murder princess 2

Really enjoying this series. Fanservice? Blood? Meido? Emo facial distortions? Win.

(Finally finished the thin slicing post. Scheduled for Monday. And, yes, this screenshot makes the princess look like School Rumble‘s princess…)


I thought that the first episode was pretty good, if only because I enjoyed the campy RPG-ish throwback nature of the series. Well, this episode punches up everything a few notches and has me wishing that Murder Princess isn’t just a six episode OVA.

Meido are a staple of AoMM, and “Milano”‘s attempt at a meido is probably the best I’ve seen since Mikuru-run… yes, maybe even edging out Hayate‘s Maria. Feels like blasphemy writing that, by the way. Even though she’s been a princess all her life, she picks up being a meido almost instantaneously, just like how Mikuru had that natural talent. She also seems to enjoy and relish the role as well as “Akita”‘s handmaiden and takes her offer of her body very seriously. Speaking of offering her body…


All of the private scenes between Akita and Milano this episode seem to have some overriding yuri overtone like when Milano came up close to Akita in the bath and said that Milano’s body belongs to Akita… at that point, we weren’t just expecting Akita to drag her into the tub for some NC-17 fun, but we were disappointed– probably more so than Mavericks and Heat fans combined– that the yuri romp didn’t happen. But we’re still satisfied in that it’s not ruled out, and we got an “NO! DON’T TOUCH THERE!” out of the princess. There’s palatable tension between the two girls, and one would think that they would have this extra level of intimacy already since they know each other’s body… oddly, Milano seems to be the one desiring such an act whereas Akita is still hesitant and has her shields up. Nevertheless, if there is an Oharuhi-sama, let doujinshis of such an event flow freely like water and wine.


Whereas Milano not only accepts but seeks out her new meido life, Akita is a bit more reluctant to fit into her new princess role, so to speak. It’s kinda funny how the bad-ass swordswoman has suddenly turned conservative and the sheltered princess has suddenly turned adventurous. Akita is just as enjoyable as Milano, but instead of being in meido sensibilities, she has a whole other set:


Fanservice. Always enjoyable. Gotta love her lack of modesty and how Milano blushes whenever she sees her old nakkid body, which is kind of an odd reaction… is she excited to see her old body? OMFG, that only makes Milano a much more awesome character.


Mannerisms and Zerk-mode. Great facial expressions with a wildcard in zerk mode. She always has that COME GET SOME smirk on her face, and there’s never a dull moment with the princess on the screen. The action sequences aren’t as good as something like Kenshin or Guardian of the Sacred Spirit, but they’re definitely still very entertaining punctuated by the princess’ mannerisms.


Another enjoyable point of Murder Princess is that Akita’s supporting cast actually bring stuff to the table. They’re not useless fodder. The old man is a pretty good comedic foil, and I’m surprised that he didn’t die of a heart attack after seeing Akita nakkid. The little skull dude is surprisingly competent and makes good points. The large dude, uh, turns into a bike. And, of course, Milano is an A+ all the way around.

The weakest link to Murder Princess are the bad guys. The overall concept is pretty good, but the only villain to show up thus far is just a huge joke. He and his loli army totaled the original king and his elite guard, but now they run from the princess’ little skull buddy? This aspect needs to change… at least with Shana‘s doll fetishist, he was at least passably sinister… this loli mechanic is just dumb. I think that Murder Princess could have been a great weekly “monster of the week” type show with some slice-of-life-ish elements with Milano and Akita tossed in… like how Milano teaches Akita how to greet guests or how she teachers her how to use her tongu… err… anyway, enjoyable series, and long live Princess Forland.

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  1. ZOMG, Episode 2 subs are out?!? Gotta watch it now!

    As for the lack of awesome villains, don’t worry, it gets better according to the manga. That is, if they managed to squeeze it all in six episodes.

  2. My only complaint is that the art quality is lower than I’d like. Especially for those oh so tempting scenes of Yuriness. I’m hoping we get the Re:Cutie Honey ending. That and they replaced a swarm of giant bees with a lobster monster. Where’d that come from? Then again, where did the bees come from in the manga….?
    More evidence of the villains zaniness I suppose.
    Also, is it me, or is Milano WAY to willing to throw herself in front of the sword of a person she’s only recently met? Cute little village girl in peril or no.

  3. This OVA is departing waaaay too much from the manga, me and my friend almost popped a vein watching it.

  4. >>And, yes, this screenshot makes the princess look like School Rumble’s princess…

    I gotta admit, the resemblance is uncanny.

  5. Are you going to review Monster Princess? There’s a meido in there who does quite well. The rest of the show is rather insipid, however, especially the archetypal no-balls protagonist.

  6. I might be off, but the princess’s name sounds like “Arita” to me, it was bugging me the entire time I watched the ep 2 sub.

  7. »The large dude, uh, turns into a bike.«

    Actually Dominikov’s scythe turns into the bike. Rewatch episode 1 and see the biggie riding on it too.

    »I might be off, but the princess’s name sounds like “Arita” to me, it was bugging me the entire time I watched the ep 2 sub.«

    I still prefer “Alita” since this sounds most natural to me.

  8. “I still prefer “Alita” since this sounds most natural to me.”

    And that’s the official name in the Japanese and Broccoli Manga, although in the original chapter that was published in Dengeki Teioh, her name was actually mis-spelt as “Akita”. ^^;

  9. I have to say that I’ve been dying for the thin-slicing post since this season began. (Is it something in the water? All of a sudden it’s like, SCREW REAL ANIME BLOGGING. I NEED MORE MEIDO COMMENTARY BY JASON.)

  10. Alita’s facial expressions are quite well done. That’s always been a strong point for BEE TRAIN (of whom I will admit I am a fangirl).

    And I can’t help but giggle at Alita/Akita. One reminds me of GUNNM and the other of a dog.

  11. is good to see an OAV like this one.

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