been told that this episode is the ending of Kanon and the next one is a bonus episode.
    i’ve heard about the same thing
    but we will see

  34. The Poll: I answered “Stalk her”, but that doesn’t eliminate “as far as she’ll let me” right? I mean, I can stalk her to find out how far she’ll let me go, right?

    WP: welcome to the digital age of animé. Amazing what they can do with CG now isn’t it? It may not be directly rendered as such, but everything is digital now, and even the cheap shows can pull off amazingly good animation from time to time. (Which is yet another reason to bash Crecent Love.

  35. It depends. I’d prefer Nayuki to be the daughter of my aunt on my mother’s side.

  36. i cry with every new episode of kanon because i know there isn’t much more to go

  37. i also sincerely apologize because i know this isn’t and open question anime forum but if someone knows i would greatly appreciate them telling me when tekkon kinkreet will be available for download or if it already is

  38. >>Irrevocable proof that Kanon is set somewhere in future of Suzumiya Haruhi’s timeline?
    WITHOUT CELL PHONES???????/ Are you crazy?????

  39. multiverse theory, u know, the same and not the same.

    why shin Makoto left home and lives alone? (well, it seems normal, but…) why there are deep melancholy in her eyes? it’s another story indeed. hope for OVA~

  40. You know why Fox Makoto didn’t turn into All-Woman Makoto? It would give her an unfair advantage over the other haremettes. xD

  41. >>>I’ve been told that this episode is the ending of Kanon and the next one is a bonus episode.

    Next ep is really conclusion/Final ep, as seen in preview.
    Final Episode
    Kanon at the end of the dream

  42. You know what? If you’re a die-hard Nayuki fan, you can just pretend this really is the last episode, and that episode 24 doesn’t really exist. Seriously, if the series actually ended here, then Nayuki is definitely the winner! Ayu will stay dead, Shiori’s nowhere to be found (and we don’t even know if she’ll live), Makoto stays gone, and Mai’s still stuck in the hospital. Meanwhile, Nayuki and Yuuichi have completely reconciled and return home with renewed devotion to each other. It’s a clear Nayuki victory! This will probably be the best Nayuki ending you’ll see get animated, I’d imagine.

  43. Pakxenon: perhaps Oharuhi-sama got tired of the overage charges?

  44. Mirrinus… that just reeks of desperation.


  45. Actually, Mirrinus is speaking from a detatched point of view truthfully.

  46. Actually, Nayuki is nowhere near my favorite girl in Kanon. Meh…

  47. Which is a bit close to what I meant. After all, I saw it as basic pointing out. Not really fanfaring or anything. Just a sort of casual analysis. Heh heh.

  48. 1:23 of Nayuki awesomeness not made by me but it sure as hell beats the Ayu version! http://anime.jefflawson.net/video/nayuki_xvid.avi

  49. I still want the Mai ending….

  50. mmm somehow i can’t post a link~~
    anyway after Kanon 24, it is shown Kyoani will animate… Clannad! guess there goes FMP Dancing White Christmas

  51. one more lol…
    just found this on YouTube

  52. >> anyway after Kanon 24, it is shown Kyoani will animate… Clannad!

    Nope. Lucky Star is the next KyoAni show we get, and then Haruhi season 2 :D

    I think Clannad is being animated by Toei.

  53. Toei is making a Clannad movie, coming out this fall
    KyoAni is making a Clannad TV, which presumably come after SHnY2

    look at my links, since it’s shown after Kanon last ep credit, and BS-I website is up, it must be true

  54. it might be confusing for those who don’t read japanese
    but the bottommost line on left side on BS-I clannad website says: Animation Production: Kyoto Animation

  55. this just come online also
    guess so many ppl are caught off guard

  56. Ah sorry, not having seen Kanon 24 yet, I took your post as saying that they would be animating it immediately after Kanon.

    Interesting, though, when I looked at the video originally I saw that it certainly looked like KyoAni’s style, but it didn’t show their normal logo, and it just seemed very early to be introducing another series they’re animating into the lineup.

  57. I really hope KyoAni does Haruhi 2 before this…

  58. on ANN it says 2007/10… which give me chills

  59. Damn right. The autumn season was the last word heard on that front I believe? Though nowhere seems to be forthcoming on information about it…

  60. there is no official date as far as i can see
    but since there is still no real official confirmation about SHnY2, god forbid, that might got pushed back
    it’s nearly impossible for kyoani to work on both at same time, since they would overlap on most of the staffing, not to mention they would be compete for same time slot on BS-I

  61. I guess this is why there still hasn’t been any official confirmation about Haruhi second season, lol. Don’t blame Kyoto Animation, blame rampant speculation. >.>

    Looking forward to whatever KyoAni does.

  62. Well, this is it…in less than 24 hours Kanon will be over…

  63. actually it’s already over a couple hr ago ^^;
    just no sub yet

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  65. Having just found out about KyoAni’s latest project, I’m almost feeling bad for Toei Animation…It’s as though with whatever they start, KyoAni comes in, roughs them up, and turns everything to gold. XD

  66. Ragz: Quiet you, don’t remind me about the fact that torrenting the raw would tip me over my bandwidth limit for the week.

  67. Despite the fact that I’ll definitely be watching Clannad when it comes out, I will most definitely not be amused if it’s released before SHnY2. The autumn season alone is long enough to wait to see the epic cast again.

    Just due to it being from the same genre as Kanon I do think it will feel a bit like more of the same, so it would be best if interspersed between other genres like SHnY2’s comedy/sci-fi/other. I have some reservations about Lucky Star being enough of a gap filler.

    But indeed if KyoAni are releasing details of this already and being tight-lipped about Haruhi it doesn’t look too good :(

    >> Taltos

    I thought that too ._.;

  68. And once again the FMP!-fans are trodden into the dust and forgotten. So you think you have withdrawal syndromes from lack of SHnY, huh?…

    Yeesh. :p

  69. Actually, KyoAni might do well to delay Suzumiya Haruhi 2, so they can incorporate the materials from the 9th book. Clannad+Tomoyo After is more or less completed material, so waiting won’t get you anything new, but Haruhi is still ongoing, and if the 9th book contains great stuff that didn’t get animated due to lack of time, we would be very disappointed.

  70. That’s an interesting arguement, but there’s at least enough material out for Haruhi to make a good 13 episode series. It’s actually a stronger arguement for why we haven’t seen any new FMP since TSR came out… the next novel isn’t up to the quality of the source material for TSR in my opinion, so it couldn’t carry an entire series on it’s own… and the novel after that kicks off a multi-novel arc, that, last time I checked, is still ongoing. And of course everyone loves endings that leave off partway through the story (*cough* Zipang *cough*).

  71. >>> the next novel isn’t up to the quality of the source material for TSR in my opinion

    in my opinion Dancing White Christmas was superb quality, but i agree on that it’s not as good TV series material, on the other hand, it would make a great 4 ep OVA
    Continuing on My Own, Burning One Man Force, Gathering Make My Day would make a great 2 season series though

    i think there is a fair chance for oct SHnY2, and jan Clannad. assuming Clannad would be 2 season, that would allow the bulk of the anime to be in spring, just like they did to kanon. however, Air was aired during spring, not summer. and the other problem is jan is usually a slow season for anime

    Tomoyo After would certainly be great, but i kinda doubt they would include it in the series

  72. just heard newest rumor, that SHnY is in production

    and Clannad is scheduled to be a…. full year serie

  73. >> just heard newest rumor


  74. 2chan… not most reliable source
    but that’s why i said rumor

  75. 2ch, not 2chan, sorry about typo, was looking through 4chan when typed that ; ;

  76. http://anime2.2ch.net/test/rea.....052470/l50

    376 :ななし製作委員会 :2007/03/17(土) 12:55:12 ID:nF5zQhTT
    2007年4月      らき☆すた(1クール U局)
    2007年10月    涼宮ハルヒの消失(1クール U局)
    2008年1月    CLANNAD(3クール BS-i 最終回で智代アフターアニメ化決定)
                   ↓                    │        
    2009年1月    フルメタ4期(1クール WOWOW )      .│    
                   │                    │ 
                   │                    ↓
    2009年3月~5月     |    CLANNAD外伝 智代アフター~プロローグ~(OVA 全3巻 智代シナリオおさらい)
                   │                    │
                   │ ←────────────┘
    2009年7月    CLANNAD外伝 智代アフター(1クール BS-i)   


  77. Whatever happened to that Jason Miao guy that used to hang around here all the time?

    Did he get a life or something?

  78. >> Did he get a life or something?

    As I said back in January, my job’s been a lot busier and that I would cut back how much I post.

  79. Thats sad, this was one of the funnest blogs out there.

    Can’t you get canned or something?
    My occasional entertainment should be worth far more than something like trying to make your living.

  80. ^
    I guess your nickname was self-explanatory after all. ^^;


  81. I guess that was sarcasm :) Or…

  82. facetiousness…though I do wish he’d go pro.

  83. “Yeah, I’m bummed out. Dammit, they need to start cranking on the remake of this remake just so we can get the Nayuki ending. And they need to make a Kanon Alternative where Nayuki goes on a killing spree.”

    I’m seriously considering doing a “Nayuki After” doujinshi, because Nayuki deserves better than being some sort of third wheel all the time – and with someone who isn’t her cousin. :P

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