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First off, I’m not a Bee Train fan. I have found their stuff to be in the style waaaaaaaay over substance category most of the time, and they really lost me with the ludicrous sequence in Madlax when Madlax downs an assault gunboat with a small caliber gun while wearing an evening gown. And they played it off as dead serious. At least with the ludicrous moments in Higurashi, you know that the animation team had basically given up at that point. However, I hoped Murder Princess to be a bit different… it comes from the same creator as Comic Party, which is a bit underrated series in my book.

The premise of this 6 (?) part OVA is simple: part Freaky Friday (back when Jamie Lee Curtis was considered hot), part Scrapped Princess, part Samurai Deeper Kyo. There’s a kingdom under siege, and the king tries to sneak out the princess to save her and keep the family linage alive. Only during her escape, the hawt princess manages to swap bodies with an Onime no Kyo-class bad-ass swordsmwoman, who is fairly hawt herself. The swordswoman, now in the princess’ body, agrees to help her save her kingdom in exchange for her body, thus leading to epic lesbian possibilities in future episodes. (Especially with Bee Train, who has the blood… err… lesbian leanings of Madlax, .hack, and Noir on their hands.)


I enjoyed the first episode, and it kept my attention for the most part. Maybe it’s because I enjoy a good fantasy story or because I haven’t played any decent RPG since FFXII. That’s what stuck out for me about Murder Princess: it feels like an RPG. Square-Enix could have used this premise for FFXIV, and we’d be none the wiser. The plot may seem slightly lightweight (they even tossed in a “princess’ attendant takes her place” cliche), but they only have six episodes to play with, so I’m not expecting 12 Kingdoms or even Underwater Ray Romano-styled awesomeness. The swordfighting is okay, but I loved the princess’ “COME GET SOME!” face as she rips her dress for better mobility. Her expressions and eyes are well done.


Nonetheless, I have a major complaint. Nothing ruins a good fantasy setting for me than the sudden appearance of twin loli goth killing machines voiced by Shana/Louise/Nagi. I still haven’t gotten over the “l33t sniperz” androids of Coyote Ragtime Show who couldn’t hit a target ten feet in front of them, so I don’t think I’ll forgive Murder Princess for the loli goth rocket punch. I had on my “R U FRICKIN’ SERIOUS?!?” face on when I saw them. Just ridiculous. Why are they there? Did the mangaka suddenly think, “Well, I have a great plot idea, but, I’m not sure if it’ll sell… oh hell, I’ll just toss in some goth loli to make sure I get those otaku pulling out their bankcards.”? Oh, there’s a Ghost Rider-ripoff motorbike as well. *sigh* At least we’ll they’ll be slapping a meido outfit on the princess soon.

(Plus the OP reminded me both of Nanoha and Fate/Stay Night. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Also, the animation quality is sub-par for an OVA.)

Still, it’s a good start, and I hope that they build off it by continuing down the political intrigue/fantasy path or just go all out ridiculous. Either way, I’m hoping for a fun ride. And, along the way, some lesbian fanservice wouldn’t hurt either.

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  1. I’ve read a small bit of the manga, and it looks like its going to go down the path of ridiculousness, which is fine with me. :)

  2. While this series does have Romi Paku it does not have the other half of my favourite female VA duo Rie Kugimiya. Perhaps if you did a little research you would find its Chiwa Saito and not Kugimiya.

  3. You cannot go wrong with a body swapped princess that have to wear a maid outfit for the rest of the series.

  4. The OVA was quite bloodier then the manga, from the one chapter I’ve seen. We see some nice blood splattering from the Loli Goth Rocket Punch. Really though, music wasn’t too bad (And I always wanted to watch the rest of Madlax just for the insert song by FictionJunction Yuuka. That song is addicting..)

  5. If Bee Train doesn’t nerf the violence in later episodes, it will stand bloodier or just as bloody as the Manga. The Manga becomes bloodier in later chapters towards the end. And messy too (heads and body parts every where, humans and uh…monsters’).

  6. I was quite disappointed with the OVA… the animation quality wasn’t as good as I hoped, some unnecessary changes were made (making the Princess dual-wield sort of took away the grace of her fighting style), the Princess’s hair was a dirt green than a real blonde, and it overall just didn’t convey the same pacing and…well… “comedy” of the original.

  7. falls just short of WICKED SICK

  8. with title call Murder Princess I was hoping for something dark and angsty. So when I saw ep1 and the goth-loli-androids I had to readjust my thinking for dark angsty drama to a blank slate.

    Once i wipe my expectations clean it was pretty enjoyable. And yeas I am waiting lesbian sex between the princess and the ahm princess.

    For Jason: Someone over at Zyl ask this questions, if the princess has hot lesbian sex with her own body inside someons elses body what is that consider?

    Selfcest, Incest, mastrbuation, or just hot lesbian sex?

  9. Bodycest? Swapcest? Just plain hawt?

  10. Still waiting for the El Cazador thinslice but you’ve appeased my love of Beetrain so I’m slightly happier now. I’ll check this one out, maybe.

  11. …forget this one…it’s no good…

    …just watch El Cazador…it hasn’t gone downhill yet although I can’t vouche that it’ll stay that way…

  12. ubu roi:
    Bodycest? Swapcest? Just plain hawt?

    It was just plain hawt (and silly) when the aforementioned scenario was enacted in Excel Saga.

  13. Too bad we will never see some real nudity with Rie Kugimiya around

  14. *Too bad we will never see some real nudity with Rie Kugimiya around.

    >.> she isn’t in this series.

  15. Jamie Lee Curtis is a man!

    … sorry, I just had to throw that out there…

    The execution of the whole meido deal may make or break this show. With some extra meido, we may be able to do another power ranking.

  16. I think the plot is more leaning towards the Final Fantasy side rather than the side of Tactics or VIII. Whatever the case, I’ll be watching for the hot princess costume + pre-Edo era Kenshin combination.

  17. BTW, are you going ever going to finish blogging Code Geass?

  18. First cap kinda reminds me of Arcueid. Mostly the Melty Blood version where she’s always smiling while ripping people new ones.

  19. The red eyes and the dress help as well. The Bumstead is strong in this one.

    Not that I’m complaining, of course…

  20. Murder Princess was rather forgettable.

    In Madlax’s defense, the backstory strongly implies (just short of saying it aloud I think, but it has been while) that she is – just like Margaret Burton and Carossur Dawn – unkillable, due to her condition. It makes it more easier to suspend disbelief than in Noir because here the supernatural element is strongly and clearly present, while Noir merely vaguely hinted at something extraordinary behind the main protagonists’ unlikely survival ability (dodging bullets at point blank).

  21. Hey, If Alita Forland went up against the Saber from Fate/Stay Night, who would win. Whaddaya guys think?

  22. By Alita I assume you mean Falis in Alita’s body? And if Shirou wasn’t a retard or you’re talking about Saber as Rin’s or Kiritsugu’s servant it’d be Saber hands down. With her whole Eksuuuukaliba!

  23. And now, the answer to the question everyone had been asking themself since FMP:TSR, How do you beat hawt lesbian twincest mecha pilots? With hawt lesbian twincest killer lolis.

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