lucky ☆ star 14

I win at life.


New characters! Or kinda new. Or it’s just Yuki Nagato with green hair. Or maybe I’m just getting too many “onee-sama!” thoughts from Strawberry Panic, Otome wa Boku, Kannaduki, and that ilk. Is it a bad thing? I dunno. Since when has the addition of yuri elements made an anime less fun to watch?

Yukata seems kinda redundant as we already have a young beyond her years character as well as an useless moe character, but if she’s here to provide an even younger moe mode as well as the sickly moe mode, I dunno. I never, ever understood the moe of a sickly girl. Aria? Shiori? Misaki? People have tried to explain how sickly girls need warmth and love to be better, but the truth is, sickly girls are kinda depressing. You know why? It’s not fun being sick! Did you ever think, “Damn, it’s 75 degrees outside, all my friends want to go hang out at the beach and get into indecent adventures, but I’m going to stay inside and cough up a lung while fighting a 102 degree fever. That’s a lot more fun!” Healthy girls are much more fun.

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And, on another note, with Kyon’s appearance last episode and Yuki’s this episode. we’re down to just Yuko Goto as the last remaining major Haruhi cast member to not have shown up on Lucky Star. I still think they should have cast her as the voice for Mikuyi’s Mom (her new official name), that would have been the right thing to do.

Shooting Stars


I feel like those two today. Man, haven’t had a Lazy Sunday in a while. Sometimes, I think, happiness is just enjoying the simple things in life. And, no, I’m not going Charlie Brown on you. Not yet at least… gimme a few more years.


Happiness is to own a convertible and a lake. If it’s sunny, you can cruise around in the convertible with the top down. If it rains, you can’t can’t cruise with the top down, but at least you can think, “At least my lake is filling up.”

(Okay maybe sooner than later.)


Or maybe I’m wrong and Konata’s dad is right, and happiness is having a non-stop stream of high school girls who look much younger pass through your house. Especially if they keep their old uniforms.

(Probably more apt for this blog’s audience.)


So 2001. Sigh. Though I wonder if they ever showed it as is in Japan… a lot of the questions were pop culture questions, so airing Regis Millionaire in Japan is kinda like showing Lucky Star on Adult Swim. You can do it, but, uh, you might want to plug that timeslot with Ghost in the Shell instead.

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I was so bored that I talked with a random telemarketer for an hour. This has the makings of a MILF doujinshi if you ask me. BTW, Miyuki’s Mom never seems to open her eyes.


When did Kagami get out of prison?


Konata’s dad’s comment about the guy stalking grade school girls… and then with Konata saying something about hoping Cousin Yui doesn’t arrest him… well, I’d be more worried about Chris Hansen. (Andohbytheway, Chris has a blog and some helpful links on his blog. This is my good deed for the day.) I’d love to see a Dateline NBC To Catch a Predator Tokyo. That would be a fantastic show. You can even sandwich that between airings of Ichigo Mashimaro and Lucky Star.

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Food goes where?

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“Master of many forms of communications.” Yeah, I can picture Konata trying to organize a raid in FFXI, bidding on a limited edition figure on eBay, discussion Haruhi over IRC, writing a post for 2ch, blogging the latest episode of Higurashi, and haggling the price on Google Talk over a “cosplay home visit.”


Konata is such an anime crack whore.


Kagami’s mansuit outfit looks pretty good. The sad thing is that I think that’s dressier than anything I have in my closest. Vest? Handkerchief? Man, I feel so chobo. I think I when graduated from college, my wardrobe wasn’t much more advanced than L’s… OTL.


Another delightful installment of Lucky Channel. They need to branch out and show Lucky Channel after Higurashi as well… Akira is perfect for that series. Hell, JC Staff should just call up Kyoto and propose the following trade: Rika, a supply of Angel Mort outfits, and a first round draft choice for Akira and a few hundred bottles of Prozac. I would do this trade.

(Gotta love Taniguchi’s “~de arimasu.” Is it really true that the Lucky Star seiyuu recently appeared on Keroro? I have no clue. I lost my source for raws a long time ago.)


Of course, as great as Lucky Channel is, it has been completely upstaged by Taniguchi’s ED antics. Sorry Aya Hirano, but if you told me three months ago that we’re losing the Aya Hirano karaoke box for Taniguchi live action footage, I would have been as catatonic as a muggle seeing a spell for the first time. Now? I wouldn’t give up Taniguchi’s awesome. He’s fantastic. This ED is fantastic. I’m not sure what’s better… the fact that he’s shadow-boxing from Karate Kid… the crane kick… the fact that Kyoto tossed up the fighting game UI… his singing of Hare Hare Yukai… or all of the above and then some. I give this performance a solid 51 out of 5.

I have always said that the key to blogging is to enjoy writing it. Same for anime… it just feels like Kyoto is having a blast making Lucky Star, profit margins and common sense be damned. I can just imagine a discussion like, “Hey, why not get Taniguchi wasted and video tape him!” going on. And I guess that’s why without coherent plot or comedy, I’m still enjoying this show. Now, more Taniguchi please.

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  1. [quote post=”1088″]I can just imagine a discussion like, “Hey, why not get Taniguchi wasted and video tape him!” going on.[/quote]

    That doesn’t sound so farfetched.

  2. [quote post=”1088″]When did Kagami get out of prison?[/quote]
    I think the more important question is: How does Kagami pull off NOT looking fat while wearing horizontal stripes?
    Maybe you should toss up a “What will Taniguchi do in the next ED?” poll. XP

  3. You don’t have the pic of Loli’er Konata!!! Shame on you!!! j/k xD

  4. [quote post=”1088″]Happiness is to own a convertible and a lake. [/quote]

    Happiness is also a h-game featuring the most dangerous(?) trap ever.

    I thought this ep was kind of boring… Konata’s jailbait cousin didn’t exactly struck me as an interesting character.

  5. [quote post=”1088″]BTW, Miyuki’s Mom never seems to open her eyes.[/quote]
    She’s Brock’s long lost cousin.

  6. [quote post=”1088″]Now, more Taniguchi please.[/quote]
    Specifically, more Taniguchi as Taniguchi, please…

  7. what was that thing Cousin Yui was sitting on when Konata was talking about the responisbilities of being an older sister? lol

    I know i’ve seen it before

  8. It’s for the guys to sit on when they’re lazy while making love.

  9. What would have been worse, Yukata walking in on Konata’s dad taking care of some business or, Yukata walking in on Konata’s dad playing an ero-game, after unlocking “bonus” material.
    Another great episode, I hope Shiraishi’s awesome karaoke skits just replace lucky channel sometime in the near future that would give another good 1-2 minutes of actual lucky star time, I felt this episode ended far too quickly.

  10. Taniguchi and Konata’s father are legends. ****ing legends!!!!

  11. Think Yui was riding one of those iGallop things:

  12. Sickly grls are meh for me too, but remake-Shiori was the correct path.

  13. The ending was absolutely hilarious, Taniguchi just kicked ass. What I find the most entertaining is your initial comments about Lucky Star when it first came out and how different they are now that Lucky Star has reached its 14th episode.

  14. must’ve been the change in director. they changed him at ep 4 i think.
    i thought yuki had a small cameo last episode, except that was her seiyuu. konata even pointed it out.
    BTW, the igallop is 5 flavors of wrong. especially when you ride it. The whole concept is just…wrong.

  15. I have to agree with the sickly girls not being as awesome, personally I have a tendency to go for the Tsundere and/or Quite Awesome ones when I play those games.
    Then it’s the Senpai, classmate/child-hood friend, loli, then last would be the sibling(not a fan of the sibling/cousin either).
    Unless of course there is a curve ball like a maid or something those go to the top of the list.
    Darn Tsukihime making me play through all those other girls before I can get to the maids.

  16. lol @ ur get taniguchi wasted comment

  17. Not to be a grammar nazi…but it’s preceding. Not proceeding.

  18. What about sickly meido? Do they even exist?

  19. Cripes, Jason, typos are all over the place. Either you’re still hopped up on Jamba Juice, or these misspellings are intentional, but I just can’t see any meaning behind them.

    BTW, Miyuki’s mom is actually Yuyuko Saigyouji.

    Also, I’m convinced is a Round Shell reference (thanks to 4chan).

    And yes, some of the Lucky Star cast showed up in Keroro Gunso. It was epic.

  20. Mansuit Kagami looks like Triela from gunslinger girl to me. has the hairstyle already, all she needs is a shotgun.

  21. Millionaire was a UK show first (in 1998) – the US got it in 1999 and Japan in 2000. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

  22. O_O Why did you not include a pic of chibi Konata in the article?!

    I don’t know you anymore man. -_-

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