mai hime destiny chapter 1

Makoto has translated the first chapter of Mai Hime Destiny. If the anime starts the end of this year, it would be a tremendous season with that, Haruhi, and Gundam 00.

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  1. Agreed. I’m definitely looking forward to the anime after reading that.

  2. Hell yeah!! I’m with you guys..

  3. Has Haurhi been confirmed for the end of the year yet? Last I heard, it was all still rumors. Probable rumors, but rumors none the less.

  4. Well Shana 2nd season is (could not care less about Haruhi).

  5. I actually possess the raw scans for the first 4 chapters of Ma Hime Destiny, complete with clip art/ colored artworks/ omake/ 4-komas/ etc, rapidshared for the convinience of fellow otakus.

  6. rofl. “Chapter 1 – Mysterious Transfer Student”

  7. Ok, I understand a lot better now. I was wondering why I couldn’t find anything about a new season based on a light novel continuing the story of the first series.

    In fact those pictures you posted last time were the announcement of the new light novel series and not of any anime series to be based on it. For the moment there don’t seem to be any (announced) plans to adopt this one into an anime. It wouldn’t be weird if they did, but since this novel series is quite new, it might not be that soon.

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