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What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole wheel of cheese? How’d you do that? Heck, I’m not even mad; that’s amazing. How ’bout we get you in your p.j.’s and we hit the hay.


Anytime I can write about an anime that has a main character name derived from “potato” and “mayonnaise,” I gotta do it. I think. Based off a 4koma of the same name, Potemayo is an interesting creature… in every sense. It’s a typical anime story of a boy (or girl? I can’t tell, help me out here) who finds a moe blog in his (her, pending) fridge, and this moe blog, aptly named “Potemayo,” gets into cute mischievous adventures. This episode did have some nice laughs (like Pote’s and Mikan’s shouting match and the pooping bird) and was weirdly entertaining. This series also has a pretty decent seiyuu cast (with Inoue Kikuko narrating).



The star of the show is a psycho, over-possessive moe blob that’s a cross between Pikachu, Ebichu, DiGi Charat, Bincho-chan, PPD‘s Ichigo’s little sister, Heroic Age‘s robotic sperm, and Gurren Lagann‘s hampster with the mental stability of a Sonozaki. In other words, fun times ahead!


Potemayo’s, uh, caretaker. I thought he was a boy until the crossdressing epsiode, and I’m not sure anymore. I’m hating Otome wa Boku more and more. In any case, Sunao’s cut from the oblivious mold. I mean, truly, hugely oblivious.


She’s the Momoka to Sunao’s Fuyuki… and if you picture Potemayo as Tamama having a crush on Fuyuki instead of Keroro, it kinda fits. Space frog love polygons 4tw! Anyway, Sunao’s completely oblivious to her, much like Fuyuki. Voiced by Ayako Kawasumi.


Power forward on the Denver Nuggets with one of the worst contracts in the NBA… oh wait, I mean, classmate of Sunao on Potemayo with one of the worst voices in the summer 2007 season. Nene hurts my ears everytime she speaks… thank you Rie Kugimiya. Between Shana 2 and Louise 2, I think we’re in Rie Kugimiya oversaturation mode. She is the Chris Berman of anime.


Friend of Guchuko. If this were Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai, Hikari and Takeru would be Potemayo and Sunao. Guchuko and Kyo would be more of the Akari and Ryo. Ugh. Knowing that KonoMini was the last great attempt by Gainax to write an original coherent story, it doesn’t make me feel good about 21 is the new 14 Gurren Lagann.


Another Potemayo-like moe blob, except this one has weapons and a obsessive-compulsive disorder! Her hair thingies not only mimic her mood but can also lay the smackdown. Plus she has a scythe, but, oddly enough, after slicing something, it has to fix it with duct tape afterwards.

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  1. 4koma adaptations are getting popular now aren’t they?

  2. I don’t care what everyone says. That’s not a scythe, that’s a battle axe.

  3. The first 2 episodes made me go wtf?!? the whole time – awesome :D
    The BEAMSPAMMING tsundere blob alone makes it worth watching (the rest is funny as well).
    Great work, Japan!

  4. I just want to find this, looks like such a fun anime.

  5. I’m glad you blogged at least one episode as this looks like it’ll be perceived as a childish anime at first glance and overlooked by the anime community. Are you going to be blogging ZnTs2?

    Did anyone else get Shana-Tan vibes from this? (episode 1 more than 2)

  6. LOL, childish. I suppose school kids in Japan would be immune to references to Brokeback Mountain and cross-dressing then. But yea, shows like this (such as Animal Yokocho) tend to get the snub because of that perception. Pity really.

  7. Sunao is a male, but apparently makes a decent trap if necessary =/

  8. [quote comment=”152156″]I just want to find this, looks like such a fun anime.[/quote]

    You might want to take a look at http://www.tokyotosho.com/
    You’ll have to download the .ass files an the suitable raw (moyism)… but that’s not really all that difficult ;)

  9. I can’t help but think of Mikan as Yoshida to Sunao’s Yuji…

  10. These entire first two mini-episodes were hilarious and awesome in a Hare+Guu or Di Gi Charat way, but Sunao deserves special mention.

    Sunao’s blankness and obliviousness are a unique contrast to past anime characters who’ve had to deal with the sudden appearance of a Psycho Pink-Haired Girl. Where Kotaro (Pita-Ten), Saga (Little Snow Fairy Sugar), Hare (Hare+Guu), or Naota (FLCL) would fret or freak out, Sunao just chills. If your pet was latched onto your classmate’s face, wouldn’t you panic and try to pry the pet off? Well, Sunao would hand the classmate two pieces of bread and start eating a sandwich.

    He doesn’t even look embarrassed when Mikan sees him in a miniskirt.

  11. Need combat meido moe blob… now!

  12. I thought you’d blog Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei among the new shows, it seems like the kind you enjoy… Well it might still happens *hint hint*

  13. “Moe blog“? Is that a misprint, or are you subtly hinting to us that an entire post dedicated to the “Ladies of ZnT2” is forthcoming?

    I don’t know if “moé” is quite the word I would use, actually. The character of Potemayo is “kawaii,” certanly, but I always thought “moé” held an undercurrent of sexual attraction (eg: Mikuru = moé, Kyon no imouto = kawaii). I haven’t seen the show yet, but by looking at the numerous screenshots out there, I’m thinking Potemayo + sexual tension = more distubing than moé.

    On an unrelated note, anyone know if the sub files for the first two eps of this show currently up on TT are any good?

  14. moe has nothing to do with sexual attraction/tension or whatever. Just because Haruhi uses Mikuru to incite sexual feelings using various means and because Mikuru is generally considered moe, that doesn’t mean they’re heavily connected. Clumsiness can be considered moe but isn’t sexual at all. You could say that Haruhi grabbing Mikuru’s breasts is moe but that’s mostly cute girl+cute expression+cute sound. It’s pretty much just a variation of cuteness used in anime. The only differences between kawaii and moe are that moe is a sort of kawaii-squared if you get what I mean.
    I’m pretty sure Jason meant to write ‘moe blob’ rather than blog.
    And yeah, the separate subs available are pretty good.

  15. Who else sees coming edits on /a/ that turns Guchuko’s hair things into SHOOP DA WOOP FIRIN MY LAZOR!

  16. [quote comment=”152173″]moe has nothing to do with sexual attraction/tension or whatever.[/quote]
    I figured that, that’s just the connotation I’ve always gotten from it.
    [quote comment=”152173″]I’m pretty sure Jason meant to write ‘moe blob’ rather than blog.[/quote]
    Oh, I am, too, I just wanted to be facetious and remind him he hasn’t blogged ZnT2 yet (hint, hint). ^_^
    [quote comment=”152173″]And yeah, the separate subs available are pretty good.[/quote]
    That’s good to know, as I was considering downloading them… Strictly hypothetically, of course…

  17. Speaking of what Jason really means:

    I think what Jason really means is that Rie Kugimiya’s voice is so overwhelming that it’s to much for anyone to take. Mostly cause she’s psycho, but I kind of like her for it. She’s easily one of my favourites.

  18. GUCHUKO gave the best gift evar

  19. [quote comment=”152175″]Who else sees coming edits on /a/ that turns Guchuko’s hair things into SHOOP DA WOOP FIRIN MY LAZOR![/quote]
    Already happened

  20. i saw eps 1 an 2 (or was that 1-4???) anyway, i saw rougly 40 min, best 40 min of my life recently.

    must watch. its silly, cute, WTF! mixed with obscure (from a jap person perpective i’m assuming) american pop culture stuff. broke back mountain? wtf!!!

    just watch it.

  21. I luv this anime its really cute and funny, u guys all have to watch it. my friends and i have OCD bout it. MUST WATCH!!!

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