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  1. Damn it Jason, you better be free to blog Haruhi! :P

  2. In celebration of this news, I must wear my Dan-Chou armband everywhere I go this week. AND SPREAD THIS WOUNDERUS NEWS~!

    Of course the only reason I’d be using the Dan-Chou one is cause that’s what the Special Edition Vol 2 came with…… I almost get the feeling that they want us to all dress up as haruhi. Thus also causing me to wonder what all the male fans are doing with these cosplay items they keep giving us…..
    I’m sure the special edition Vol 4 will come with the rest of her outfit, I would have said Vol 3, but I believe they announced that all it’ll have is a pillow case…… and no, not that kind of pillow case.

  3. Can someone translate what it actually says?

  4. *promptly haruhiigasmed

  5. From ANN: “Second Haruhi Season to be Announced!
    Posters on the Japanese 2ch board report that the August issue (officially on sale July 10) of Japan’s Newtype magazine has revealed the second season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The reported coverage of the magazine indicates that the science fiction comedy anime’s continuation will be announced on July 7”

  6. From animesuki forums:

    “Since I guess none of you can actually read Japanese, I’ll have to tell what it says. From looking at it, the story of season 2 will begin with the tanibata events (when Haruhi wrote that stuff in the school court on the 7th of July), then to go into the book 4 story line (which will be godly). It also anounces a PS2 game where you are Kyon and have to create a video game (where Haruhi can be the hero if you want, as well as a new figure of that Haruhi with a sword, I might buy that), announces a Wii game by Kadokawa, and a PSP game with a story (with minigames). This is not fake, this is Newtype. And, Tsukasa doesn’t know what Haruhi is.”

  7. Well of course Tsukasa wouldn’t know what Haruhi is, but Konata sure as hell does.

  8. Is it just me, or did Haruhi gain a HUGE ahoge? That looks like almost Shana-tan-like in length.

  9. Wasn’t there also a Lucky Star image in that NewType where Konata was jumping for joy at her computer desk about the new Haruhi season news?

    Anyhoo, in celebration of this news I gotta once again link to Haru Star OP sequence of awesome. :D

  10. “Since I guess none of you can actually read Japanese, I’ll have to tell what it says.”

    lol i hate those fags

    anyways, assuming this is the show after clannad… we have a good 40+ weeks to wait before haruhi2 rolls around

    the wait is gonna feel longer than haruhi’s new ahoge -_-

  11. *happy noises* Fantastic =D Let’s hope it airs before Clannad.

    Any idea on what you’re gonna be blogging in the meantime? Rena and Mion (and seemingly from the trailers Shion as a regular cast member)? Or Siesta and Louise?

  12. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, you know its a good morning when you wake up your computer from stand by and 3 rss feeds have the topic Haruhi 2 announced.

  13. WOW!
    Just f-king great….
    Great day….

  14. Actually it may very well being airing before Clannad according to a rumour being spread. Clannad appears to have been pushed back to 2008 to make from for this.

  15. Well, having sold one arm to get the first season on R2, guess it’s time to sell one of my legs now.

  16. Its a great day to be alive and at least there is something to look forward to after my chem test.

  17. Now we need to place bets on which of these dates are real.

    I’m betting on 07.07.07.
    In case you didn’t know, the dates in the scan are supposedly in Haruhi Time Zone. This basically sums up what the scan says => “7th July 2007, Haruhi appears. 7th July 2007 night time, 2 students were rumored to be seen at the school grounds . 9th July 2007, strange markings were seen by students on their way to school. 10th July 2007, the Newspaper Club does a scoop on the markings.
    So whether the dates mean anything to us… we’ll find out really soon over the weekend.


    There is a God and She is back!

  19. Hmm, I nearly forgot Tanabata is tomorrow. Meh

  20. Oh! My Goddess is coming back!

  21. Where did you get AA!! Megumi-Sama from this post? Don’t get my hopes up like that!!! :-(

    Yes the re-birth of Hauhrism!!!

  22. [quote comment=”152033″]Where did you get AA!! Megumi-Sama from this post?

    Don’t get my hopes up like that!!! :-(

    Yes the re-birth of Hauhrism!!![/quote]
    I’m pretty sure he meant that as a pun. Seeing that Haruhi is like a goddess and stuff.

  23. Yea I know that, but he got my hopes up when I scrolled all the way down to the bottom and saw that and didn’t look at the context…. Which in turn was a let down cause I have been hopping for another season Just to see who Moristato is gonna knock up either Belldandy, urd or hild…..

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