sorairo days

Video [mirror] for Nakawaga Shouko’s Sorairo Days (OP for Gurren Lagann). Man, they splurged on this one… *rolls eyes* There’s not a lot going on, but at least you get the full version of the song, but now I want both the “Nia” and the “Konata Karaoke” version. In other news, yes, I’m still trying to hunt down the full video for Bouken Desho Desho (if it exists).

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  1. uh

  2. They have music videos of OP’s sung by seiyuu?

  3. Great song! Now I have to watch the anime X)

  4. Man, that music video is spectacularly unspectacular.

    Great music (as all ways) though, too bad the MV couldn’t have been better.

  5. Geh, typo. It’s Nakagawa Shouko a.k.a. Shoko-tan by her fans.
    Ex-bikini model turned famous cosplay-blogger. Now she’s singing songs for animes. You think her Gurren songs are great huh? Listen to her album where she sings covers for various anime songs… In fact, do not. Enjoy JUST her gurren songs. :P

    Seriously I don’t care for her. Just give me a REAL seiyuu/singer anyday. (Sakamoto Maaya, Tanaka Rie)

  6. I’d love to see a full video for Bouken Desho Desho also. I like that song more so than Hare Hare Yukai. :]

  7. i don’t like the song as much, the video just seem blend…
    no match fore true pantheon such as Shimokawa or FictionJunction YUUKA

    on another note, i just wached promo of KiddyGrade 2, omg that got me going, gonna so look forward to it. and just loves ED, sing by Chihara Minori

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