nagasarete airantou 3

No, I don’t remember the field of man-eating penises in the manga. Must have repressed it.


I’m not sure what to say. Did Feel realize that they spent 15 minutes animating the picking of phallic symbols? I was so shocked, I went back to the manga… and, yeah, the took the mushroom line from another chapter. The manga went like this: after the sheep jump Ikuto, he gets bummed out and tired, so he and Suzu go back home. Then they have the “You have paid me back. You’ve given me someone to come home to!” cheese. The next day, Ikuto is stuck in bed since he got worn out, so Suzu decides to go pick mushrooms by herself. It eventually leads to Ayane getting eaten by a man-eating plant after eating poisonous (and not as phallic) mushrooms. Ikuto, defenseless, gets jumped by Machi, eventually leading to a Machi x Suzu x Ikuto threesome in the bath house that almost kills Ikuto. Good times. Very good times.

Watch Ikuto getting shallowed by the phallic mushrooms? Bad times. Very bad times.


I’m not exactly thrilled by the divergence of the manga, like randomly introducing Rin’s “sister.” The anime is trying to tie the various storylines together, but there’s really no need. Nagasarete isn’t Death Note. It’s Nagasarete. It’s best when highlighting how far the various girls are willing to go to pursue Ikuto. There’s nothing wrong with the wacky harem story of the week formula… except, of course, when they start introducing these mushrooms.

A few other changes that I’m not thrilled about:


Lack of fanservice. The manga drips in it. For example, in this scene, we are treated to why this job isn’t suitable for Ikuto.

(Also, the first like nine chapter of the manga ended with a “taking a bath with Suzu” joke.)


Ikuto’s personality change. He’s not this hotheaded in the manga… but at least this isn’t a bad emo facial distortion.

(I’m not sure why is it suddenly necessary to give Ikuto this passion for hating his father. It changes him from the overwhelmed everyman in the manga to some raving idiot in the anime.)


The deformed way the characters get drawn sometimes. I thought it was cute, even if they look like lepers.

The Bachelor: Last Man Standing Power Rankings


Rin gets the top spot this episode. While her seduction technique needs work, she at least has the gall to carry out her plan. Wins points in my book at least.


Mikoto slides into the second spot. Lesbian incestuous emo facial distortion 4tw.


Suzu needs to step up her game. Besides the bath scenes, I’m disappointed that the epic Suzu waking up scene was omitted. I may have to start my own Suzu and Maria Cut Scene Support Group.

Parting Shot


Once you go black, you don’t go back.

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  1. So… many.. penises, yeah they dragged that whole thing out too long. It was funny the first two times and then it seemed like they had nothing better to do for the rest of the episode. I have faith the series will pick up in a better direction though, whereas Hayate is just completely dead, there’s no coming back. I knew those facial distortions would find their way into this post.

  2. so Jason how do you rank Nagasarete Airantou?

  3. i dunno, i’ve become very fond of the manga, but i do sometimes like when an anime can depart from the manga, especially when you watch so many anime that do good page-for-page manga translations. i couldn’t help but crack up with the mushroom skit.

    while i’m liking the animation, there is indeed a serious lack of fanservice. someone at that studio needs to be taken out back and pistol whipped.

  4. Wait a minute, why did we think those things look like penis? Oh boy, we’re lost…

  5. Oh well. At least, if the next episode titles are any clue, we’ll get Machi goodness next episode.

  6. >>>Wait a minute, why did we think those things look like penis? Oh boy, we’re lost…

    You can’t help it… aside from the shape of the “head”, they even have “veins”.

    I was slightly disappointed by the lack of Ayane in this episode (other than the drifting corpse holding onto an eggplant cameo).

  7. There is no way you can look at those mushrooms and not think penis. I can only imagine the poor animation team that had to draw those.
    “hey guys I need you to draw some mushrooms here, only instead of using a real mushroom as a model, we’re going to be using a penis.

  8. I’m surprised they strayed away from the manga this quickly in the anime. I mean, I knew they kinda did in the first episode, but wow, this kinda just makes a right turn on the Brooklyn Bridge.

  9. I’m surprised you guys thought of the mushrooms as a penis when that idea never even came to my mind while watching it. The author draws the anime so cute, imo, that it’s just hard to be “horny” about it

  10. airantou 4…. OMG the director brain got eaten or something, or they set out to ruin this series

    worst adoptation i’ve seen in a while

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