sayonara zetsubou sensei 4

Not creepy. Not creepy at all.


Good to see Pink Supervisor still fall to pieces over every little thing, but I am missing my Kafuka fix. With these episodes introducing the other girls, she just hasn’t had enough screentime, and, definitely, her zaniness hasn’t come close to canceling out his zaniness recently. Also, we don’t get a Chie fanservice fix this episode either. My gosh, what’s going on?!?

Looks like two more characters are introduced, the tail fetishist Abiru and the mail abuse fetishist Meru. They’re both two more social deviants that don’t seem so devious next to the rest of the flying circus. Is the mail abuse girl a step up or down from the yaoi fangirl? If we had to rank the SZS girls from least socially deviant to most socially deviant, wouldn’t Mutio (Komori) and Maria actually seem very, very normal and tame? Nice balance so far: an OCD, a hikkimori, a stalker, a MPD cultural stereotype, an illegal immigrant, and now the tail fetishist and the mail abuser. Rounding them out would be the lesser characters like the normal girl (Kurumi-wannabe) and the yaoi fangirl. I think we’re getting close to the end of the character introductions. Thank Oyashiro-sama.

Dark Clouds of Despair


They got the punishment wrong! He wasn’t going to stack copies of Ichigo 1000% on Abiru… he was going to make her read it! That would be 1000% worse torture.

(It was an interesting twist that the worst case scenario that Pink Supervisor thought of is not the same as what the store owner would think so.)


Kafuka’s one tough nut. I’m not sure who exactly is crazier anymore in their extreme views of life. Though I think we’re all blessed whenever Kafuka talks about her parents.


I laughed during the scene when she wakes up. Reminds me of myself sometimes in the morning after a late night, and all I want to do is put an ax into my alarm clock and sleep for another 8 or 9 hours. Though sometimes, I notice that when I go to sleep early and get plenty of rest, I’m very lightheaded (perfect condition to watch Mai Otome Zwei by the way) and still a bit in a dream-like state.

(The scene also reminds me of Leonidas’ fight with the cougar when he was young. The only reason I’m bringing 300 up like a billion times the past week is that I recently watched it on Blu-Ray, and it was fantastic. It’s one of those crazy enjoyable movies that has no business being crazy enjoyable.)


Abiru’s tail fetish is one for the ages. Egads. Because she wants to stick a tail on Pink Supervisor, does she count as yet another haremette for him?


Mailgasm! Meru actually seems to be getting off of sending abusive e-mails. Ugh. If you want to believe Fox News 11, her slams are weak sauce though compared to Anonymous.


The best part was when she could no longer SMS. It puts poor Rena to shame.


No, wait, the best part was when Kafuku pulls her aside and tells her to look into her eyes. Highest of high comedy. But based on everything we know of Kafuku and her family, it’s not surprising, in fact, it’ll be surprising if she doesn’t surpass the Sonozakis on the kill-o-meter.


Sorry, Kae(d|r)e, but you’re nowhere as interesting or fanservicetastic as the MPD fanservice girl that’s on Zombie Loan.


Best line: “I’m in despair over the internet!” You’re not alone on that one.


This scene was also creepy and random. For better or worse, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei still carries on the traditional Shaft/Kumeta style of randomness for the sake of randomness. I can also tell that, like myself, Kumeta owned and loved an SNES from when he was growing up.

Silver Lining


Back in the olden days when we had to grab anime off of VHS and newsgroups, it was pretty common for a series would start airing before the OP/ED were completed. You don’t see a lot of that anymore these days, but I guess that text-fest for Hito toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru was just a placeholder for the real OP. It does highly remind me of any of the Pani Poni Dash OPs as well as 1000% Sparkling. Just with more S&M and implied girl x girl action. It’s very Shaft.

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  1. A bit of a pickup from that failure of a third episode I must say

  2. Man, I have to say, I think this show just keeps on getting better. I honestly think that if they could just keep adding haremettes the whole season long, and maintain the inzanity, I’d be more than happy. And I think it’s safe to say that all the girls in his class will be added to his harem. He IS the Pink Supervisor after all.

    Seems the next ep is the hot springs one, good times, though it implies the harem adding is coming to an end. Also, is it me, or is the majority of PS’s female students way sneaky hot. It seems that when you see them in their uniforms in the school setting, they’re okay. But put them in a hot springs, or in a t-shirt even, and suddenly there’s melon pan as far as the eye can see.

    Here’s hoping that the new OP is actually a spoiler, and we all say bye to PS when he offs himself in order to avoid paying child support after sleeping with every one of his students and knocking Kafuka up. Good times.

  3. Well, I think you are right. There was a clear lack of Ultra-positive to counter the ultra-negative. And the end just screamed Random…

    But overall, it was another episode filled with laughs. We do need more of her Parents’ stories.

    Question: Wasn’t Kafuka over the other side of the classroom?

    And the cross! In an IRC chat a couple of weeks ago I was using a giant wooden cross to test for Vampires – I would hit someone very hard with it, and be worried if it hurt them… I am finally justified! Giant Wooden Crosses are valid tools against the Occult!


  5. Looks like tail fetish girl makes for some nice “tail” herself. She’s got certain “assets” that remind me of another Yuuko Gotou-voiced schoolgirl. We need Abiru in a bunnygirl outfit, pronto.

    So SZS now has a pantheon-level OP to go with its pantheon-level ED. Finally some real competition to Death Note’s stranglehold on the 2007 Best OP/ED Combo title.

    And Nekomimi Sensei FTW! Or was that Inumimi… Either way, meganekko yaoi fangirl needs some more screentime.

  6. I agree, the OP is truly epic. I think I watched it about three times in a row.

  7. How could you miss out the lovingly detailed bondage illustrations. Watching the new OP, I could feel the probability of this series ever being licensed drop further and further!

    I loved the idea that Pink Supervisor’s class were studying the works of Edward Gorey. It seemed so fitting!

  8. “You are just a panty shot character. Show your panties already! FLASH!”
    That made me LOL, especially since she actually flashed them immediately after. Another WTF moment was when Meru opened her shirt to reveal an endless supply of cellphone batteries. This show is so full of sexual undertones that it’s like an harem/fanservice series.

  9. [quote post=”1136″]This show is so full of sexual undertones that it’s like an harem/fanservice series.[/quote]
    The tones are Under?

  10. You seem to have missed the Gurren-Lagann reference. I don’t blame you though. It would be a pain in the ass to pause and read every wall text in the series.
    I respect a.f.k. subs even more. It must be hell to translate every scribble like they do.

  11. The Edward Gorey reference was great – and it wasn’t just the blackboard, they were actually discussing the book. Awesome. (Though he was listed as “1925 – ” and he actually died in 2000.)

  12. Abiru would be so great at giving hand jobs….

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    Can you make the spam protection box slightly bigger and seperate it from the other 3? ;)

  14. Definitely an upswing from #3. The tail fetishist part was absolutely hilarious (and perhaps has the biggest rack in class), so was mail abuser if less so (and yes, I too immediatley connected her with INTERNET HATE MACHINE – viva investigative FOX journalism!). And the new opening! Oh My Geass! I think I’ve mentioned this before, but by now SZS has cemented its position as the black horse of summer ’07 shows.

  15. Twaannnngg! Loved the RPG imitation at the end.

  16. Tribadism is “implied girl x girl action?” More like actual very real girl x girl action!

    I loved Pink Supervisor’s honesty: “You’ll receive preferential treatment” and “Don’t bully the teacher’s pet, now.” If only some of my teachers had been so honest, and had tried to commit suicide as often…

  17. Holy sweet mother of god implied yuri? I’M THERE!

    Now if only we could get some Koyomi (Zombie Loan) and Ka(e/r)e crazy sonozaki-style implied yuri via fanart. Damn you for putting that thought in my head!

  18. I was in Tokyo for a few days last week and the first thing I did was visit the local Gamers at Akihabara (which amusingly enough had posted screenshots of when the store was featured in Lucky Star) and immidiately purchased about 6 volumes worth of SZS and boy… that Chiri may only seem OCD right now, later on she brings a whole new definition to “yandere”.
    Hell, Hinamizawa syndrome seems like common flu as compared to some of the grisly massacre Chiri pulls off to serve as a chapter’s “punchline” .

  19. there’s going to be a onsen episode?
    Is it just me, or do a majority of anime we watch have onsen/bath house episodes?

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